Ulduar Anybody?

Hey everybody, quick update:  The WoW euro page has updated with a small preview of the Ulduar raid, check it here.  Looks like vehicles will continue to play a role in raiding and we will be fighting an old god (most likely Yogg-Sarron, no surprise there).  We’re looking at 14 new bosses split amongst two separate raiding zones with 11 of them having “hard mode” options.  The sweetest part though?  Voltron reference.

Update: Well it seems Blizzard is pulling some kittens out of their bag.  Daelo, the head encounter designer, showed up on the forums to drop some knowledge on us concerning Ulduar, check out his post here.  It says basically that that they are going to closely time how long these bosses are available on the PTRs for testing.  Some may have extended testing and some may only have a matter of hours during prime playing times.  Some bosses will only be tested on the Euro, some on the NA servers and some on both.  He also states that a few bosses will not be tested on the PTRs at all.  They also expect people to show up in full Naxx gear so be prepared if you end up making a PTR char.  Finally, he released a list of the first bosses to be tested: Freya, Thorim, Hodir and The Iron Council.  Oh, Thorim, I thought we were buddies!



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