Loot, and the Whores who Love it

Pictured: A filthy, filthy whore

Pictured: A filthy, filthy whore

So, you’re a fresh level 80 player who’s entering raids for the first time.  Excitement rules you and all you can think about is the upcoming fights and how great it’s all going to be.  You’d done dungeons, but all that was just practice, this is it, man, the big show!  The first boss comes and you feel it in the pit of your stomach, the butterflies flittering about, your palms slowly starting to sweat and for some reason your hands are freezing cold.  The strats are explained and you hunker down, neck cramping from the tension as you do your part, slaying the mighty boss.  You run over, eager to see what’s dropped and right click on the corpse, leaning forward as the loot window pops up.

That’s when it happens.

You see it there, floating in all it’s purple glory within the magical loot box.  It whispers to you, tells you how badly it needs to be with you, that it’s caress alone can help to cease all your woes.  Funny things begin to happen to you, sensations and thoughts you’ve never felt before are suddenly running rampant through your brain.  With shaking hands you type /roll and watch with bated breath as the results come in.  Then you to see that you’ve won!  That purple floats over to you and you put it on, and yes, it is delicious… for a while…

What can I say, gentle jerkwads?  I love loot.  We all do, it’s part of what drives us to play, true, and it keeps us coming back, butting our heads against harder and harder content.  Sure, for some, it’s the thrill of the encounter and for others they have their PvP, but for me, it’s all about the purps.  I get all tingly when I switch out old gear for new and see the little numbers in my stats box bounce back and forth and I hardly think that I’m alone.

But when is it too much?  How far does one go in their love for loot before they’re labeled a “loot whore?”  Though I love loot, and again, allow me stress that I do indeed love loot, I have yet to build an off set.  Even with dual specs looming, I can’t bear to spend more than one DKP on an off spec item for fear that I’m truly taking it away from a guildie even though I know it’s probably somebody else looking for an off spec item.

We’ve all heard the horror stories before: someone’s running a raid group and that perfect item drops, the one they’ve been looking for for the past couple of weeks.  Everyone rolls or bids and that person comes up short.  Then whoever does win it says something along the lines of “sweet, now my (insert random spec here) set is complete.  You feel your jaw clench and murder flashes through your thoughts as you go ahead and type a grats out.  But you don’t wish him grats, oh no… no grats for the loot whore.

When you run a PuG, you expect this sort of thing to happen, but the fact of the matter is that this might be a test of the guild you’re in.  If you’re going on guild runs and the loot is consistently going to people who are using it as sidegrades over members who legitimately need it as an upgrade, then that demonstrates an unaware leadership and greedy members.  The point of a guild is to help each individual member become as strong as possible so they can commit that strength back into the guild.  When you get a piece of loot, it’s not something that you have gotten on your own, it’s something the guild has given you.  But here is where being a loot whore can hurt not just you, but everyone who you play with… that’s right, just like drugs… dun dun dun.

Your guild officer core should know who needs what and be prepared to intervene in the case that a loot whore tries to take from a player trying to gear up for guild runs.  If they’re consistently just passing loot to whoever rolls for whatever without an eye out for whether people will use it, the they are allowing weak spots to form in the guild.  Good leadership should make sure that gear is spread evenly across all classes and specs and off spec items should only be handed out once main spec has had a chance to roll.  If this isn’t happening, then it might be time to consider moving on.

There’s also an individual responsibility involved.  You must avoid being the loot whore because you have to understand that others in your guild will need it more than you sometimes.  Keep an eye out and make sure that everyone is getting their fare shake because this kind of activity will not only weaken the guild, but will also break guild morale.  And besides, nothing’s worse that a loot whore.  

What’s that?  My helm?  Why yes, that is a Hood of Rationality, and yes, it is quite delicious.



5 Responses to “Loot, and the Whores who Love it”

  1. 02/28/2009 at 10:41 AM

    congrats on the hood.

    you whore.

  2. 2 Ethan James
    03/01/2009 at 12:30 AM

    Big congrats on the new helm man!

  3. 03/01/2009 at 1:08 AM

    Hot, grats on the helm.
    I take guilty pleasure whenever I get an upgrade, just swapping it and my newly replaced gear in and out, watching the numbers change…

  4. 03/01/2009 at 10:54 AM

    Thanks everyone for the grats, it’s a piece of gear that I was actively hoping for for a while, so definitely my favorite one.

  5. 5 Anea
    03/03/2009 at 9:53 AM

    I will grats you on the helm too.

    I’m actually in the odd position of not being the loot whore (I know how the rules and regulations works) but sort of having to be one since my new guild is already geared and when I go on runs, everything is an upgrade for me. So, I get all sorts of pretty purples and feel bad, even though I know that everyone knows they’re upgrades.

    Plus I’m drowning in negative DKP 😦 My first time with DKP = scary.

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