Friday Strats – Noth the Plaguebringer

Ah, back into Naxx 25 for a leisurely stroll down Plague Wing.  Considered the second easiest wing of Naxxramas, Plague Wing should be a breeze for most guilds who are even halfway geared for Naxx.  So I will now introduce you to what is commonly thought to be the easiest boss in the end game, Noth the Plaguebringer.

The Sauce is Weak with this One

The Sauce is Weak with this One

The Prep

When you first enter the room, you’ll see Noth wandering aimlessly in the middle looking slightly confused.  Everyone should sneak into the corner just to the right of the door and buff up. When ready to pull, make sure everyone runs out of the corner and stays grouped in the middle.  Random mobs will spawn, so if you’re squishie, make sure you have the safety of the herd around you (Discovery channel ftw).  The main thing to remember is don’t stand near the piles of bones.

The Fight

Now Noth hits relatively lightly and healingthe main tank should not be an issue.  The main problem with Noth’s fight is that he will periodically blink away from the tank and melee dps.  When he does this it will be a complete aggro wipe, so the MT will need a few seconds to re-establish aggro. 

He will also cast Cripple on all those standing in the area he blinked from.  Cripple slows movement speed by 50%, attack speed by 100% and lowers strength by half.  It is very important that this is removed from the tank as quickly as possible so he can get threat back, but all melee dps should have this removed before it runs it’s full time.

He will also randomly cast Curse of the Plaguebringer on 10 raid members.  This absolutely must be decursed within 10 seconds or else the target and all allies within 30 yards will be afflicted with Wrath of the Plaguebringer.  Wrath will deal up to 6,450 shadow damage immediately and then a further 3,850 every two seconds for ten seconds after that.  23,000+ damage over ten seconds will most definitely tax your healers, especially if the raid member drops it in a big group of allies.  Wrath of the Plaguebringer is Noth’s one ability that can very very easily wipe your whole raid, so I can’t stress how important it is for your decursers to be on the ball with this one.

Every thirty seconds he will summon a Plagued Warrior Skeleton from a bone pile.  They can cleave and will quite gladly eat your healers and ranged DPS so have a tank prepared to pick them up.  This is also why it’s good for casters to group up in the middle away from the bone piles as they can get torn up pretty quick if the tank is slow for any reason.

At 1:50 into the fight, Noth will teleport away from the raid to a balcony, become invulnerable and begin to summon waves of skeletons.  The ones to worry about during the first teleport phase are Plagued Champions who have an AoE shock ability that deals up to 3,500 shadow damage on all raid members within 25 yards that they cast quite often.  During the second and third teleport phase, Noth will also summon Plagued Guardians, who also have an AoE ability, but one that deals 6,000 arcane damage.  If your raid can down Noth before the second teleport phase (an easy task for a good raid group) then you won’t see the Plagued Guardians.  After 1:10 of summoning Noth will once more become vulnerable and teleport into the raid.  This resets his teleport timer.

If Noth is not dead by the third teleport phase, he will Enrage when he returns and most likely tear your raid apart, so don’t dawdle.  Other than that, he’s cake.  Make sure tanks stay alert and pick up adds and keep your eyes peeled for raid healing as random adds mean most clothies will take at least a swipe or two.  The key is that magic effects and curses MUST be dispelled as quickly as possible.  It can spell doom rather quickly and any raid who can’t down Noth will have the whole server cracking wise about their mommas very quickly.  Only people with promiscuous mothers fail at Noth, it’s a fact, look it up.

The Loot

Bands of Impurity – A very nice wrist slot item, these bad boys will do quite nicely until you pick up the best in slot ones from Sartharion.  More geared for Holy and Shadow, Disc should pick these up only if they’re replacing a blue or green.

Gloves of the Fallen Wizard – Excellent piece of Shadow gear, definitely pick it up if you’re of the dark side.  Disc and Holy should leave it for deeps or maybe pick it up for off spec if no mains want it.

Robes of Mutation – An awesome entry level robe, this one will put a smile on any spirit loving priest until you can pick up your tier robe.  Disc, you know the drill.

An easy fight, Noth should most definitely not be a problem for a raid that is decently geared even if that gear is mostly dungeon blues and greens.  If your guild is banging it’s head against this wall, you might want to evaluate the members and make sure everyone is doing their part.  Join me next week when we’ll be putting on our dancing shoes, dropping that disco ball, and having a little do-si-do with Heigan the Unclean.



5 Responses to “Friday Strats – Noth the Plaguebringer”

  1. 1 Scrat!
    03/13/2009 at 11:23 AM

    I once saw dueg die 17 times to this boss while spamming smite on himself.

  2. 03/13/2009 at 1:31 PM

    It’s true, my mother is very promiscuous.

  3. 3 MellaDrama
    03/15/2009 at 3:01 AM

    you forgot the accursed spine! awesome offhand. i in fact use it myself! http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40192

  4. 03/15/2009 at 9:39 AM

    @Mella: I didn’t put that one in because it’s a “zone drop” meaning any boss in the zone can drop it. I’m gonna eventually be making a seperate post just for that. When I’m not lazy. So maybe never.

  5. 04/30/2009 at 1:44 PM

    Once again everyone run to the center! Tank keep the funny dressed guy busy. Healers heal ! DpS do your thing. MAGES if you do not DECURSE we will boot you and find someone that can DECURSE more effectively. Have a nice day. 🙂

    The Wayward Priest

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