I Humbly Agree that I am Awesome

So apparently there’s an award of sorts going around the blogosphere lately wherein the person awarded picks out some blogs they consider fine reading and perpetuate the award onto them.  Both Kagrra from the Druid Team and Kestrel from Kestrel’s Aerie were kind enough to lie about me and make it sound like I know what I’m doing.  So I shall not dissapoint and accept this auspicious award!

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant... in bed”

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant... in bed”

Now in order to accept this award, there are a few catches, which are as follows: 

  1. When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it (done), including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real (double done).
  2. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
  3. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!

So first we’ll cover the ten interesting things about me, so here we go with Fun Dueg Facts!

  1. My mother was a catholic nun in the late sixties and early seventies.
  2. I have three first names (Christopher Allen Kyle).
  3. I’m not American, I’m Texan.
  4. Even though I was born in Florida (moved to TX when I was 1).
  5. I met my fiance at my brother’s wedding and moved to Long Island for her.
  6. I can move my eyes independently of each other, my ears too.
  7. I grew up a twenty minute drive from Mexico and South Padre Island.
  8. I play electric guitar and bass, both quite badly.
  9. I am a beard enthusiast.
  10. My last meal would be a Whataburger w/chee and an ice cold Shiner Bock to drink.

So now I must give out this award to seven other bloggers.  So the roll call for this will be:

  1. Khaeli of Shadow Weaving.
  2. The Suicidal Priest.
  3. The Pugnacious Priest.
  4. Daria from Pixels – A Gaming Blog.
  5. BobTurkey, Gobble Gobble.
  6. Myssidia of A Casual Encounter.
  7. And the only non priest to make this roll: Kaleyen of Hungering Cold (maybe now he’ll stop waving his twighlight drake in my face, but somehow I doubt it).

So there ya go, keep in mind that this list were just the first seven that came to mind and if I truly put down everyone I was curious about, it would go much much further.  Plus some of my other friends were already tagged so I went ahead and left them off.  If you’re someone who reads my posts regularly though, consider yourself awarded and feel free to make a post regarding this.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go wait by the mailbox for my prize money which is obviously on the way.



7 Responses to “I Humbly Agree that I am Awesome”

  1. 03/26/2009 at 10:28 AM

    OMG LIKE MY FIRST TAG *stops capslock*!
    So, now lets read what I must write *5min passed*
    Ok… 10 facts, and I need to tag 7 ppl… Lets get started 🙂

    Ps: a nun?! =/

  2. 2 Scrat!
    03/27/2009 at 12:02 PM


  3. 03/27/2009 at 1:34 PM

    been seeing this thing bounce around.. grats.. on a good job


  4. 04/09/2013 at 10:59 PM

    How to host your make it and regardless of whether you use the name has
    bear-like qualities of strength and nobility. Blacky outwits the
    wolf and ends up killing and eating the wolf. The slipper is an ok song to have,
    but you can still occur.

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