Bonus RP – Incarceration

As promised, here’s the first of the bonus in-week RP posts I’m going to be making.  If you’re not into RP, feel free to skip this post and come on back tomorrow when I’ll be switching back to my usual daily gaming posts.  Till then, please enjoy the latest chapter, Incarceration:

Dueg’s eyes fluttered gently as the waking world once more resolved itself around him.  Immediately his hand shot up to his throat, feeling for the burning medallion that had been there moments before.  Smooth, unbroken skin greeted his hand and he sighed gently in relief.  That was when the pain returned.  Dueg immediately rolled over onto his side and vomited blood and bile as he held his wounded chest with his right hand.  His head pounded from where the Night Elf had hit him on the temple and he felt the world tilt crazily for a few moments.  After gaining control of himself he looked down to see the arrow had been removed and the wound had been bandaged.  Though judging by the growing crimson stain on his bandages, he had just reopened it.

Gently he placed his hand over the wound and whispered, “Light’s renewal.”

The pain remained and suddenly Dueg noted a missing presence.  For the first time since he had begun training to be a priest of the light, he could not sense the closeness of his divine powers.  He reached for his spiritual anchor, trying to find the light and draw it to his soul.  There was nothing, simply the cold black void he assumed all people bereft of faith must feel.  His heart began to race and he coughed once more as panic began to set in.  He looked around, noting for the first time that he sat upon the ground within a small tent, barely big enough for him to lay flat in.  Once more he reached for his chest and attempted to channel the light into his wounds, only to feel him grasping for spiritual straws.

“It won’t work,” came a lilting voice from outside as Dueg saw the tent flap slide open and the night elf who had accosted him slipped in, sitting on her knees near the entrance, “Ignat saw to that.”

Dueg’s breath rattled in his ruined lung, “You’ve come to finish me then, Alliance bitch?  Prefer your victims awake so they can scream as you torture them?”

The night elf rolled her eyes in an exaggerated fashion, “You Sin’dorei, always so dramatic.  No, I’m not here to ‘finish you,’ I’m simply curious as to how your race supposedly evolved from us.”  Her glowing, silver eyes studied him slowly as she brought a finger up to tap her cheek quizzically, “I don’t see it.”

“If you’re not interested in excess cruelty then why would you decide to knock me unconscious when I was already incapacitated.”

“You spit on my face,” she said simply.

Dueg sputtered for a second before a piping voice came from outside the tent, “Ter’vona!”

The night elf looked to the sky, “Elune preserve me,” she whispered before turning and exiting the tent, “coming Ignat…”

Dueg sat in bewilderment at the odd exchange as he heard hushed tones arguing outside the flap.  After a few moments, the night elf stuck her head in once more, “Oh yes, you reminded me.”  She pursed her lips and spat.  Dueg watched it arc gently and land right on his cheek, slowly dribbling down his face.  She winked once and was gone, replaced as a small figure entered the tent, his head well below the low hanging tent roof even though he stood straight.  His hair a very light green shade mixed with silver, the gnome gently tugged at the well groomed patch dangling from his chin then smoothed down his robes as he looked Dueg over.

“Yes, well, Ter’vona can be somewhat of a free spirit.  Here,” the gnome produced a handkerchief and threw it in front of Dueg, “clean yourself up.”

As Dueg wiped off the spittle he looked at his tiny jailer, “What do you want from us?  I would have this business be done and over with no matter what the outcome is to be.”

“Very well,” came the high pitched response, “tell us where the Forsaken Oracle is and we’ll be done with this messy business.  I’d prefer to ransom all three of you back to the Horde as quickly as possible, your troll companion stinks.”  The gnome, Ignat, Dueg assumed, produced a map of the local region and a charcoal pen, placing it on the ground in front of him.  “Simply indicate his location and we’ll transfer you to the closest Alliance authorities and return you to the Horde.”

Dueg snorted slightly as he looked at the diminutive gnome in front of him, “You must think me a fool to so easily betray my people to you, gnome.  Perhaps after this we can have high tea and discuss the political machinations of our different cities, yes?”  Dueg shook his head, “You will not find me so ready to hand you a victory.”

The gnome stooped and picked up the paper and pencil, placing them back into his pack, “No, I suppose I did not think it so easy.”  He sighed gently, “I suppose Finegal will have to speak with you on this subject.  I had hoped to avoid that avenue, he is an odd one, ol’ Fin.”  Ignat turned and walked from the tent as he spoke, his head gently shaking back and forth.

Dueg leaned back and sighed.  The Alliance were quite odd with their prisoners and seemed to have no stomach for torture.  Dueg supposed that came with their silly notion of equality among Azerothian races and was glad that his people did not take such foolish notions to heart.  His mind began to wander as he thought about Reyk and Scrat, hoping that they had not been willing to sell out the mission though he doubted that idea.  Slowly his mind came back to the room he had been in… or had he?  Had the whole thing been a dream?  If it was, the vividness had shocked him, and the reality of it was unlike any dream he had ever had before.  No, something about the whole thing rang with truth.  As Dueg’s mind wandered, he slowly drifted off to sleep, his breathing still labored through his punctured lung.

Suddenly he started awake, aware of another presence in the tent.  He was sure he had only been asleep for a few moments and not too deeply, yet this person had slipped in quietly.  He looked up and gasped.  At the other end of the tent sat what appeared to be a dark smudge of inkiness, shadows centered about it slowly caressing the whole of the inside of the tent.  Dueg couldn’t focus through the sudden unnatural darkness that pervaded the space and sat up straighter, preparing himself for whatever this entity was about to do.  The figure looked up suddenly and Dueg could just make out the human features of the shadow priest as his voice rasped out from the void.

“Shall we begin?”



3 Responses to “Bonus RP – Incarceration”

  1. 1 willel
    04/08/2009 at 3:45 PM

    Dueg really goes from one bad situation to another. I hope someday he’ll be able to take a vacation, at least.

  2. 2 Lan'dorien
    04/09/2009 at 10:25 AM

    Shadow versus light. I like where this is going 🙂

  3. 3 Anea
    04/09/2009 at 8:29 PM

    I am so late reading this, but amg suspense!

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