Friday Strats – Grand Widow Faerlina

I just want to be loved

I just want to be loved

The second boss of Spider Wing, Grand Widow Faerlina is going to be another fight where having a priest at hand will most definitely improve your chances of victory.  Though not necessary with better geared guilds, you will need a priest’s Mind Control spell once again to be able to effectively down Faerlina.  So let’s get straight to it.

The Prep

You’ll want to assign one priest as your Mind Controller before the pull.  Faerlina will come with 6 adds, four Naxxramas Worshippers and two Naxxramas Followers.  Make sure you assign a couple of off tanks to pull the Worshippers to a visible location for Mind Control purposes.  Some guilds will have their mages simply sheep the Worshippers, so make sure you have an order set for MC so that they’re not all sheeped when time comes to grab one.  The Followers have an AoE silence ability, so the second off tank should pull them away from casters and have them burnt down asap to avoid complications.  Once assignments have gone out, simply buff up and pull.

The Fight

Faerlina herself will not be overly difficult to begin with.  She’ll cast a poison DoT on the ten closest players that deals up to 4,125 damage initially then 2,000 nature damage every two seconds after that.  This effect is dispellable for any class that can remove poison effects.  She’ll also randomly cast Rain of Fire on any one player in the raid which is an AoE spell dealing up to 4300 fire damage every two seconds in and eight yard radius around the effected player.  If you have your spell detail turned all the way down, you will not see the ground effect indicating you’ve been hit by this, so be aware if you start taking damage and are not poisoned.

After about 60 seconds, Faerlina will cast Frenzy on herself which increases her damage by 150% and haste her melee attacks by 50%.  This can quite easily kill a tank in a few seconds.  The trick here is to have a priest Mind Control one of the Worshippers, walk him over to her and use the Widow’s Embrace ability.  This is an AoE effect that will keep her from entering Frenzy or cancel it if she already has.  The Worshipper has a couple of other abilities, but don’t worry about those.  If memory serves me correctly, Widow’s Embrace will be number 5 on the hot bar that comes up, but if anyone can confirm that in the comments, please do so.  Make sure you have the Worshipper right on top of her when you cast the ability to ensure it hits her.  This ability will kill the Worshipper.  The effect only lasts about 30 seconds and you’ll need to hit her with a second Widow’s Embrace before the first ends or else she’ll enter Frenzy again.  You’ll only need two Embraces per Frenzy.

This is pretty much the whole fight.  As a healer, you’ll want to watch for AoE damage and occasional spikes on the dps.  If your priest is slow on the MC (and I’m notorious for that -_-), make sure to have your healers focus on the tank to keep him up while the Worshipper is moved into position.  There’s an achievement for doing the fight without casting Widow’s Embrace on her, which can be done with either a very well geared bear tank and focused heals or with hunters bouncing her back and forth while she’s frenzied.

The Loot

Punctilious Bindings – These are extremely attractive wrist slot items for the average holy or shadow priest.  As with most spirit items, disc priests should look for something with mp5, but don’t be afraid to grab these if they’re an upgrade for you.

Belt of False Dignity – This belt will serve you quite well till you can grab the BiS from Malygos.  All priests should try for these, but disc might find a better one elsewhere.

Faerlina’s Madness – Shadow priests will definitely want to pick this bad boy up if they need the hit rating.  However, with a lack of a meta slot, there are certainly more attractive pieces out there.  Holy and disc should ignore this unless they’re really hurting for epics and no dps need it.

Gloves of Token Respect – Arguably BiS for healing and hit capped priests, these will definitely hold you over until Ulduar.  They’re BoE, so you might be able to grab them from the AH.

And that’s Faerlina.  Like all other fights in Spider Wing, this one will be extremely easy if you keep your wits about you and just focus.  Having the MC element always makes a priest nervous the first few times they’re expected to do it, but since it only takes a few seconds each time, you shouldn’t have to worry about hit cap.  Next week we’ll be finishing up Spider Wing with that big bad spider, Maexxna.



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  1. 04/10/2009 at 1:16 PM

    I have never done this fight using the MC tactic. Thanks for posting this as god forbid I’m ever asked to mind control during this encounter. I’d have no clue. >.>

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