Friday Strats – Maexxna

So I’ve been sitting here pondering what to do.  3.1 finally hit on Tuesday and I had been wondering all week long whether or not I should be start on strats for those fights or complete Naxxramas.  After thinking about it, i decided I’d finish up Spider Wing, wait an extra week to get some more fights under my belt and see what strats others have come up with and then begin the Ulduar Friday strats.  Besides, not everybody is in Ulduar yet, right?  So let’s get this show on the road and finish up spider wing with this honking bag of ugly, Maexxna.

Eight legs equals four hugs!

Eight legs equals four hugs!

The Prep

Maexxna has a web wrap ability that will send random people flying to the western wall of the room, so you’ll want to set a couple dps and a couple healers on that side in order to ensure that they can be freed and get heals when necessary.  When deciding who to put on the MT, you’ll want to look at druids as a more attractive option due to their HoTs, but a priest can be viable as well.  You’ll want the MT to position her facing away from the raid as, like most bosses, she has frontal damage sprays.  Other than those assignments, simply buff up, run in and start squishing spiders.

The Fight

The fight itself is not too rough except for some key spots.  Starting at the 20 second mark then going every 40 seconds after that, Maexxna will web wrap two people, sending them off to the western wall.  You’ll need dps to pop them out quickly because they’ll be taking up to 3k in nature damage every 2 seconds.  The wraps themselves have about 15k in health and the players can be healed while they’re encased.  Starting at 30 seconds and every 40 seconds after that, she’ll also summon 8 spiderlings who will run around and randomly aggro people.  They only deal 2k damage to cloth and are more annoying than dangerous, but make sure you have a dps class ready to round them up and burn them down quickly.

Maexxna herself doesn’t hit extremely hard, but she has a couple of abilities that can easily kill the tank if your raid is not careful.  She will occasionally cast either Poison Shock or Necrotic Poison.  Necrotic Poison is a poison effect that reduces healing done to the target by 90%.  She will cast this on random melee in front of her, so the only person getting hit with this should be the tank.  You must cleanse this asap in order to keep him up.  Her other ability, Poison Shock, is a frontal cone blast that will deal up to 5k in damage to all players in front of her.  Again, the only person getting hit by this should be the tank.

Her main raid killing ability is going to be her Web Spray.  Every 40 seconds she casts this spell which will incapacitate the entire raid for 6 seconds and deal up to 2800 nature damage to them.  The tank will also get hit with this, so right before he gets wrapped up, hit him with as many HoTs as you can and anything that can mitigate or slow damage.  Also make sure all spiderlings are cleaned up before the spray hits or they might just kill someone before everyone breaks free again.

At 30% she’ll frenzy, increasing her damage by 75% and her haste by 50%.  A good strategy for this is to completely stop dps on her once she hits about 33% and wait for her to cast Web Spray.  Once everyone comes back from that, have dps blow cooldowns and try to burn her down as quickly as possible in order to avoid her web spraying again while she’s frenzied.  If it looks like you’re going to get a frenzied web spray, the tank needs to pop all defensive cooldowns and healers need to use all their “oh shit” buttons before web spray hits or she will most likely kill the tank and wipe the raid.  You should also have an emergency back up tank in case the first one goes down in order to pick her up if the raid survives Web Spray.  A guild with strong healers and a very well geared tank can survive the frenzied web spray, but it won’t be easy.

As a healer, your main job will be to watch for web wrap victims and to counter the occasional raid damage of spiderlings.  if you have any sort of HoT, regardless of what your assignment is, put it on the tank before web spray.  He won’t be taking a crazy amount of damage unless Maexxna is frenzied, but there’s no reason not to help in this case.  Priests may want to throw a shield up right before the spray as well.  This fight shouldn’t take longer than three minutes.

The Loot

Digested Silken Robes – The only thing keeping these robes from being BiS for holy and hit capped shadow priests is the lack of gem slots.  I would still rank these in the top three or four robes you can find.  Disc priests, as usual, will want to look for something that spends more of the item budget on stats besides spirit.

Distorted Limbs – I would almost write the same thing for these pants as I did for the robes.  These are extremely nice, although I prefer crit as a holy priest, but don’t let the haste hold you back if these are an upgrade.

Matriarch’s Spawn – Possibly the coolest looking off hand item you can find, I would argue that this item is BiS as an off hand for holy or hit capped shadow unless you’re just desperate for crit.  Sorry Disc priests, no non spirit caster gear here, but pick it up anyways if you need an upgrade, just be prepared to replace it later on.

And we now wrap it up for Spider Wing.  Three wings down, but who knows when we’ll return to Naxx?  Next week we begin on the newest raid in the game, Ulduar, so prepare yourself, my friends, for the Flame Leviathan!



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