Sunday RP – Egress

Dueg sat up as the explosion rocked the ground beneath him.  Quickly he scooted across the ground to the tent flap, hoping that the distraction caused by the explosions would be enough to allow him to slip away.  His hopes were quickly dashed however as his hand met an invisible barrier just inside of the opening, placing his escape on hold.  Unperturbed, Dueg turned and reached for the bottom edge of his canvas prison, knowing that it was most likely blocked as well, but not wanting to waste this opportunity.

Voices began yelling orders to help put out the fire that was apparently beginning to rage at the point of explosion as Dueg scrabbled along the edge of the tent, hoping to find some weakness in the spell keeping him in the small tent.  After a minute or so of trying, he could see the futility of his actions and sat back, his mind racing as he tried to find some way to make an exit.  Dueg sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, trying once more to reach inside himself and feel the light of creation that he so desperately missed.  Deep down in the most sacred parts of his soul he delved, looking for that familiar spark that had been blocked from him, yearning for it’s caress in this time of need.

Suddenly, he felt it again, as if a curtain had been drawn aside and once more the light of the sun shown full on his face.  Tears leaped to his eyes and he reached for it, allowing the light to pour into his frame and dance along his aches and wounds, relieving his bruised neck and knitting broken skin and filling him with resolve.  “Light, dispel my enemy’s machinations,” came his quiet prayer as he reached once more for the tent flap, smiling in triumph as his hand passed the invisible barrier without incident and drawing back the opening.

The scene outside was one of chaos.  In the middle of what appeared to be a middle sized Alliance encampment, a fire raged and ate at a small pile of boxes situated in the center of a ring of similarly small tents.  Around the blaze several people ran, throwing water on the boxes as thick plumes of black smoke erupted wherever the water ate at the flames.  Dueg also noticed the small shape of his gnome captor walking in a circle around the flames, casting ice at the boxes to help battle the damage being wrought upon them.  Thanking the light, Dueg slipped from the canvas tent and tried to stealthily creep away from the distracted Alliance.

That was when the Night Elf appeared in front of him once more, her bow held in a relaxed position, pointing at the ground with an arrow cocked but not drawn back.   Her curious, glowing eyes once more studied him as a slinking, saber toothed striped cat curled around her legs to face Dueg, it’s eyes intently watching him.  For a moment they simply stood and looked at Dueg, as if pondering their move before she looked back to the fire and once more at him.

“Hello again, Sin’dorei Duegathalas,” she stated simply, still not making any threatening moves, “Have you grown tired of your accommodations already?”

Dueg smoothed down the front of his robes as his mind continued racing, trying to find a way to make good on his escape as he spoke, “Yes, well, they were quite cramped and the help can be somewhat… murderous.”

She smirked slightly, “Finegal will get carried away at times.  I suppose the light’s shadow has eaten away at his conscience for so many years that he forget he ever had it within his soul to feel compassion.  Still, it is my responsibility to see to it that you and your friends, who are presently making their escapes as well, are escorted back to your tents or Ignat will certainly be quite cross.”

Holding her bow and the arrow still cocked within it with one hand, she reached behind her back.  Dueg tensed and crouched, preparing himself for some sort of attack as she instead produced a curious looking travel pack, an open door stenciled on it’s flap.  She tossed it so it landed in front of him, and nodded for him to take it as she once more reached to hold the arrow ready to pull and loose.  Dueg dipped and picked up the pack, surprised at how light it felt as he watched her for any sign of attack, his mind careening in confusion at the gift.

“It is lucky for you, Sin’dorei Duegathalas, that I find Ignat quite amusing when he is angry.  I believe it’s the strange shade of red he turns combined with his green tufts that make it so enjoyable to watch,” she pulled her arrow from the bow and placed it in the quiver at her leg as she kneeled down, rubbing the large cat’s head at her side and looking at him intently, “Your friends are expecting you, till next we meet, may Elune grace your steps.”  She slung her bow along her back then simply walked past him into the camp as her companion followed, rubbing gently against Dueg’s legs.

Dueg watched her saunter away for a few moments then turned and ran, trying to put as much distance between him and the encampment as possible.  His mind was at a loss for comprehending what had just happened, but figured it better not to think too much on his good fortune.  After a few minutes of running, he stopped to try and gain his bearings, looking around the gentle, sloping grasslands of the Fjord and noticing three dark shapes moving towards him from the area of the camp.  He ducked low, trying to hide make himself less obvious against the horizon until he recognized the forms of Scrat and Reyk moving with a slouching, emaciated robed figure.

“Duegathalas,” nodded Reyk as the companions once more reconvened, “I am glad you were able to make your escape as well.  They had you sequestered away from us and by the time we found your tent, you were gone.”  He nodded to the newest person, a Forsaken who stood with Scrat, whispering hurredly, “This is Noxt, our savior.  He created that blaze in the camp that allowed us to slip away.”

“You can shower me with praise later,” came the response from the robed undead as he and Scrat moved forward, “the Alliance are almost through with the fire and it won’t be long until they find you three missing.  Stand close, and we shall make our escape.”

The three gathered in a ring around the dead mage as he began to whisper arcane words of escape, magic gently weaving a pattern around the companions.  Dueg felt himself grow buoyant though he was still on the ground and recognized a portal spell being cast.  As Noxt formed the portal that would take them all from here he tossed up small fragments of ancient entryways, causeing them to begin to spin about the small party.  As the spell reached it’s crescendo, Dueg felt something tug at him and suddenly the world around him wavered before a flash erupted around him and the world flipped upside down.

From the edge of the camp, Ter’vona smiled as her and her feline companion watched the four shapes disappear on the wings of magic.  Gently, she whispered, “Let the hunt begin.”



5 Responses to “Sunday RP – Egress”

  1. 04/19/2009 at 1:00 PM

    Short, but sweet. Another fantastic chapter. Now you’ve introduced the element of mystery with Ter’vona, who I can only assume to be the relentless huntress….someone interested more in the hunt than the end result.
    I eagerly await the next one! 😀

  2. 04/19/2009 at 1:26 PM

    Oh noes, another week to wait before I get to read more!

  3. 3 willel
    04/19/2009 at 2:36 PM

    Poor Dueg. Just when it seems that he is to get out of trouble, we find that he is in even more trouble than he thought. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  4. 4 Xel
    04/19/2009 at 9:27 PM

    Oh the tides are turning, the plots are twisting! Excellent cliffhanger as always. 😛

  5. 5 Anea
    04/19/2009 at 9:57 PM

    I knew Ter’vona was up to something! I knew it!

    /waggles finger in Ter’vona’s general direction

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