Wish I May, Wish I Might, Loot These Purps I Want Tonight

star14Khaeli of Shadow Weaving posted an excellent guide to people looking to gear out their Discipline Priest post 3.1.   It’s an excellent post and I suggest you look it over even if you’re a holy or shadow priest in order to get a good look at what could be given priority for you to shoot for.  Since it’s mainly geared towards Discipline priests, though, it’s not too much help for the other priestly varieties.  No matter though, for I shall shamelessly steal her idea and make Dueg’s own wish list!

I did get to dive into 10 man Ulduar last week and while there was able to down Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis, XT-002 Deconstructor, The Assembly of Iron, Kologarn, Hodir and Thorim.  Unfortunately, I did miss out on two fights thanks to having to leave early one night, and we were unable to down Mimiron though we got plenty of attempts on him (that guy is straight up crazy).  However, there was one underlying theme through all these fights.  No loot for Dueg.  It was terrible.

So I’ve been spending the last few days doing some research as it’s been coming in in order to try and figure out where all the good stuff is.  Now this list is going to be incomplete for the moment due to the fact that not all of the bosses have had their loot tables thoroughly explored.  But from what I’ve seen so far, I’ve got a good idea who’s going to be dropping things to make Dueg say squee.  So I present to you, Holy Dueg’s Super Fun Happy List of Ulduar Boss Drops for Holy Priest Fun:

The Siege of Ulduar

Flame Leviathan

Possibly the most fun fight in Wrath at the moment, this one involves hopping on some vehicles and blowing the crap out of a bunch of dwarves and buildings and then taking on a massive tank at the end of it.  Three different flavors of vehicles means people get to have a lot of different jobs.
10  Man
Energy Siphon – I would only recommend picking this up if you are just desperate for mp5, otherwise leave it for the shamans, I hear they like that sort of thing.
Lifespark Visage  – A very nice piece of gear, but the first of what I believe might best be thought of as mage gear in Ulduar.  With the current changes to the mage class, they like spirit, but they don’t need it droves like we do.  Since this item only has half as much spirit as int combined with haste, it might be better served on a mage or warlock’s head.
25 Man
Constructor’s Handwraps – You want these, you want these bad.
Embrace of the Leviathan – A solid upgrade to start the raid with, comparable towards Leash of Heedless Magic from Maly.
Growing Ring of Reclamation – Reclaim this if you get a chance.
Boots of Fiery Resolution – Drops from the hard mode version of this fight, I couldn’t find how many towers had to be up for it.  These are a solid upgrade and currently better than any other pre 3.1 boots.


This fight is best described as “mobile.”  Adds spawn randomly along the outside of this platform you’re fighting on.  You gotta shoot her down with harpoons to land her then dps her to 50% before she’ll stay down permanently.  While she’s in the air she shoots people with fireballs and the blue ones leave a flaming circle on the ground that will kill you pretty quick.  You have to be aware and ready to move instantly.
10 Man
Binding of the Dragon Matriarch  – Definitely grab this if it comes across your plate.
Eye of the Broodmother – This is an extremely sweet little trinket and I would most definitely recommend picking it up for the effect if you don’t already have a similar effect.
25 Man
Shackles of the Odalisque – This is a fantastic little piece of spirit gear right at the front of the zone.
Guiding Star – Comparable to the KT mace, Definitely  go for it if you have a chance, but you might be better served looking for something with crit over haste.

Ignis the Furnace Master

This fight has been buggy as hell since it was first released, but has been hotfixed and should conceivably be all better.  He hits hard but won’t be two-shotting your tanks anymore.  Occasionally he rushes a raid member and drops them into his slag pot, dealing some crazy burst damage to them that if they’re kept alive through will leave a haste buff behind.  Other than that, it’s about controlling their adds and mmaking sure your positioning is on the ball.
10 Man
Igniter Rod – A fantastic little off hand for you, I would recommend grabbing it as soon as you can.
25 Man
Pyrelight Circle – With a mix of haste and crit, this might be a nice item to grab, even without the spirit.  Just don’t give up too much spirit for me.
Scepter of Creation – Highly recommended.  A very solid upgrade.

XT-002 Deconstructor

This is an interesting fight that involves getting him to 75, 50 then 25% health, at which point he spits out his heart which you then have to dps.  You can’t kill the heart or else you enter hard mode and you can’t dps too much or else he’ll re-enter heart phase very quickly and you’ll get overwhelmed by adds that spawn while his heart is exposed.  He also occasionally throws a tantrum that does a LOT of AoE damage, so healers have to be ready for that or else you’ll lose a couple of raiders.  It’s a tight dps race that takes fine tuning.
10 Man
Conductive Cord – Very nice crit belt, grab it if you can.
Plasma Foil – This is a sweet healing dagger, one of the few you’ll ever see.  Pick it up, but it’s not better than some of the old BiS items for main.
25 Man
Mantle of Wavering Calm – With haste over crit, I’m not sold on this.  There are better items out there, but this is a solid upgrade.
Charm of Meticulous Timing –  This is better than the current BiS in the game,but drops from hard mode, so not exactly easy to get.

The Antechamber of Ulduar

The Assembly of Iron

This fight involves three mobs and is also a slightly mobile fight.  These mobs gain buffs based on the order you kill them in and there’s a lot of mobile AoE damage.  Be aware, look for burst damage and you have to dispel any and every debuff you can as quickly as possible.  In fact, we had to assign a dedicated dispeller to the tank or else he would die.
10 Man
Runetouch Handwraps – another one of the mage items I was speaking of earlier.  With the lower spirit bonus, I’d recommend looking for something a little better.
Watchful Eye – I’d prefer crit, but with the gem slot and the spirit, might not be too bad of an upgrade.  More dps oriented I’d say though.
Lady Maye’s Sapphire Ring – This feels more like a healer ring with haste on it to me than the previous one.  A solid upgrade.
Stormtip – A solid main hand upgrade for a healer, but again, my philosophy leans more towards crit bonus.
25 Man
Unblinking Eye – I stare longingly at this for hours.
Rapture – This is a solid staff upgrade choice.  I will be gunning for this hard.
Raiments of the Iron Council –  Feels more dps oriented, but worth a look if you’re still in Naxx gear.
Sapphire Amulet of Renewal –  This is a pretty sweet neck and would be a solid upgrade.  Drops from hard mode.


This guy is a giant stone construct that blocks a bridge.  You have to move when he shoots laser eyes at you that you can sort of see coming or else you’ll take spike damage.  We one shotted this guy and I never got hit with the eye beams, so I was mostly focused on health the whole time.  a tip I can give you is that if you get too close to him, you will definitely fall off the edge, so be aware of that.
10 Man
Spark of Hope – …maaaybe.
25 Man
Handwraps of Plentiful Recovery – A solid haste piece for hand slot.
Ironmender – Another solid haste piece, this one for your off hand frill.


I only got to do a few wipes on this mob.  She pats with a couple of adds who can pounce on raid members and will seriously mess your raid up.  You have to bunch up in front of her because of an AoE ability that needs to split damage among your raid.  She also mass fears, so be ready to run back into position asap.  Shadow prot is a must for this fight.
10 Man
Mantle of the Preserver – This is a very solid upgrade for your shoulder area.
Nurturing Touch – Solid upgrade for the wand slot, also very geometrical.
25 Man
Sandals of the Ancient Keeper – Definitely try to grab these, they are quite delicious.

The Keepers of Ulduar


Unfortunately I was not present for this fight, but I hear it’s very doable once you understand the mechanics.
10 Man
Valorous Gloves of Sanctification – The new tier gear, this is definitely worth picking up.  Try to get the two piece bonus if you can, but the 4 piece will most likely not be super attractive for a holy priest.
25 Man
Conqueror’s Leggings of Sanctification – This is a fantastic upgrade, of course, I would prefer a crit bonus, but I’d still try to pick these up.
Boots of the Servant – A solid upgrade for your toosies.
The Lifebinder – There are some better options out there, but a good staff if you’re still holding Naxx gear.


This is another mobile fight involving chunks of ice falling from the ceiling and keeping adds un frozen and making sure you’re standing in the correct spots.  It’s not too difficult, we were able to two shot him on 10 man, but you do have to be alert and ready to move.
10 Man
Valorous Leggings of Sanctification – The ten man version of the tier leggings.  There’s better loot in the game, pre Ulduar, but this is a good upgrade otherwise.
Icecore Staff – This drops from the hard mode, which is basically means how fast you kill him.  This is a very solid upgrade and you should definitely try to pick this bad boy up.
25 Man
Conqueror’s Robe of Sanctification – I will definitely be shooting for this bad boy.
Staff of Endless Winter –  Possibly the new BiS for staves, this one drops from hard mode in heroic.


This was our best fight on 10 man, managing to one shot him with no deaths.  One group runs a gauntlet to get up to Thorim himself  while the other keeps some mobs in the arena busy.  Once they reach Thorim he jumps down into the arena and the entire raid engages him.  I was in the arena group with a pallie and we had a tree go with the gauntlet group.  There’s a lot of AoE damage and tanks have to be quick to pick up adds.
10 man
Valorous Shoulderpads of Sanctification – The tier shoulder piece, this is not a very solid upgrade what with the low spirit and red gem slot.  Feels like it leans more towards a disc priest.
Handwraps of Resonance – This is an excellent upgrade for any holy priest.
Leggings of Unstable Discharge – There are better drops pre 3.1 in the game, but this is a very nice upgrade if you can snag it.
Sif’s Remembrance – I would very much like to have this, please.  Comes from hard mode though.
25 Man
Conqueror’s Cowl of Sanctification – A very, very solid new head piece, go go ninja priest!
Leggings of Lost Love – These are another solid upgrade, try to grab yourself a pair.
Scale of Fates – A nice new SP trinket, the on use proc could definitely come in handy in sticky situations. 


I have done a lot of wiping on this one and let me tell you, he is extremely difficult.  There is a lot of spike damage flying around, a lot of movement is necessary to keep fro getting one shotted, and raid damage flies around like crazy.  It’s a matter of knowing your raid team, being on the ball and making sure you have the right composition of players at your disposal.  I feel Mimiron will become the final door for a lot of guilds before they enter the Descent into Madness area of the zone.
10 Man
The normal mode of Mimiron drops the same ten man gloves token, the same as Freya.
Pulse Baton – An excellent mace upgrade, try to grab this if it drops.
25 Man
Conqueror’s Gloves of Sanctification –  The 25 man version of the tier gloves, I’m not sure why Blizzard is putting so much haste all over the gear here.  I think there are better crit options out there, though these are a strong upgrade no matter what.
Asimov’s Drape  – I would pick this up for the name alone, good thing it’s a pretty awesome item otherwise.

The Descent into Madness

General Vezax

I haven’t seen anything for this fight, sorry.
10 Man
Vestments of Piercing Light – Slightly better than current BiS, definitely get this if you can.
Underworld Mantle – Defintiely try to get you dirty little mitts on this bad boy
25 Man
Mantle of the Unknowing –  This is a fantastic upgrade.
Scepter of Lost Souls –  Even though there’s no spirit on these, it has a boatload of crit and haste and sp mixed in.  Very attractive.
Handwraps of the Vigilant – Drops off of hard mode, these look a contender for new BiS, and I’d be surprised if there was better.


Again, little is known about this fight and I certainly haven’t seen it.
10 Man
He drops the tier set for shoulders, same as earlier. 
Treads of the Dragon Council – There are better items out there, but not too many.
25 Man
Conqueror’s Shoulderpads of Sanctification – Like the 10 man version, I feel this fit more for a disc priests gear, but still extremely good for holy priests.
Cowl of Dark Whispers – I am in love.
Shawl of Haunted Memories – This cape is something you will never want to let go.
Vanquished Clutches of Yogg-Saron – This is a sweet sweet load of crit, but I don’t see the proc being too useful for a healer class.

Celestial Planetarium

Algalon the Observer




5 Responses to “Wish I May, Wish I Might, Loot These Purps I Want Tonight”

  1. 04/22/2009 at 4:10 PM

    Is it just me or are Ulduar trinkets sorta blah? (But I think I might need the tentacle proc from that Yogg-Saron for some srs Goldshire RP. Don’t tell Kaleyen kkthx)

    Good guide. I’ve passed on all the gear upgrades so far as I’m trying to save my good-loot-council-mojo for tier gear. Gogo 4piece spellpower boost.

  2. 04/22/2009 at 10:09 PM

    I’m baffled by your insistence on Spirit. Discipline barely uses it! Can you explain why you have such an emphasis on that stat?

    (Unfortunately, the problem is that Ulduar has an emphasis on Spirit. Blizzard’s itemizing team seems to have gotten it into their heads that Spirit = Healing, despite Discipline barely using the stat and Warlocks and Shadow priests getting vastly more use out of it.)

  3. 04/23/2009 at 12:26 AM

    @CA:I’m a holy priest, Khaeli already did an excellent post for discipline priests. This is all gear for holy priests though, if I had done gear for all types of priests, this would’ve taken forever.

  4. 04/23/2009 at 1:25 PM

    Aha! The post makes much more sense now. 🙂 I saw the initial bit about stealing Khaeli’s idea and went with it, failing to see the “Holy priest” bit later on. 🙂

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