Saturday RP – Recovery

“You drew them a light damned MAP?!” Reyk slammed his stein down on the warped, wooden table the four companions sat at, beer slopping over the side.  “Then they will already have a start on us!”

It had been a full day since the four had made good their escape from the fields of the Howling Fjord and found themselves just outside of the small settlement known as Venomspite.  A tiny frontier town, the hidden encampment was little more than an inn, an apothecary and several military administration buildings and barracks.  Once they had arrived and Dueg had tended the wounds and bruises their incarceration had left them with, they had made their way to the inn.  A rotting, gothic affair in the usual style of the Forsaken, Noxt had surprised the three previous prisoners by revealing he had reservations for the lot of them.

After retiring to his room, Dueg had decided the time had come to search through the gift the night elf had given him and taken out the traveling pack with the picture of the door stenciled on it’s flap.  After opening it, he had found what appeared to be the shoulder guard of a full set of plate armor sticking out.  After much pulling, Dueg managed to yank the heavy piece of armor from the opening, finding it impossibly large to fit in the entirety of the bag.  When he examined the armor closely he found sigils and sacred runes of the light and Silvermoon city etched on the piece, revealing it to be Reyk’s armor that had been taken from them during their brief incarceration.

Feeling exhaustion, confusion and curiosity warring in his mind, Dueg decided it best to leave the mystery for the morning and retired for the night, his brain still trying to sort out how the armor had even fit in the bag in the first place.  The next morning he called Reyk into his room, who was very grateful to find the sacred shoulder guard once more and just as confused.  When they opened the small traveling pack once more they found an edge of his greaves poking out and were able to remove that as well.  One by one they were able to remove the entirety of Reyk’s armor from the small pack, realizing that magic must be afoot.

After Reyk had recovered his armor completely and returned it to his room, he called in Scrat and Noxt to consult while they were able to remove Scrat’s mailed armor and the entirety of the three companion’s confiscated travel supplies.  Noxt deduced that the bag they were given was an enchanted satchel which held a dimensional pocket within itself.  Thanks to this, it was able to store large and heavy items such as the lost armor and supplies they were currently recovering.  However, this revelation only raised more suspicion within Dueg as to why Ter’vona would gift such an obviously valuable enchanted item.

Reyk too was becoming suspicious as to how Dueg had come across such an item from their captors and said as much by calling a meeting between the four to better explain the events of the last few days.  After everyone had returned to their rooms to drop off their recovered gear, the four made their way down to the sitting area of the inn, calling for beer and wine and allowing Noxt to explain his part in the mission.  It seemed that their ruined camp site had been found not too long after they had been captured, alerting the local Horde authorities to their predicament.  Noxt had been tapped as a specialist in search and rescue attempts, having been able to escape from the Alliance himself twice after being captured while spying.

When the camp had been located, Noxt had made all haste to it, able to arrive within hours of them being escorted there thanks to magical means of travel.  After spying on the goings on, he had formulated a simple plan.  He would put fire to the several boxes of supplies they had in the center of camp, sneak in and disarm the spell ward that was keeping the three prisoners from using their divine gifts, then sneak them out.

“…except Duegathalas here had already made his escape without our help.” He had ended his story while the other three at the table turned their eyes to Dueg, questioning him silently.

Dueg calmly sipped at his wine before placing it down and beginning his recount of what had happened.  Telling of his chest wound then of the curious night elf and the small Ignat, who seemed the de facto leader.  Then his voice began to drip with malice as he spoke of Finegal, the fallen priest who wielded shadow’s powers.  Of the torture session and his ultimate submitting to the dark powers as they held his will hostage and forced him to reveal the route they had taken, causing an outburst from Reyk.

“No, I did not draw them a light forsaken map,” Dueg rebutted.  “The pervaded my mind and stole my will from me, such is the power of the light’s dark twin.  They drew the map, they just used my body and mind to do it.  You should know the abilities of the shadow as well as I since you have also studied the light.  I attempted to destroy the damned map, but the human bested me in the grapple and they were able to get it.”

Reyk sighed and leaned back, absently tugging at his disheveled, raggedly cut hair, “They tried to get us to talk as well, but I suppose they decided to use the shadow on you first.  It could just as easily have been Scrat or myself who succumbed.  So the question now is where do we go from here?”

Noxt nodded, “I am at your disposal.  The High Executor thinks it best that the Forsaken be involved in this mission as well, since it has fared poorly so far.”

Scrat scowled slightly at the mage but nodded nonetheless, “Yes, da ‘ting of it is, we need to be movin’ quickly before dey get da jump on us.  ‘Ave a chance to place obstacle in our pat’.”

“Agreed.  We should move quickly,” Reyk said, “After examining a map of the local area, I see that we need to move east then and into the Grizzly Hills post haste.  We must be careful though, for that will bring us in close proximity to the Scourge fortress of Naxxramas, which spoils the countryside with it’s foul magic, causing the dead to rise.  Normally we would cut south, but that would add too much time onto our journey.”

The other three nodded and downed their drinks, standing to gather their belongings from their rooms.  Since Dueg had been the one to receive the gift of the bag from the night elf, he was elected to hold it as well, storing excess items they may come across or things too heave to carry.  Everyone else donned their recovered armor or simply collected their supplies then returned to the lobby of the darkened inn.  Noxt signed the military receipt and nodded to the other three as they left the inn, turned east, moving as quickly as possible.  All the while, Naxxramas sat on the horizon above their intended path, glowing with a menacing light.



3 Responses to “Saturday RP – Recovery”

  1. 04/25/2009 at 12:44 PM

    As usual, can’t wait for the next chapter! It’s nice to have a recap on everything. 😀

  2. 2 Xel
    04/25/2009 at 5:33 PM

    Noxt seems to be a rather cool character. The fact that his forsaken and witty just makes everything so much better 😛

  3. 04/26/2009 at 6:02 PM

    Reminds me of when i first got my “clear jar” inventory bag in MUD-ing. The amazement of fitting so many, and such big things in a small pack!

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