Dueg’s Mantras

The Mantra of Light

The Mantra of Light

I was reading Derevka’s excellent Kologarn Strat this morning (she makes an excellent point about the eyebeams) and halfway through it, I ran across this amusing little line: “Now everyone, let’s say Healer Mantra #6 with me: ‘I can’t heal through stupid’.”  This amuses me because without really realizing it, healers do develop small mantras like this throughout our virtual careers.  And so, since I’m scratching my head for an idea at the moment, I will blatantly thief her line and create a whole post from it!  Let it not be said that Dueg is not quite devious!  So, I present to you, Dueg’s Mantras:

I am a Healer – This is my main one, it describes me in the game.  It’s what I like to do while I’m in the game and it’s what I’m good at.

You are My Tank, You are My Friend – Tanks come first beyond yourself, always try to keep them alive.  This one blends with my next one.

But I like DPS too – Don’t worry, DPS, you’ll still get heals… if I have time.

If We Wipe, it’s not My Fault – This is something you really have to whisper to yourself a lot on frustrating nights.  Just keep the heals coming and all will be right once more.

When We Wipe, We All Run – I’m not your rezzing machine.

Taking Avoidable Damage means Unavoidable Death – This is my version of Derevka’s #6, except it applies to me as well.  If you die from something you can avoid, it’s your own fault, so please adjust.

Progress is Good – Even on nights when you wipe over and over again, as long as you can see raid getting better on successive attempts, you can still feel good about the night.

Raiding is a Team Sport – You have to be prepared to be at the disposal of your team during set hours if you want to raid.  If you’re not there, then you can upset the balance and even cause raids to be canceled because they’re one healer short… Scrat.

Stupid People Gotta Go – Sorry stupid people, you’re not welcome in my raid.  Get your act together and we can talk.

Anger Solves Nothing – Getting mad and raging in vent is a ridiculous way to accomplish things.  If you need to say something or berate someone, do so, but be calm and straightforward about it.

Respect Your Other Players – People not worthy of respect will eventually become obvious.  Until then, if you want people to accept you onto their team, you need to show them respect.

It Will Always Be Just A Game – Remember this whenever you log on.

So there you go, 12 tasty little mantras for anyone who wants them.  And if you have your own, I want to read them, so drop me a comment.



6 Responses to “Dueg’s Mantras”

  1. 04/28/2009 at 2:17 PM

    Love Me, Love My Tank – There is a special bond between a tank and a healer, especially those that have been working together for a while. There is no faster way to get on my bad side than to disrespect my tank. Do so, and I will happily ruin your day.


  2. 04/28/2009 at 4:47 PM

    Taking Avoidable Damage means Unavoidable Death

    This is a nice one, the stupid thing is. A lot of healers still feel guilty about this (I think). Thinking “I could’ve healed that person trough it” or the person who died flaming because he died. I’ve seen those situations and I’ve thought that myself before (I still do, but healing avoidable damage is not my priority). 🙂

    Anyways, nice post! 🙂

  3. 3 Pugnacious Priest
    04/28/2009 at 10:17 PM

    Ask if you don’t know – thats a big mantra of mine, I had Issues with Kologarn because I couldnt tell when the beams were aimed at me – or because someone was shuffling closer to my postition because they were standing too close ( personal space people!) by asking what other peoples mods where telling them I was able to work out that mine wasn’t working, and that DBM apparently isnt the best mod for this fight and bigwigs has better eye beam alerts.
    I coped some crap by asking what other people were seeing – but I got the answer I needed.

  4. 04/29/2009 at 4:10 PM

    I liked this post a lot. Though I have a saying that most of the folks I run with quickly learned. “IFT” = I Follow Tank. As ‘Wantedpriest’ said above there is a special bond between the healer and the Tank. And my version goes like this “You keep AGGRO and I will keep you alive”. I have just finally found a guild that is fun to be around and adventure with. So I am learning the new tanks and their playstyle. As they are learning me. I joined a guild mostly because the Tank that I ran with moved to a different server…

    The Wayward Priest
    Arathor Server

  5. 10/01/2014 at 7:10 PM

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