How Noble of Me

Pictured: An upstanding member of his community

Pictured: An upstanding member of his community

Ah yes, Springtime.  A time when a young man’s fancy turns to raiding and you can smell the fresh, flowery scent of epics in the air.  Raiders flit from boss to boss, collecting these epic lewtz in order to spread and pollinate other bosses so they too might have a chance to drop the precious purples we hold so dear.  But with this increased love of the plums, came another whole new way to waste time in our most favorite of games.  Yes, I speak of the newest of WoW holidays, Noblegarden.

So yesterday I logged on in the afternoon and said to myself, “Self,” I says, “why don’t you give this new spanking version of Noblegarden a try?”  Not one to disappoint myself, I figured why not and made my way out to Orgrimmar then down to whatever that little level 10 village is called.  I spoke to the appropriate NPC’s, picked up an egg basket and was soon sprinting everywhere, trying to beat people to the plethora of eggs that were spawning all around.  I must admit, it was rather amusing.

I’m not sure at what point my amusement spilled over into obsession, though, but soon I found myself wishing death and destruction upon my fellow WoW player.  Sure, you may have technically gotten to the egg first, but didn’t you see me standing there?  Don’t you know how long I’ve been doing this?!  I have to raid in an hour, I just want the title, DAMMIT!!  Ahem.  Anyways, at a certain point, this holiday morphed from an amusing way to kill a couple of hours to something that had to be done, that needed to be done!

My main problem with this holiday was the sheer randomness of what you got inside the eggs when you cracked them open.  You see, in order to complete the meta-achievement, you had to open these brightly colored eggs and hope you received three items.  An Elegant Dress, A White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants.  However, these did not drop regularly, oh no, not at all, and though you can buy these items from a holiday vendor, you have to actually loot them from eggs in order to get the achievements.  So began one man’s journey into the brightly colored maw of madness.

Hours of "Fun"

Hours of "Fun"

You see the picture on the right there?  That’s everything I looted while I was looking for one pair of Black Tuxedo Pants.  Keep in mind when you look at that chocolate that I ate 100 of them for the achievement, bought a rabbit’s foot for a hundred, the bunny ears for 50 (which I promptly looted two in a row not twenty minutes later), a pair of the Black Tuxedo Pants for 50 as well (so I could get the kissing achievement) and that each of those eggs in the 20 stack cost me 5 chocolates and I’d already planted two by this point.  And I still had 189 leftover.  Have you ever spent hours running your character in a tight circle around a newbie town?  Yeah, not pleasant.

So what are my impressions of this holiday that Blizzard brought us, albeit slightly late?  It’s an easy title with the hardest part being you have to travel to Un’Goro and get someone else to come with you and turn you into a bunny.  However, it feels like just a time sink with no draw other than the title and the eventuality of being able to get the proto drake.  It’s not fun like some of the other holidays and seems to really have no purpose other than to give you some mindless actions to do for a few hours.  Overall, I was actually very disappointed with it and by the time I finished all the achievements and got my title, I felt more relief to be done hunting god damn eggs than a sense of accomplishment.

I give this holiday a D+.  It accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is keep people occupied while they play.  However, it feels kind of like it was just thrown at us with no thought to entertainment value.  The only plus is that they at least made it so the eggs respawn quickly and keep players from really fighting over the spawn points.  The only redeeming quality about this holiday is that it was easy.  I was able to accomplish it in about 6 hours or so.  How about you, gentle jerkwads?  Did you enjoy the newest of Blizzard holidays?  Or will you never be WoW nobility?



11 Responses to “How Noble of Me”

  1. 04/30/2009 at 8:42 AM

    I enjoyed it to some extent. It was kind of fun to break away from normal play and just run around gathering eggs in an addictive, yet brainless fashion.

    I actually had very good drop rates on all of the items, except for the Elegant Dress which I still have not managed to find, but at the same time I don’t really care since I got the title anyway.

    The title was actually the only reason I bothered joining in to begin with since Noble was just such a clean fit for my paladin.

    Overall I have to agree that this one is pretty well pointless. I suppose I could see why they made the effort to give people a week to do it instead of a day since not everyone can play on that single day, but the whole thing can be completed so quickly it’s almost a waste to have it in the first place.

    I always do at least a little bit in every holiday event that comes up just to take part in it, but this is one I definitely would have ignored almost entirely had I not wanted the title.

  2. 04/30/2009 at 8:49 AM

    Yeah, you did realize that the looting the dress and tux achievements *weren’t* part of the meta-achievement, right?

  3. 04/30/2009 at 8:52 AM

    I didn’t get the title-nor do I really care. Lyrandre the Noble just doesn’t do it for me, though I feel somewhat odd because she has NO titles to speak of. She needs to be “Lyrandre the Serene” but they haven’t humored me by putting that in yet.

    I did accomplish my goal for the holiday, however, by getting the Spring Rabbit…and the ears, which I can now use to annoy the hell out of my GM. Woo!

    Oh, and the silly skimpy dress, because I love a draenei in a skimpy dress.

  4. 4 Lan'dorien
    04/30/2009 at 9:10 AM

    I avoided it like the plague. Hearing all the people worked up and frustrated trying to do all the achievements, because they felt like they had to … yeah, I’ll just skip that.

  5. 04/30/2009 at 9:26 AM

    I actually really wanted to try it, but I’ve been SO BUSY I haven’t even been able to log on…I managed to hop on for about ten minutes, and was instantly discouraged. I didn’t see a single egg around Bloodhoof, PLUS there were campers. I didn’t understand how everything worked (oh, so I HAVE to equip the basket? ‘You’re in the wrong zone.’ What??) and I was frustrated and annoyed by the time I logged off.
    Honestly, considering how ‘easy’ it sounded, I would’ve loved to have had another title to show off, aside from ‘Jenkins.’ Truth is, if it’s THAT much trouble….meh, I’ll pass. =/
    Is that a *lobster* on your tabard…?

  6. 04/30/2009 at 9:38 AM

    I haven’t been bother to begin this holiday. I seems very annoying and frustrating. I must say the rabbits are fun! We had a killshot of Thorim with all rabbits! 🙂

  7. 7 Jack
    04/30/2009 at 10:11 AM

    I really liked it. Getting to each egg was its own mini race. Neat if you won, no big deal if you didn’t ’cause, hey look! another egg! Campers were mildly annoying simply because they cut off access to some of the eggs I wanted to race to . . . but I was doing it on a very low pop server (Dentarg) so there were plenty of non-camped egg spots and thus campers were only mildly annoying. I kind of even pitied them for missing out on all the racey fun. And had a great time trying to steal eggs out from under their noses.

    Plus, the holiday seemed to bring out the nice in some people. I mean, what reason would anyone possibly have to go hang out in Dalaran in a pretty dress? There are eggs to find! Rabbits to breed! Dinosaurs to dodge! And yet there were people who would hang out in the streets of Dalaran – just stand around dressed up all prettily merely so I could put on a tuxedo and /kiss them. Or sproing them.

    I showed up at Marshall’s Refuge just as a couple other Night Elves were riding off. “Hey, mind if I join you?”

    “Sure! Come on!”

    Not “I’ll sell you a charge from my wand” . . . no request for payment of any kind. Just, “Come along! This is fun!”

    After I got the title, I met a level 30-something Druid in Stormwind asking if anyone wanted to do Hard Boiled. The closest flight path she had was . . . well, Menethil Harbor, from which we could boat to Theramore Isle. And it was a long trek from there. But you know, just a few holidays ago, I was too low a level to reach some zones and it was kind of disappointing to only be able to participate to a certain point . . . here was my chance to help someone out in that same situation. We must have spent a half hour to 45 minutes in just travel time (and rez time after an unfortunate misunderstanding about how to enter Un’Goro, lol) getting to the hot springs, picking up flight paths, planting flowers (We decided to hit all the nearby deserts as long as we were there). And talking. About the game, druiding, glyphs, alts. It was fun.

    Kind of a reminder that the game is more than strategies and loots and best builds. It’s a social game. We’re playing with real people and some of them are worth meeting.

  8. 04/30/2009 at 10:57 AM

    Envy… 😐 I have opened more than 500 eggs and still no White Tuxedo Shirt… The only other achievement that is left is shaking my flowers at the various women folk of Azeroth. And guess which two are left… Yup that is right Tauren and Orc females. Cause when they are fully armored you cannot tell the difference. That is right I play Alliance. My first character is my Main. A male Draenei Holy Priest on the Arathor server. So if you see me about /wave. Good luck everyone with this holiday.

    The Wayward Priest

  9. 04/30/2009 at 1:24 PM

    @Jez: *Twitches. Runs off to double check on Wowhead. The distant sound of a single gunshot and then crows taking wing is all that can be heard*

    @Cady: Now that Jez has tipped me off, I see that you can prolly accomplish this in maybe 3 or 4 hours instead of my stupid retarded “I want pants dammit” marathon I had. I just wouldn’t recommend Bloodhoof, or whatever the lowbie Tauren town is called. The eggs are way too spread out. I recommend the lowbie town for BElves, a lot of eggs in close proximity. You just gotta be quick cause I know you’re on a high population server, but I think you should go for it. Cadistra the Noble sounds about right. But you only have till Saturday to get it done!

    @Jack: I’m glad to hear that. One thing I always say is that the game is what you make of it. I may have found it boring, but I didn’t have a friend along or really interact with other players other than my occasional glare of doom until I needed someone to come with me to Un’Goro. And kudos to you on helping a lower level char get their title.

    @Mconnif: I had to wait till we raided later last night in order to get the shake your bunny maker one. Luckily for me, one of our guild’s officers has a female orc DK as his char :D.

  10. 04/30/2009 at 2:27 PM

    Now wouldn’t it be neat if you could just ask them? M/F Or better yet “You mind taking off your armor so I can check which sex are ya”? Don’t think the Taurens would like that one much. “Bull or Cow”? As for the Orcs. . . 😎 ?? At least the Alliance (minus the Dwarves) you can tell the difference in the sexes. :-p

    The Wayward Priest

  11. 11 Isiene
    04/30/2009 at 3:10 PM

    I also had SO much trouble telling the tauren females apart from the males. At one point as a bunch of us were standing in Dalaran, trying to find the correct females, I caught myself analyzing the waist size of every Tauren that passed by.

    As for the title, I think I got it on the second day. Lesson that I learned: never, ever do an event on the very first day. (I knew this, but I just couldn’t help myself! I’m horrible at waiting!) My server is one of the most populated servers, and god, it was horrible. People were camping every single spawn, in every single village. I really don’t care about camping, but what happened was that the moment a new person comes, and tries to compete for those eggs, the campers scream, “STOP STEALING MY EGGS,” or “OCCUPIED, GTFO,” and even, “I waited hours for this camp spot. Wait in the !@#! line.”

    Oh, of course, and the obligatory, “N00B~!@#” insults.

    In the end, 20-30 people were able to participate at a time by camping, and the rest were screamed at, cursed at, and generally harassed until they left.

    It was one of the best examples of the worst types of human behavior in WoW. And I’m just as annoyed that Blizzard implemented an event that encourages this type of behavior. I was so disgusted with both people and the event that I just logged off.

    Disclaimer though: these things didn’t happen on the later days when I went back. After Monday night, everyone I encountered in the Noblegarden areas was generally mellow and pleasant.

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