Friday Strats – Ignis the Furnace Master

I burn people!  With my crotch!

I burn people! With my crotch!

Ah, Ignis, I feel like I hardly know you.  When Ulduar first hit, this guy was truly a monster boss.  He hit regularly for 35k, if you stood in his AoE damage for longer than 2 seconds, you were toast, he was bugged and would randomly one shot members of the raid, just an all around unpleasant encounter.  Even his trash wiped us twice.  However, thanks to recent nerfs, he’s quickly fallen into line and has become much much easier to deal with, though certainly not easy by any stretch of the imagination.  So let’s have a little look-see, shall we?

The Prep

For this fight you’ll need three tanks, one for Ignis and two to pick up adds that will spawn on the north and south side of the room from those columns of statues.  There are a couple of different strategies out there for positioning, but we found one that we prefer, so that’s the one that I’ll be covering.  Basically you want the entire raid to stack up in the middle of the giant room Ignis is in once you’ve cleared out his trash.  You’ll want at least two healers dedicated to the tank and though Ignis doesn’t hit hard anymore, he does hit faster and will start to gain damage buffs, so they need to be prepared for quick, occasional spike damage on the tank.  You’ll also need at least one healer dedicated to the off tanks as well and one on “pot duty” (you’ll find out).  Once you have assignments ready to go, just buff up and pull.  Ignis has a very small aggro radius so you’ll want a misdirect pull or a range ability to pull him.

The Fight

Ignis has three main abilities that you must be prepared for.  The one that tanks need to be aware of is called Scorch wherein Ignis will burn everyone in front of him with a cone of fire damage that deals up to 4,250 damage and leaves behind an AoE fire effect.  Because of this, tanks will have to face Ignis away from the raid.  What we usually did was have the tank pull him just SW of the raid group to start, pointed away from everyone.  When Ignis hit with Scorch, the tank would then move him to just NW of the raid, then NE, then SE, rinse, repeat.  This clockwise placement of the scorches allowed the ranged to pretty much stand still while the tanks and melee do all the legwork.  My kind of fight.

His other main ability is called Flame Jets which he’ll cast randomly, so be on the lookout for it.  Basically what this ability does is throw the entire raid in the air, dealing up to 9,500 fire damage initially and leave behind a DoT doing 2,000 fire damage every second for 8 seconds.  The catch here is that if you are casting when he finishes casting Flame Jets, you’ll be locked out of your spell school.  this used to be an 8 second silence, but they reduced the duration and I’m not sure what the new total length is.  Either way, this can spell disaster if you’re a healer, so make sure to look for that.  I recommend only casting instants after the warning (which is on the default UI) goes up to ensure you don’t get silenced.  This effect is resistible.

His final ability is the Slag Pot, or, as it’s come to be affectionately known as, The Vibrating Crotch Pot.  You see that load he’s carrying in his britches up there in the pic?  Well, that is not a friendly pot of goodies, my friend, oh no.  What happens is that he’ll grab a random raid member and toss him in the ol’ pain pocket there which will then burn whomever is in the pot for 7,500 fire damage per second for ten seconds.  While you’re in the slag pot you can still do everything except move, so healers can heal themselves and others and other people can sue defensive cooldowns.  When that’s done, the person will drop straight out and will then gain a 150% haste for 10 seconds.  With proper fire resist buffs, this damage shouldn’t be too severe, but you will need someone on pot duty (told you).

Now another thing that people must be aware of is that he will also occasionally summon an add from one of the statues lining the north and south sides of the room.  When this happens, one of the off tanks will have to pick it up as quickly as possible and drag it over to an AoE Scorch, holding it in the fire until it gathers ten stacks of a fire debuff, causing it to become molten.  Any help from the raid is useful such as a root or the ice chains that DKs use which will allow the tank to gather other constructs if necessary while the one in the flames takes debuff stacks.  

Once the mob becomes molten, the tank needs to drag it over to one of the pools of water in the centered on the north and south walls of the room.  When the mob is molten, it does AoE damage, so the tank must be careful what route they take to the water.  After they hit the water, they will gain a debuff called brittle which will cause them to die if they take a single shot of 5k or higher.  We usually assigned our doomkin to do this damage.  Keep in mind that while each of these mobs are alive, Ignis gets a stacking damage buff for each one that raises his output by 15%.  If they take too long to die and too many of them show up, eventually Ignis will overwhelm the MT and your raid will wipe, so they must be dealt with quickly.

That’s the strategy pretty much.  Keep in mind that this will cause Ignis to occasionally walk through the group when you’re transitioning from west to east or vice versa, so the ranged need to slightly adjust every once in a while.  However, you can pretty much be goosing him and you’ll be fine, the main idea is that as a ranged you want to avoid the scorch damage as much as possible, so don’t stand anywhere near to in front of him.  Other than that, it’s a pretty easy fight with the most pressure being on the tanks who have to be quick on their feet.  They will occasionally range the assigned healer when picking up new mobs, but they shouldn’t be oor for too long, so don’t panic.

The Vid

An officer in our guild made a strats vid of our 10 man Ignis from last week, so I’ll post it here to give you all a better idea of the positioning I’m talking about in this post:

If you want to download the original avi which is a much better quality, you can do so from filefront right here.  It’s a .rar file.

The Loot

Still including 10 man loot here.

10 Man

Igniter Rod – Pretty much the only caster item he drops in ten man, this is a worthwhile off hand for both Holy and Shadow Priests.  Disc priests have a few better options, but don’t be afraid to pick this puppy up.

25 Man

Soot-Covered Mantle – This is a fantastic piece of hit gear for Shadow Priests who I suspect will have stiff competition for them.

Pyrelight Circle – Possibly one of the BiS for a Discipline Priest, even as Holy, I would be tempted to pick this one up, though with no mp5 or spirit, it is slightly sketchy.  Shadow priests should be all over this.

Intensity – One of the better hit bonus staves in the game, Shadow should definitely try to pick this up if it drops.

Scepter of Creation – This is one of the best wands in the game for a Holy Priest and I imagine in the top three for Shadow.  Disc can find better options without spirit on it.  Dueg approved.

And there you go.  The fight is pretty simple and straightforward as long as your raid force is alert and can counteract the occasional incoming spike damage, but due to the recent nerfs this guy is something of a pussycat.  Come back next week when we’ll take a look at the Loo-, er, Flame Leviathan!



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  1. 1 IniminUnfy
    05/01/2009 at 7:17 PM

    Sup woo publicity. You changed the song, but you didn’t change the song listed at the very end. :>

  2. 05/01/2009 at 7:45 PM

    Yeah, youtube made me change it. I basically chose the first halfway decent song that matched the length of the video. But they can’t take away your words, my friend, they can’t take away your freedom!

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