OMG, Star Trek Rocks

Pictured: Something that rocks

Pictured: Something that rocks

Heya everyone!  Sorry that I didn’t make my promised RP post today, but I have been out of the house since about 10 this morning, and am actually posting this from my brother’s house right now.  You see, we went to Mrs Dueg’s family’s house this morning for Mother’s Day breakfast, at which my point my brother called me to see if we wanted to go see the new Star Trek movie.  Being the huge Trek fan that I am, I immediately accepted.

My brother actually lives close by Mrs. Dueg’s family’s house, so we just went straight over there, had a couple of beers, hung out and went to see an afternoon matinee.  I was blown away.  If you’re a fan of the original series, hell, of Star Trek in any incarnation, you owe it to yourself to go see this movie.  It is very smartly written and it does the one thing that I want most from a reboot, which is that it just feels like the original.  We immediately came back to my bro’s house and spent a couple hours talking about how awesome the movie was.

Now we’ve got a pizza on the way and some hardcore Sorry board game action seems to be brewing, so it seems like the blog will have to take a back seat for today.  I know, right after my 100th post and everything.  How embarrassing.  But, as they say, shit happens.  Don’t worry, I will make it up to you soon somehow, possibly with a double post one day.  Till then, live long and prosper, gentle jerkwads.



2 Responses to “OMG, Star Trek Rocks”

  1. 05/10/2009 at 10:59 PM

    Yeeeeees that movie was win.

  2. 2 Scrat!
    05/11/2009 at 6:58 PM

    i hate that you’ve seen this and i haven’t

    i hope you warp 10 into a sun.

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