Monday RP – A Chill

So since real life got in the way and I wasn’t able to make n RP post yesterday, I decided to make one today.  For anyone expecting a usual post, sorry about that, but I do enjoy the RP aspect of the game and I had this idea all ready to go, so I figured what the hell.  Don’t worry, I’ll get back to business as usual tomorrow.  Till then, please enjoy the newest chapter:

A Chill

The wind whistled past Dueg’s ears, carrying his hair up over his head as he fell further and further into the darkened ravine.  His three companions were still yards above him, descending slowly after Dueg had placed a levitate spell upon them, but he wished to enjoy this sensation a little longer.  The exhilaration of the descent always made his heart soar with wonder at the fragility of existence.  The idea that this could end with his demise, but that a simple cantrip learned as an initiate in the order would stop that.  A smile played across his lips.

He watched below him as the abomination who had cause the destruction of their bridge crashed into the swiftly flowing river and then get clubbed by the hollowed out log.  A moment after both were, gone, the swiftly flowing current drawing them under the surface and shuffling them to what would likely be their final destination.  Dueg nodded with satisfaction and flipped around once more before raising a hand to his chest to focus his prayer.  Levitate, he whispered gently, feeling the buoyancy of the light flow through his soul, slowing his fall.

Gently he floated down till he stood a yard or so above the churning surface of the water.  He looked up, seeing that the three other members of his party would take a few more minutes still to arrive.  Taking stock of the situation, Dueg pulled the small cloth map of Northrend from his pack and began examining the blighted area they had just fallen from, attempting to discern their present location.  He was still floating there quietly when Reyk landed next to him.

“So, where are we then?”  Reyk gently floated over to peer at the map Dueg was holding as Scrat and Noxt made it to the river’s surface next to them.

“We stand a few kilometer’s north of where this river branches into the foothills of the mountain chain where the Forsaken Oracle is supposedly hiding.  If we start moving now we shouldn’t lose more than a few hours in our journey.”

The four nodded and began to move, floating over the water as the made their way along the channel and keeping their eyes pointed to the chasm walls in case of ambush or attack.  After an hour of almost no movement along the walls except for the occasional bird, Noxt once more began to lapse into conversation speaking of his past missions of infiltration against the Alliance.  After another hour, even he grew quiet, the crashing sound of the water flowing against the sides of the chasm once more becoming the only noise.  Time flowed slowly as the four simply floated along until finally the sound of crashing water began to grow louder.

They soon came to the branch off of the river, moving onto a large island formed from one of the final foothills of the Grizzly Hills area.  They moved off the shoreline, scouting a small portion of the island wherein they soon made camp, having lost most of the night and part of the morning to their forced march from Naxxramas’ curse fields.  After casting a few simple wards and downing some dried biscuits and water, the four retired to their tents for a few hour’s sleep with Noxt set to guard duty.  Dueg awoke about an hour later.

The first thing he noticed was his breath, visible in the suddenly chilled air.  The temperature was easily twenty degrees cooler than when he had gone to sleep earlier.  It was then that he noticed his bedroll had a very light layer of frost over it as well.  Quietly he slipped out from the blankets, sure now that this was not a natural cold.  He noted that there was now darkness outside, sure that he hadn’t slept so long for the sun to completely pass through below the horizon.  He gently leaned forward, pulling back the tent flap in order to peer out into the center of the tents, noticing Noxt sitting in the middle of them, staring blindly forward.

“Noxt, certainly you must notice this temperature change,” whispered Dueg, “why did you not awaken us?”

The undead mage simply sat in silence, staring forward at the dense forest.  Dueg felt sure something was wrong.  “Noxt, answer me.”

Reyk’s tent flap was drawn back now and Dueg could hear shuffling from Scrat’s as well.  Noxt continued to sit in silence, still as stone and unresponsive.  Dueg slipped from his tent slowly, his eyes scanning the trunks around him for any sign of movement in the suddenly murky and shadowed forest.  Reyk, sword in hand, came out from his tent, looking to the forest as well.  He had only been able to don a light mail shirt breeches however, wanting to be ready for anything sooner than his plate would allow.  Before a few moments longer, Scrat was also emerging from his tent, moving to the silent mage waving a hand in front if his eyes.

“The grave calls you home, Duegathalas…” came a deep, deathly voice, “twice you have escaped it’s chilling embrace.  I can read it on your soul…”

“‘Dis be no good mojo, mon,” whispered Scrat gripping his mace tightly as he stood, joining the other two in scanning the trees.

“Who are you, spirit, that you would address us and incapacitate our friend?” Dueg called, calling his defensive spells to mind and holding his staff in a guarded position in front of him.

“He is your new master!” yelled Noxt suddenly as he dived forward, yanking Reyk’s sword from his hand and kicking out, throwing Dueg to the ground with a well placed strike to the back of his knee.  As Dueg tumbled, Scrat dodged back, crouching defensively and beginning to whisper words of voodoo.  Dueg rolled aside to dodge a slash aimed wildly for his chest as Reyk moved within Noxt’s arm range, darting in and drawing him into a headlock, trying to make him drop the sword.  The decrepit mage reached up, grabbing at the rings of Reyk’s armor, taking a fistful and calling out an arcane word.

Reyk was forced to dance back as Noxt’s hand began to glow with fiery heat, causing the mail to become superheated, burning into Reyk’s chest.  Meanwhile, Scrat had finally finished his spell and in that moment, Noxt disappeared in a small puff of smoke.  Standing in his place was a large, rather displeased looking toad.  However, in that moment, Dueg had seen what needed to see, his trained eyes picking out the subtle tendril of magic weaving it’s way into the mage’s brain.  He reached down, picking up the transformed mage and waved his hand through the arcane weave, whispering a rayer to the light to break the magical hold.  The frog immediately slumped, it’s eyes closing as the trauma of the invasion caught up to it’s mind.  As Dueg placed it on the ground, it transformed back into the form of the mage, though he remained unconscious, spread out on the ground.

“You have broken my toy,” came the voice once more, a shape beginning to resolve itself from the gloom.  Black, rotting robes hung from a gently floating form, it’s hands hidden in the folds of it’s sleeves.  A dark cowl completely encased the face of their attacker in darkness as it moved forward, the chill intensifying with it’s proximity.  “You will pay for that.  Once I have destroyed you fools, I will make your bones dance for my amusement.  And once I grow tired of that I will raise you to foot soldiers in the glorious Lich King’s army.  A fate better than what you deserve, wretches, but I am feeling generous today.”  The lich pulled back it’s dark cowl to reveal a bleached skull with burning eye sockets.  “Come then, let us play.”



2 Responses to “Monday RP – A Chill”

  1. 05/11/2009 at 2:19 PM

    Ur oh… *waits axiously to see what comes next*

  2. 2 Anea
    05/12/2009 at 5:08 AM

    The word for this is “cliffhanger”.

    *waits in suspense for next installment*

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