Friday Strats – XT-002 Deconstructor

For a robot, this guy's kind of a baby

For a robot, this guy's kind of a baby

So with steam tanks brushed aside, dragons grounded and furnaces extinguished, we come to the final baddie of the first area of Ulduar.  XT’s fight is a fairly straightforward one that will test raider awareness and prove healer’s mettle.  There is occasional, unavoidable raid wide damage mixed in with the random AoE damage centered on individual players.  Everyone will need to be quick on their toes and bring their A-game, but once you understand the fight, he becomes surprisingly easy.  So let’s take a look, shall we?

The Prep

You’ll want to split up your healers evenly on the east and west side of the room then split up the dps as well.  It doesn’t matter how you set them up, it’s more a case of wanting to spread everyone out, but making sure they’re covered by heals.  Once you have them separated, you’ll need to assign one MT for the boss and two OTs in order to pick up adds during the heart phases.  All melee will need to rush up the middle and try to stay a little spread out behind the boss who will have a well sized hit box.  Players on the sides should also make sure to spread out and not clump up, aiming to spread out about 10 yards from each other.  Once everyone is sure of their positions, simply buff up and go.

The Fight

The tank will want to engage him in about the center of the room and bring him close to the stairs, facing him away from the entrance to the room.  The first part of the fight is pretty much a straightforward tank and spank except for the occasional bomb that XT will throw out.  He has two types, which he’ll toss out randomly.  One is a Light Bomb which deals 3,500 damage a second to both the target and anyone in an 8 yard radius around them.  He also has a Gravit bomb, which will explode for around 15,000 damage on the target and in a radius around them as well.  It will also yank anyone in a 20 yard radius to the point of the explosion, interrupting casting and dealing damage if you’re too close.

These bombs are the reason why you have to be quick and alert, making sure not to deal damage to anyone around you.  If you’re ranged, you need to move a little closer to the wall, but don’t take off running too far or you’ll range the healers.  The melee should simply pull off a little ways back down the middle which should be clear.  Again, don’t move too far for light bombs, the range isn’t huge and they only last for a few seconds.  After about a minute and every minute after that, he will also cast Tympanic Tantrum, which is where your healers will really need to shine.  While he’s casting that, everyone in the raid will take 10% damage every second for 8 seconds.  All enemies will be dazed though so you can focus on keeping everyone up, but you have to be quick and use your most powerful heals.  I’ll usually pop Divine Hymn during one of these.

At 75%, 50% and 25% health, he’ll enter his heart phase for exactly 20 seconds, wherein he’ll stop attacking and his mechanical heart will pop out of his chest, allowing you to dps it.  All people should open up and go crazy, dealing as much damage as they can.  However, you do not want to kill the heart (which isn’t a simple task for 25 man anyways), as doing so will cause the fight to enter hard mode, which you must definitely be ready for before attempting.  The way this phase works is that however much percentage of total health you deal to the heart is returned to the boss’ next 25% of health when it’s retracted.  However, you don’t want to deal too much damage or you risk the heart going from one heart phase to the next very quickly.  This is bad because while in heart phase, he begins to summon adds.

He’ll summon three different types of adds: XS-013 Scrapbots, XE-321 Boombots, and XM-024 Pummelers.  The most important ones are the Scrapbots and the Boombots, the Pummelers can simply be picked up and off tanked until the end of the fight with minimal damage to the tank himself.  The Scrapbots will need to be AoE’d down as quickly as possible in order to keep them from reaching the boss.  Every Scrapbot that reaches him will heal him by 60,000 damage and they will not stop running for him, so you have to be on the ball.  The Boombots will explode for 16,000 fire damage when they reach 50% life, so you need to have range blow them up before they get too close to the raid.  They hit NPCs with the explosion as well, so if you can get them to explode in a group of scrapbots, good on ya.

Try to focus dps on him during the heart phase, even having the healers help out where they can, but don’t let Scrapbots get too close to him either.  So make sure to call out when they appear in order to give dps a chance to find them and focus on them.  Same deal with Boombots because you don’t want them to get too close and blow up in the middle of the melee dps.  As for healing, it won’t be too difficult except for the Lightbombed and occasional Gravity Bomb explosions.  However, you’ll need to be ready for raid wide burst damage during tantrum and watch for anyone too close to a Boombot explosion.  This fight shouldn’t stress a decently geared healing team.

The Loot

I’ve decided that I’m simply going to keep the 10 man and 25 man loot analyses even though the strats are for 25 man.  The fights are so similar that you can still get the idea of how to do it from these strats and, at the moment especially, 10 man Ulduar loot is definitely viable for it’s 25 man counterpart.

10 Man

Conductive Cord – This is almost as good as the BiS pre 3.1, Leash of Heedless Magic.  The high stats make this good for all three specs.

Plasma Foil – This is something that is so very rare, a sweet healing dagger.  There are better one hander choices for disc and shadow, but holy might want to take a look at this bad boy coupled with Igniter Rod from Ignis for a very nice 1-2 punch.

25 Man

Mantle of Wavering Calm – This is an awesome shadow choice but somewhat meh for disc and holy unless you are of the haste>crit philosophy (which I am not).  If you are a haste hound though, these are the shoulders for you.

Sandles of Rash Temperament – These are extremely sweet shadow boots.  The hit makes them useless for healers unless you desperately need the upgrade.

Quartz Crystal Wand – This has shadow priest written all over it.  Healers should definitely leave it alone.

Charm of Meticulous Timing – Drops from hard mode, this is almost definitely going to be BiS for Disc and a very attractive upgrade for Shadow.  There is a better spirit necklace out there for holy, but it’s also a hard mode drop, so go for this if you have a chance.

Grasps of Reason – Definite contender if not winner for new BiS, pick these guys up if you ever see them, which may not be too often as this is hard mode loot.

So there you go, next week we’ll move further in and begin the fight for the Antechamber of Ulduar.



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