Why Wands Win

Pictured: Your typical super cool wand user

Pictured: Your typical super cool wand user

I’ve decided to do something you won’t see too often around here, hell, almost anywhere on the net.  After much debate and looking at the different options, I have decided that the time has come to give Blizzard some credit, time to actually say thank you.  For what, you might ask?  Well, I’ll tell you, because otherwise my post would be over by now.  So it is with much gratitude and love in my heart that I say, Blizzard, thanks for giving me a wand.

Quite frankly, I love wands.  I think they’re the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas and any other sixties nonsensical references you can think of.  They’re the ultimate ranged weapon for the caster and Blizzard is one of the very few games that recognized that and actually placed them in the game as a viable option.  They add a touch of fantasy to what is a comparably light fantasy game, but more than that, they add a great touch to all the caster classes.  Whether Warlock, Mage or Priest, we can all certainly appreciate the wonder that is your standard wand.

However, I was not always part of this camp of wand lovers.  I used to consider them mostly useless, emergency only tools that you would use while waiting for mana to come back so you can kill whatever is whomping on you.  I never used to more attention to what was in my wand slot other than to see what kind of stats it had.  I would then promptly forget it was there, allowing it to lapse into forgetfulness and sit there unused as it wasted away in the mystery spot on my back where I apparently store my wands.  But then came a revelation.

You see, as I’ve said before, I wanted Dueg to level up as a disc priest, so I completely eschewed all other trees figuring I was doing most of my leveling in dungeons.  However, I did do at least a third of my leveling “in the field” as it were, and though I had survivability as a disc priest, my damage output was total crap and I ran out of mana very quickly, causing my costs and downtime to go up as I was drinking quite often.  I was like those people in the commercials, standing in the middle of the Plaguelands shouting, “There’s got to be a better way!”

There is, gentle jerkwads!  You see, out of the three caster classes who use wands, priests are the only one that has a tangible, time saving benefit from making a wand kill.  Some people prefer to burn their mobs down to around 5% and just open up with the wand in order to save mana, no use wasting it on an overkill shot.  However, a priest who’s specced into Spirit Tap (and really, any leveling priest, regardless of spec, should be specced into it), benefits twice as much.  You see by busting out your wand and using that to down the mobs, you give your character a chance to slip out of the 5 second rule before you kill the mob.  Once it dies, you’ll proc Spirit Tap, which doubles your spirit total giving you a huge mana regen boost, meaning you’ll almost never have to sit again, even with chain pulling.

This method isn’t only viable with a wand, of course, but wands are our only weapons which will do good and fast dps, making it an awesome candidate for this.  Of course, it’s not just the utility of the wand that makes it such a great ranged weapon and my personal favorite.  In the beginning, they’re rather lame looking, but as you progress in levels, especially past 40 or so, they really start to become a lot cooler looking.  Then, once you get to the 80’s, the new epic wands really start to outdo themselves with the latest ones from Ulduar looking more like scepters.  Power Scepters!

But beyond simple form and function, which are both win for wands, there’s also the fact that a wand is a sorcerer’s staple for any fantasy genre.  One of the things that drew me to the priest class in WoW is that they aren’t your typical cleric that you usually see in other mmo’s.  They’re a caster class, except instead of casting destructive spells like fireballs and blizzards, they cast restorative spells.  It’s like playing a wizard, only I drop healing nukes.  The wand reinforces this feeling for me, makes me love my priest more.  It just feels right for the class.  So now I ask you, wandys and wandy wannabes, what do you think?  Are wands the beat-all end-all shit of ranged weapons?  Or maybe you’d prefer a nice bow and arrow, you weirdo?



1 Response to “Why Wands Win”

  1. 05/21/2009 at 12:35 PM

    Priests with guns? That’s a scarily awesome thought?

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