The Sunday Cop-out, Wherein Dueg Recruits a Tart

So lately our leadership has been bemoaning the fact that though our healing team rocks the casbah we’re also somewhat incomplete.  We have myself, holy priest extraordinaire, two tree druids, a resto shaman and a holy pally with a part time resto shammie and tree druid.  However, in spite of this totally ass kicking team (and we do kick ass), we’ve always been missing that little bit of mitigation that comes with having a disc priest along for the ride.

Oh, we had a couple of pretenders, one who was too casual and another who couldn’t seem to live for longer than twenty seconds on a boss fight, but no real contenders.  I don’t think I’ve raided with a disc priest other than my little experiment with the spec more than three or four times since I started doing such crazy things.  We’ve all agreed that we need one though, a good one who will be there for raids and knows how to play the class.  But, alas, we were discless.

Then, the stars aligned and a little bird tweeted me, letting me know of a possibility.  Off in the far reaches of Dunemaul server, a little box had been shipped off from her previous guild and told not to return.  Unfettered and roaming, she was looking for a new place to call home, a new guild to welcome her.  Well, I spoke with our leadership, who’s exact words were “DO IT NAO” regarding having her app to the guild.  So she did, and she was accepted and lo, there was much rejoicing.

And so, I now introduce to you, the newest member of <NEED A DISPENSER HERE>, ladies and gentlemen, Tartshapdbox:TartUnfortunately, I’m a schmoe and when I actually saw her in game the other day forgot to take any screenshots, so I had to use one from her site, but I assure you, she looks the same.  Anyways, all I have to say is welcome to Darkspear, Tart, I’m sure you’re going to rock as our newest member, and I’ll see you tomorrow night for a little Ulduar 25 man action!



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