The Many Faces of Dueg

I have a problem.  I can’t stop making priests.  I don’t know why but on almost every server that I’ve made a character on, there will be a priest somewhere.  I’m not sure how, but eventually I click on that little icon of a staff, feeling the righteous power of the holy light filling my virtual limbs with power!  It’s quite exhilarating.  The reason I’m bringing this up, however, is that sometimes I like to do some priestly nostalgia waxing (that’s not a euphemism) and since you are reading my blog, you get to come along to!  So let’s have a peak at the many faces of Dueg.

Duegan, Dwarf, Level 66

The tip of the top, The cream of the crop

The tip of the top, The cream of the crop

Duegan is my original homie, made the first time I was able to afford an apartment and the internet at the same time.  I spent a lot of time exploring Azeroth back when it was still new with this guy.  I never got to end game with him though, something I still regret.  Got him to level 58 and then quit the game for a few years.  When I came back I tried to pick him up again, but some friends had rolled horde, so I left him to grow moldy on my old server.  I still log on him every once in a while, just for kicks.  However, I had abandoned him once before, in order to create…

Dueg, Night Elf, level 27

I'm purple!  PURPLE!!1!

I'm purple! PURPLE!!1!

So I had joined this guild, right?  And my original server was extremely full of people and a majority of people decided to reroll on one of the less populated servers.  So I decided to go with them because I was having a fun time running instances and doing quests with them.  So we get there, I roll this joker cause I decided I wanted to try a new race and start leveling.  Once I get to level 25 or so, half of the guild up and quits and the other half join different guilds.  Since that day Dueg has sat lonely and forgotten.  I have logged on him once in order to check something in Stormwind and that’s it.  But before I went straight back to Duegan, there was…

Vendonde, Undead, Level 5

I'm usually much more intimidating than this

I'm usually much more intimidating than this

This guy was my first experiment with playing Horde.  I made him because I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to Alliance.  He was supposed to be a holy priest because I had taken a liking to healing while I was playing Night Elf Dueg.  However, I took up a warlock instead and played on that character for a while, so I never really leveled this priest.  I find him important though because he was the first indication I really enjoyed healing.  Eventually I went back to Duegan though because I wanted to get to level 60 sooner rather than later, and he was the closest.  But as I said, quit, came back, played Duegan for a bit, then went Horde, and so came to pass…

Duegathalas, Blood Elf, level 80



Ah yes, the Blood Elf you all know and love to worship.  I actually made this character because my buddies Scrat and Reyk were playing on horde side and I was tired of not really meeting people on Duegan.  So Duegathalas was born.  His name is actually a joke because I didn’t mean to play him  really.  He was also supposed to be the last time I used to the name Dueg on a new character.  Oh, silly me.  Duegathalas is my only end game character right now, though I have considered trying to level one of my other priests to 80 on alliance side.  This guy also cemented the priest class as my class, the one I know and love with all my burning desire.  But he was not my last priest, oh no, next up we have…

Deston, Human, Level 7

This is how intimidating I usually am

This is how intimidating I usually am

This guy was a failed experiment into the RP servers to check it out and see how the community was on WoW.  I didn’t get very far.  I think you really have to know people and it’s probably not too easy to just find spontaneous roleplay.  I tried a variety of characters, but, of course, this was my first attempt.  I think I made the face a little too creepy anyways.  Plus I was never too serious about RP, so eventually I abandoned that idea.  Fun Fact: Ignat from the Saturday RP is actually on this guy’s server.  If I had had better naming thoughts going on at the time, I would’ve named this guy Finegal.  Finally, there’s…

Dueg, Human, level 31

I wanna new Dueg, one that won't try to bite

I wanna new Dueg, one that won't try to bite

I made this guy in order to bother Amber with an eye at maybe eventually leveling him up to end game.  He’s fun every once in a while, but I’ve had the same issue that I get with almost every alt I start with a serious eye to leveling.  I already have an end game character that I enjoy playing.  Though I like playing on Dueg over there, I’m just not feeling leveling all over again.  I have considered transferring Duegan over to her server as I would probably play him more if I had someone to play with.  Maybe going back to the o-g dorf wouldn’t be such a bad thing.  I even have the PvP title Sergeant Duegan, which I think sounds cool.  If only dwarf priests were still the best priest race to have.

Either way though, I think I might need some serious help.  Maybe I should roll another character to calm my nerves, I haven’t made a Draenei priest yet…



5 Responses to “The Many Faces of Dueg”

  1. 06/18/2009 at 12:06 PM

    SPACE GOAT. do it. Amber will love you forever.

    and you know goats are the only acceptable alliance. 😛

    and on an unrelated note. Guild is formed. We has tabbard. No pickle though.

  2. 06/18/2009 at 12:58 PM

    I was certain I was going to see a Duegiehowser in there.

  3. 3 Anea
    06/19/2009 at 2:24 AM

    And I was torturing myself over wanting another rogue OR another priest…

  4. 4 Scrat!
    06/19/2009 at 12:16 PM


    that instantly made me want to play alliance… filthy filthy alliance.

  5. 06/22/2009 at 8:38 AM

    See…I have this mage? She’s only 56…almost 57…
    Or this DK? Who is 61? Both are totally dying for leveling partners.

    That or I can catch Icestone herself up to humanDueg. Maybe. God I hate soloing shamans.

    But we KNOW that I am totally biased towards drae priests…

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