Saturday RP – Of Elves

Dueg’s eyes blurred slightly as exhaustion began to creep up on him.  He had been tending Scrat for a full 7 hours now, constantly making sure that he was healing the damage done by the poison before it could insinuate itself into the troll’s system too much.  It had been tiring work, but the poison had finally begun to abate and Scrat’s tossing and moaning had begun to lessen.  Dueg nodded with satisfaction, knowing that the troll would survive this ordeal thanks in part to his extraordinary regeneration abilities and Dueg’s ministrations.

He reached down and allowed the light’s holy power to flow through him, once more healing the damage that Scrat’s organs were taking, letting them regenerate back to full only for the poison to once more attempt to eat at them.  Though he knew it was painful, Dueg also knew that anything less and this fast acting poison would eat away at Scrat from the inside out until even his system couldn’t take the damage anymore.  Dueg sighed and leaned back, knowing that Scrat would be good for a while now that the poison was being worked from his system, but also knowing that the troll was not out of the woods just yet.

Dueg shivered slightly in the cold mountain air, drawing his cape up around him for the little warmth it gave whole checking the paths along which they had come and along which the alliance who had poisoned Scrat had retreated.  Because he had to be awake in order to keep Scrat alive, he had been nominated to take the watch as his other two companions took their rest.  Reyk was asleep in his bedroll a few paces from Dueg and Scrat, his sword within easy reach.  Noxt, no longer in need of sleep thanks to his state of undeath, had gone on a scouting mission to attempt to find their goal.  Cloaked in invisibility, he had crept out of their makeshift camp a few hours ago.

A soft sigh suddenly came to Dueg’s keen ears, followed by a gentle voice, “Poison dagger.  That must have been Finegal’s idea though I’m sure the blade was meant for your back and not the troll’s.”

Dueg looked up in the direction of the voice, unaware the sleep had slowly been creeping up on him, allowing his senses to dull.  Sitting on the ledge with her back to him was the Night Elf woman who had allowed him his freedom when they had made their escape from the alliance camp.  Her form seemed silhouetted in the moonlight, outlining both the feminine curves of her waist and the keen edged blade that sat within inches of her splayed fingers as she leaned back, looking up into the face of the brightly lit moon.  Looking over to Reyk, he saw a small dart jutting from his form.  Though he still breathed, Dueg was sure that he would be incapacitated for the time being.  Dueg’s hand crept towards his wand, the only weapon at hand in case he needed to strike quickly.

“You did not give me much of a hunt, Sin’dorei Duegathalas, I am disappointed.  I had hoped that an elf would prove more resourceful than this.  Elune shines brightly tonight, doesn’t she?”

Dueg slowly began to draw his wand when he heard a low, quiet growl coming from above him.  Looking up, he saw the Night Elf’s saber toothed companion staring down at him from the ridge above, watching him intently.  He left his wand where it sat and looked back to the Night Elf.

“Your friends were the ones who slowed us here, forcing us to delay our journey.  Had they not, we may have already found our destination and been on our way.”

“Perhaps,” she replied, “or perhaps not.  The fate Elune weaves for us is as fickle as any other.  But that is no longer relevant.  I have found you and now the question is not one of how to catch a Sin’dorei, but what to do with one.”

“And what will that be, alliance flunkey?”  Dueg felt his ire beginning to rise, “Will you murder us here on this ridge while your goddess watches?  You’ll have to, you know.  Reyk won’t go quietly and to move the troll would mean death for him for at least a few more hours.  Will you condemn us all so you can declare your hunt complete?”

Ter’vona suddenly pushed up, her legs swiveling over her head as she launched herself backwards and spun, landing smoothly in a kneeling motion in front of Dueg.  Her short sword was at his throat as she pressed in, those violet eyes once more giving the impression that they were examining what lay beneath Dueg’s skin as much as they were what was above it.

“Perhaps I should, Sin’dorei Duegathalas.  Perhaps I should add yet another martyr to the string of dead that represent the lost legacy of the immortal elves, because in the end it doesn’t matter.   For centuries I have lived and only now do I see the folly of a life taken for granted as you do yours.  An elf’s life is sacred, much more than any of the other races, for it was meant to be ever lasting.  And you would throw yours away for the sake of a pretty speech.”

She sighed and stood, sliding the sword once more into it’s sheath and turning, looking down into the ravine.  “The cave of the Forsaken Oracle is at the bottom of this ravine.  The entrance is covered by a landslide, but you can still find it if you know what to look for and I trust your undead friend might.  He’s full of surprises, that one.”  She turned once more to look at Dueg, still sitting against the side of the mountain.  “So long, Sin’dorei Duegathalas, I hope that next time you give me better sport when I come searching for you.”

She turned and suddenly hopped off the lip of the cliff, disappearing from sight.  Dueg scrambled to the edge, peering over and seeing her lightly sprinting away along a small jutting path about twenty feet below him.  She turned once more and winked at him, then bowed and ran off around the corner, the only sign of her ever having been there was the small crease on Dueg’s throat where her blade had gently kissed it.


5 Responses to “Saturday RP – Of Elves”

  1. 06/20/2009 at 12:53 PM

    She’s a real keeper that one.


  2. 06/20/2009 at 12:53 PM

    Oh wow, what tension. Ter’vona is beginning to become a very interesting character. 😮

  3. 06/20/2009 at 2:01 PM

    It is quite obviously true love. I look forward to when they get together, but don’t want to have it happen too quickly. 😀

  4. 4 Anea
    06/24/2009 at 9:17 AM

    @Klinderas & Ecgric – I hadn’t even thought of that!

    /ponder recent developments

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