So I hear Blizzard might be making an Expansion

Did you miss me?  Due to an unforeseen graphics card “issue” I have been knocked out of commission for the last week or so.  However, even before that I was feeling the effects of burnout and dropping from an effectual, regular raiding guild to a small, struggling one didn’t help.  But after a week and a half break from all things WoW or computer related in general, I’ve finally installed a new card delivered just yesterday and am back in the blogging business.  First thing I did though was check up on the news, and boy, did I miss a big story over at mmo-champion.

In case you’ve been living sans computer like me, the rigamaroo going around right now is that the next expansion will be World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, will give us two new races and will involve a major revamping of the old world.  Oh, and the two new races involved are a faction of goblins who finally realize what side their bread is buttered on and join the Horde, and the people of Gilneas who have now been cursed as Worgens and will seek aid from the Alliance, which isn’t too bright on their part.  It will also involve a restructuring of class/race combinations, allowing some races access to new classes and apparently completing the set for humans.

There is a caveat to this though: This is a leak from a reliable source and has not been confirmed by Blizzard who will be making an announcement at the fast approaching Blizzcon.  Fact is, no matter how reliable your source is, I don’t think that this is 100% accurate because some of it is a little… out there.  I truly believe that this is a marketing ploy by Blizzard in order to drum up excitement and get more people paying attention to the goings on of Blizzcon.  Either way though, I do believe that most of it is true, starting with the races.

If you think about it, the new races make sense from both a lore and game perspective.  They’re goblins were always part of the Horde and now a faction has come to roost.  However, I truly and sincerely hope that the lore behind their shift is not what MMO-Champion is suggesting.  Oh, Thrall, the leader of the Horde got captured by Alliance and was rescued by a bunch of goblins so he offers them a place in the Horde, you say?  So convenient and dumb, that it’s just a terrible plot hook.  It seems far more realistic that when Deathwing enslaves the goblins, instead of this roundabout, the faction that runs away simply asks the Horde if it can return for protection and Thrall, seeing the obvious benefits of having so inventive a race on your side, accepts.

Then there’s the Worgen, the race that I will be playing from now on.  Werewolves = cool in the Dueg household.  I actually cut my tabletop RP teeth on White Wolf’s Werewolf: the Apocalypse, so I’m all about it.  too bad they’re smelly old Alliance.  Now the background on Worgen are that they are inter-dimensional beasts that have only murder and mayhem on their minds.  It has been established that there is a curse developed by a warlock which can turn normal humans into Worgen, which I suppose makes them Wereworgens and not werewolves.  But I digress.

Now if you’re like me, you’ve probably run up to that huge wall and barred gate in southern Silverpine and pondered.  Later I discovered that this is actually the barred entrance to the small kingdom of Gilneas, located on a peninsula of the same name.  During Warcraft III, they had closed all their borders and no one had heard a peep from them until the titular cataclysm of the expansion cracks open the wall and gate, revealing a populace under the effects of the worgen curse.  Now that’s a background story.  I think they should just be under the worgen curse at all times though, why would you want to switch into a human?

Which one would you choose?

Which one would you choose?

Then there’s the race / class combos that they’re shaking up.  Some of the proposed possibilities have some people up in arms about whether or not the receiving race should be able to attain that class.  For the most part, stuff makes sense with the biggest “awha?” moments being Tauren paladins and priests and troll druids.  However, if you look at the past lore and the setup they’ve been doing in the most recent patches, you see that these combos may have already been in the works for quite a while.  My main concern is the idea of a cloth wearing tauren just seems wrong.  Paladins, yes, priests not so much.  Now that they’re letting gnomes into the club though, I may be switching to a hunter.

With the expansion will also come revamped zones with new starting zones in Gilneas, which will be phasing like we’ve seen in the DK starting zone and in Azshara which will be revamped as, I’m assuming, the goblin starting zone.  There will also be new instances and supposedly Deathwing and Queen Azshara will make appearances.  If Deathwing shows up, I would assume he would be the final boss of the expansion.  Supposedly Uldum will finally become an instance and a lot of the old forgotten side stories and plots will finally be addressed.  Hell yes.  Also, with all the build up they’re doing in the comic, don’t be surprised to see a revamped Ahn’Qiraj at some point.

However, things do get weird.  According to MMO-Champion’s source, Thrall will abdicate his throne to Garrosh who will then immediately declare war while Thrall apparently goes off to pick flowers with Malfurion right when the threat from the black dragonflight and naga becomes apparent, gets captured, and has to be rescued by a bunch of goblins who then join a faction that’s at war with someone else.  Cairne is then murdered (their word) by Garrosh after being implicated as a traitor and not only do the Tauren stay in the Horde, but Cairne’s son takes over and falls into line.

Look, I’m all for war with the Alliance, lord knows they have it coming, what with their beady eyes always undressing me and whatnot, but c’mon, Thrall, dedicated to peace as he is, is just going to hand the entire Horde over to Garrosh, an obvious warmonger?  I’m not buying that.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Cairne dies, he’s like 106 or something, I dunno, really old for a Tauren, but I severely doubt that there wouldn’t be a helluva lot unrest if he was openly killed by the hot-headed, obviously unfit to lead Garrosh.  Among the entire Horde, not just the Tauren faction.

But either way, again, this is all speculation, it could be all true, mostly true, a little true or total fiction.  Me personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was mostly or all true, I would be surprised if it was all false.  I think it’s a teaser and Blizzard will confirm or deny a few things and give official features of the new expansion sometime next week.  Whatever the case, let’s not all get too excited, I’m still holding out for dance studios.



4 Responses to “So I hear Blizzard might be making an Expansion”

  1. 1 xeonio
    08/19/2009 at 11:39 AM

    There is definitely some stuff that doesn’t make to much sense, maybe its just the story is out of order? Maybe its more like… Thrall is with Malfurion when he is captured. The goblins aid him and during that Thrall comes to the realization (that you mentioned, how they’d be an aid to the Horde) and brings them in. At the same time, while Thrall is missing, Garrosh assumes command and wants to go to war. Cairne is like nah, not gonna happen so Garrosh sets someone up to kill Cairne. Put his body with someone from the Alliance to imply he was a traitor, which kind of forces his son to help in the war to redeem his families name?

  2. 08/19/2009 at 12:26 PM

    Anyone who knows me knows exactly what I think about this whole thing, so…yeah. I’m too tired to get into it again. >_>;;

  3. 08/19/2009 at 4:23 PM

    We can’t help it if we are undressing you with our beady little eyes. You rolled a belf, you knew this would happen.

    I’m totally thrown off by the night elf – mage combination. It’s like, blasphemy. Literally.

  4. 4 Jack
    08/20/2009 at 10:10 AM

    /agreed. Blasphemy. Literally.


    But if you’re gonna’ blaspheme . . . I mean at least . . .

    . . . well if we were human they’d be warlocks.

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