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The Only Difference that I See is You are Exactly the Same as You used to be

So, after about 2 or 3 months with almost no WoW contact whatsoever, I have participated in what can only be described as a blitz of playing for the past few days.  New gear, instances, and group finder have definitely helped to put the shine back on the apple for me.  Mixed with a heaping helping of shadow priest action and bolstered by the constant influx of emblems, I can certainly say that I’m picking up right where I left off.

But there’s still something different, something wholly new about the game even though I’m feeling almost like I never left.  Anyone who’s played in the last couple of weeks is aware of the sweeping changes brought on by 3.3 beyond simply adding a few new dungeons.  The major change, and one blogged about ad nauseum at this point, is the new group finder tool.  But what I think people have overlooked is that fact that this one simple change has truly evolved the way we play this game.

Of course WoW has gone through major shifts and changes before.  The coming of the Burning Crusade changed up how people looked at gear and their stats while Wrath made raiding more accessible to the common player, for example.  But at the end of the day, people’s day to day play time didn’t change too much except to incorporate new spells and hash out better rotations.  3.3 has changed that.

Now when I was leveling Dueg from a wee baby priest to the mighty mountain of manliness that he is today, I did a lot of grouping.  This process involved researching what items dropped from what dungeon and then sitting in the old lfg tool all night while questing and hoping beyond hope that someone, anyone, else was also hoping to run that lower level dungeon.  Now, this was back when Burning Crusade was still just a few months old, so I was able to usually get at least one dungeon in a night.  But even though my evenings are still filled with dungeon diving, it’s all different.

Running dungeons has become almost a background activity for me now.  I don’t have to actively check the lfg tool, see if anyone else is looking and maybe too lazy to send whispers.  I don’t have to beg and cajole my friends or spend an hour searching for a tank while the other three members play musical chairs.  I don’t have to fly to a dungeon and stand outside while I wait thirty minutes for one other person to be considerate enough to fly to the meeting stone.  I don’t have to use meeting stones anymore.  No, now it’s click, forget, and when your number comes up, click ready and there you are.  Convenience.

It’s also upped the number of dungeons that I run in an evening.  Used to be that I’d get two in, max, now I’m up to four a five a night depending on how fast I’m selected for groups.  This is spurred on by my desperate greed for more badges and all, but still, I now have the patience to put up with multiple randies and not go ape shit from sheer frustration.  I also contribute that to the lack of buffoons in my group, with only two or three sour runs in my short stint back.

But I also wonder how much this has changed other people’s playing styles.  Anea was recently talking on her blog about how her play style has changed somewhat since the dungeon finder came out, what with going from almost exclusively questing while leveling to running multiple dungeons per day.  I’m sure she’s not alone in this and that a lot of people have begun to do so whether for the convenience of it or simply because they want better items.

So tell me, gentle jerkwads (and I know there probably aren’t too many of you left at this point), are things different for you?  Did you even notice the new lfg tool, or are you all pvp all the time?  Drop me a comment and let me know.  Also let me know what you think of the new layout.  I figured that since I’m going to be going shadow full time for the time being, I’d change things up a little bit to match the mood.



Ah, Yes… PuGs

Pictured: A small, ugly dog with chronic breathing and eye problems

So it’s been three days and I have managed to amass 63 emblems of triumph on Dueg, who has gone full-on shadow priest.  I’m really enjoying not being the one in the hot seat as far as healing goes even if it does take noticeably longer to get a group than it did as a healer.  However, with the new group finder, it’s nowhere near as long a wait as it used to be when you were shackled to your own server.  Yes, it’s been quite the ride.

Now I’ve been reading some of my old favorites and seeing that there are some who are certainly not enjoying the random group finding as much as others, and I can certainly understand that.  For the most part, I’ve been lucky and was even able to pick up the Make it Count achievement in a PuG last night.  I even managed to pick up my Champion of the Frozen Wastes achievement last night, which I can assure you makes me look like I spilled a bag of consonants all over the top of my head.  But the overall experience?

Well, as I’ve said there have been mainly good experiences, but there have also been the occasional duds.  Like the tank for UK who always inexplicably stood still for about 20 seconds before every pull, most likely feeding on the group’s growing annoyance.  There was also the one UP group where the tank wandered past the stuffed animal bosses into Skadi’s area while the warlock went and started the event.  Disaster ensued, followed by the inevitable group drops.  But still I have PuGed on, because I’m seriously sick of wearing shoulders from Naxxramas.

I’m also beginning to get the knack for shadow priesting, and it definitely feels like a return to my roots (Proto Dueg was shadow).  Like I said earlier, I am really loving not having to heal, not feeling that cold pit in the stomach when someone dies or your blood pressure jump when idiots are doing random things to get themselves killed.  Now I’M that idiot getting myself killed, snickering with bemusement at the fuming healer.  Oh yes, life is good for the time being.

Though I do still have my healer set in my bags with me at all times, I haven’t donned them since day 1.  And you know what?  That’s fine with me.  Besides, I look like a major bad ass now:

pew pew, mofos

pew pew, mofos



WoW Again, from Day to Night

So a few days ago I got a call whilst sitting around painting my 40k models.  “Dueg!” says Serae on the line, “3.3 is the tits!  Random dungeon finder equals awesome, badges for nothing rocks the cazba, you must play again!”  So I hemmed and hawed and made promises to log on again even though I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t do any good.  After a couple of false starts, I was certain I was done with WoW at least until Cataclysm hit, possibly altogether.

But I decided that I’d at least see what had happened since the new patch hit.  So I went about dutifully updating all of my add ons and did a little bit of research before logging in and taking a whack at finding a random group to heal with the dungeon finder.  It was a bit of a disaster.

I had forgotten all my “Oh Shit” buttons, I couldn’t remember the clique combos I had set up months ago, it certainly was pandelerium.  Though I did manage to muddle through somehow, that night I logged off in disgrace, unworthy of the name Holy Dueg and sure that I wouldn’t be showing my face again in the random group finder.

But I am nothing if not resilient and decided to give it another shot the next night, but this time as shadow.  And then it happened.  This is fun, I thought, I could certainy get used to this. And get used to it I did to the tune of about 2k spent on new gems and enchants in order to improve my dps and spending some of my new and old badges on dps gear.  And so here I sit, a shadow priest that can hit about 3200 on the test dummy and was averaging close to 2900 dps in dungeons last night.

So for the time being I’m back.  I’m sitting here at work and wishing that I were back home playing, so it certainly seems like I’m feeling WoW again for the time being.  Will I come back to blogging as well?  All I can tell you is that I won’t tell you for sure since I don’t want to lie again, but I will certainly be around for the time being.  Besides, I’ve learned my lesson on saying I’ll be back, especially when I got this in an e-mail:


But I do recommend keeping an eye on the site for more posts in the future.  I’d also like to take a moment to thank Nanuki, a relatively new blogger who was kind enough to send me a letter during the downtime to let me know how awesome I am, which are the best kind of letters out there.  Check out her new blog here.  Until next time, take it easy gentle jerkwads, and hopefully I’ll be back soon.


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