To Raid Again

So I’m back.  For pretty much two weeks now I’ve logged on every day except maybe two and have made sure to run a random a day and lately have begun to run all the ICC instances looking for new gear (I swear, Ick drops his little fucking rotten thumb one more time and I’m gonna go ape shit all over the place).  But at the same time, I can still feel it there, over my shoulder and whispering into my ear, the dreaded Malaise of Warcraft.

Don't turn around!

The feeling of repetition and pointlessness.  Sure, I’m farming badges and working on getting slightly better loot in the new ICCs, but that goal has a foreseeable ending and after that, well, what then?  So I’m seriously considering apping to a new raiding guild, one that Scrat and Reyk have joined.  Apparently the guild regularly takes “casual” apps, and in face they only need casual priests at the moment.  This means that if I’m around, I would have a chance at raiding only if someone doesn’t show up and open invites go out.  I’m kind of ok with that.

So now that the possibility is there, I’m definitely going to have to start getting back into raid shape again.  I’ve already started with gear upgrades from the farming, obviously and am now regularly pulling between 3800 and 4000 dps in heroics regularly, and I can definitely feel it.  The adrenaline, the pull of the dark side, the pure power of it all, and the ultimate sorrow of losing our little black inky ball of doom and death, a true tragedy.

R.I.P., You left us too soon

So will I become a raiding priest once more?  Well, only time will tell, but I will probably be apping a little later this afternoon and we’ll see what the next few days will get us.  I’m nowhere near being a hard core raider anymore, and my gear needs at least two tiers of upgrades to be standard at this point, but that’s easily changeable after a few raids of ToC or maybe even getting to poke my head into ICC.  Eather way, I’m  back, gentle jerkwads, and for the moment, it feels good.

Go Shadow Dueg, go.


1 Response to “To Raid Again”

  1. 01/11/2010 at 9:38 AM

    No, come be Shadow Dueg over HERE….especially since I am the MOST FAIL SHADOW PRIEST OF ALL TIME.


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