In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

Pictured: The "Rock Your Effin Face Off" Galaxy

So I haven’t posted in about a week now and trust me when I say that this post was supposed to have gone up a long time ago.  I’m actually traversing the highways and biways of Texas right now in order to visit some old friends and see the ol’ rent-a-roos, which is why this post has been delayed.  I had planned on making it from someone’s computer earlier, but just couldn’t find the time.

However, this whole thing has made me think about how people keep up with their WoW time when they’re away on the va-ca?  Speaking for myself, generally when I take a trip, I’m completely disconnected.  No blog post reading or creating, no WoW time, no nothing.  This is because I don’t have a lap top and therefore wold have to play on someone else’s box if I really got the itch to play.

But there’s literally been no thought to do so for me.  I’ve only been enjoying the 80 degree winter weather (God bless Texas) and seeing old friends with hardly a thought to log on and do any dailies.  The game can wait, for the moment living life is what’s importatnt for me and WoW can wait until I get back in front of my own screen.

So now I turn to you, gentle jerkwads, in order to help me gloss over the weeklong no post marathon.  How do you WoW when you’re away?  Are you desperately trying to find a computer, any computer, just so you can do your dailies?  Perhaps you usually only stay with other WoW friends and therefore can actually get some nice same room sessions going wih your friends.  Or maybe you’re like me, where WoW is something to take a vacation from as well as your job.  Leave me a comment and lemme know.


2 Responses to “In a Galaxy Far Far Away…”

  1. 1 Duht
    01/28/2010 at 8:03 AM

    I haven’t WoW’ed going on 3 months, my only wow fix now is a select few wow blogs that I enjoy.

    When I was a WoW addict, vacations meant that I was completely disconnected from everything wow until I got home. I typically handled this disconnect in a manly and mature fashion – whining to the wife.

    Happily, we don’t go on vacations often.

  2. 01/29/2010 at 9:06 AM

    =D Welcome to Texas! We’re decently friendly here, and if you ever need a truck, we have tons of them.

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