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Friday Strats – Malygos the Spellweaver

Ah yes, Friday.  The air’s a little cleaner, tastes are a little sweeter and strats are a little… uh, stratier.  So this Friday we’re going to take a look at… what was that?  No, I didn’t say we were starting Plague wing today, that’s next week.  Don’t believe me?  Go ahead and look back to last week here.  Uh huh, feel a little foolish now, don’t you?  I most certainly didn’t go back and edit it!  Now shush, for the time has come to look upon this week’s baddie: Malygos the Spellweaver. 

"Hi, I kind of look like a pony"

"Hi, I kind of look like a pony"

The Prep

Malygos is located in the Eye of Eternity which is the uppermost portal in the center of the Nexus.  When you initially enter, you’ll be standing on a large circular platform in the middle open space with Malygos flying slowly around you.  There’s no other mobs in the zone and located in the center of the platform is a large orb.  In order to summon Malygos to the platform, someone with a Key to the Focusing Iris has to activate the orb.  You can obtain the key by looting it from Sapphiron and then speaking to Alexstraza after beginning the quest line.  The heroic version of the key will open the normal version, but not the other way around, so make sure someone in your party has the appropriate key before you begin.  Other than that, simply buff and pull, making sure everyone except the main tank is on the opposite side of the platform before Malygos lands.

The Fight

When Malygos lands you should have your tank already in position on Malygos’ incoming side of the platform.  Don’t worry about positioning behind Malygos because unlike other dragons, he does not have a tail swipe.  The tank needs to quickly pull aggro so that Malygos does not get a breath off on anyone standing in the raid party though.  His breath will land for up to 32,000 arcane damage in a 40 yard cone in front of him and leave a 5s debuff on anyone hit by the breath.  When the debuff expires, that person will deal  21,000 arcane damage to everyone surrounding them, potentially wiping your raid.  In theory, only the tank should ever be hit by the breath, therefore no one should be hit by the debuff.

Occasionally Malygos will turn around and throw arcane missiles at the raid, striking random members for up to 10,500 damage each.  The fact that he turns and faces the raid momentarily can startle some people, but as long as he turns right back around again, there shouldn’t be a problem.  Occasionally Malygos will summon sparks from the void surrounding you that will slowly fly towards him, giving him a 50% bonus to all damage.  The sparks can be killed though and once they are, they leave a patch of electricity on the ground that gives anyone standing in it the same 50% bonus to damage buff.  You can stack multiple sparks in the same location, increasing the buff by 50% each time.  A Death Knight using his grip spell works wonder for this.

Occasionally Malygos will fly up in the air and throw everyone around with his vortex ability.  While you’re flying, everyone takes 2,000 every second for ten seconds and then dropping them on the ground for a further 10% of their total health which is enough to kill most clothies and wipe your raid.  Instant spells are still castable while in the vortex.  The sparks will stop moving while you’re flying around, but resume once you land, so make sure people position themselves correctly coming out of the vortex to avoid Malygos eating a spark or someone in the raid taking a breath shot.

Malygos has a very slow melee attack that though powerful, won’t really burn your tank up.  However, the breath is the real problem, so make sure your tank is topped off as much as possible to prevent a quick and untimely death.  Raid healers are going have their hands full with all the random damage taken, but it’s all very manageable.  During vortex, cast any and all instant heals when they’re available to you and use HoT’s liberally to help soften the damage.  Vortex can easily kill your cloth wearers and most of the raid will need big heals as soon as they land, so be prepared for that.

Once he’s at 50% health, he’ll fly up into the air and begin phase 2 of the encounter.  He will still be targetable for a few seconds while transitioning so DPS should continue to burn him while healers regenerate mana.  Eventually he summons Nexus Lords and Scions of Eternity and phase 2 will truly begin.  The Nexus Lords will float down on discs and need to be tanked normally while the Scions of Eternity will float out of range and start barraging the raid party with spells.  The lords can haste themselves and hit their targets with an arcane shack that deals up to 15,800 damage while the Scions will randomly shoot raid members for up to 19,000 damage.  When one of either mobs die, they drop the disc they’re on which can then be picked up by dps to fly up and attack the scions.  Once they leave the platform, dps is no longer affected by damage received by the raid on the platform.

Occasionally Malygos will throw a Power Overload on the plaform, knocking anyone who gets hit by it back aand creating a large purple dome that will slowly shrink.  It is very important for whoever is left on the platform to always be standing in one of these as they reduce arcane damage taken by 50%.  Without this buff your healers will quickly become overtaxed and the raid will wipe.  Move quickly to any new domes that form and don’t get caught outside when Malygos casts Deep Breath.  He hits everyone on the platform for 5,000 damage per second for five seconds with this ability so it is absolutely important everyone be within the dome for this.  He will also occasionally throw arcane missiles, striking random targets for up to 10,500 each.  Once all the Lords and Scions are dead phase 2 will end.

During phase 2 the raid will be taking a lot of heavy and random damage, so healers need to be aware of when and where to pop their heals.  Keep an eye on the tanks as well as they will still be taking regular damage from mobs as well as the occasional random damage ability.  Try to top off as many people as you can before they run to a new dome, because they might take spike damage during the run from old to new.

At the start of phase 3 Malygos will shatter the platform and discs everyone is standing on, dropping them onto red dragon mounts waiting for the player.  You will gain a vehicle UI with 6 new abilities.  The 1 key will be Flame Strike which deals up to 1,000 fire damage.  Costs 10 energy and awards 1 combo point.  2 will be a finishing move called Engulf in Flames which deals 1,500 fire damage every 3 seconds for every combo point and can lasts up to 22 seconds at full strength.  Costs 50 energy and will wipe all combo points.  3 is Revivify, a HoT that lasts 10 seconds and heals 500 damage per second.  Costs 10 energy and awards 1 combo point.  Note that if you switch targets and cast Reviviy on a new drake, you lose all previous combo points.  4 is Life Burst, a huge AoE heal that increases the caster’s healing by 50% for a length of time depending on the number of combo points at casting.  Heals up to 15k to all surrounding allies at full strength, costs 50 energy and will wipe all combo pints.  5 is Flame Shield, which casts a shield that reduces all incoming damage by 80% for up to 6 seconds at full combo point strength.  Costs 25 energy and wipes all combo points.  6 is Blazing Speed, increasing movement by up to 500% for 8 seconds.  No energy or combo point cost, but has a 30 second cooldown.

During this phase, Malygos has three abilities: Arcane Pulse, which is an AoE effect radiating 30 yards out from Malygos himself.  Will quickly tear up anyone standing too close to him, so be wary of how close you are, but is extremely easy to avoid.  Static Field will occasionally target a random drake and hit them with a 30 yard AoE ability.  This is your classic “Don’t stand in the fire” ability so make sure everyone moves out of the field or your raid will quickly wipe.  Finally you have Surge of Power, which will randomly target three members of the raid and deal roughly 12,000 damage every half second for 3 seconds and will quickly kill anyone who doesn’t have flame shield active for at least part of the ability.

The trick in this phase is to manage your combo points so that you always have at least two or three and 25 energy available if you get hit with the Surge of Power.  It can be tricky, but the main thing is not to just spam your combo abilities and then hit your finishing move.  Do it deliberately in order to give energy a chance to regenerate between casts.  Some people recommend going to full combo and some think it’s easier to just do two or three to make sure you’re not wasting all your energy.  Find what works best for you and stick with it, the main idea here is to stay alive and put as many dots on Malygos as possible.  They will stack infinitely, so keep them coming.  At this point you can really feel the dps race aspect of the fight bearing down on you.

You really only need three healers during this phase and it doesn’t matter who does it, so even as a healer, be prepared to go dps mode in this phase.  Healers should be targeting themselves and casting Revivify to full combo points then hitting their AoE heals in order to keep the entire raid healed up as much as possible.  If someone else needs a heal desperately, you can switch to them to Revivify, but make sure to build your combo points and cast Life Burst before switching to a new target.  Also keep in mind that you must target drakes and individual players themselves will not be targetable during this phase.  If you’re having trouble staying with the group when you strafe out of the static field, find a player who’s good at it and put them on follow for this phase.  Again the idea is to stay alive as long as possible, so the people who are best at staying alive to the end of the fight should be made the healers.

This fight is a DPS race because Malygos has a 10 minutes timer before he hits frenzy.  Our guild has gotten to the point where we’ve been able to one shot him two weeks running, but we’re still taking till about 9:45, which is cutting it extremely close.  If you hit the frenzy timer, keep going because if there’s a substantial portion of your raid up, you might have up to 30 seconds or so before he can wipe everyone.  Once Malygos is at 0 life, Alexstraza will appear and strike him down, spawning a small chest where you can grab the loot and your badges.  She also summons a separate item called the heart of magic that loots the item necessary to complete the quest begun by the looting the key from Saph.

The Loot

Malygos drops some insanely awesome caster gear, so this section should make a lot of you salivate.

Leggings of the Wanton Spellcaster – Extremely attractive for shadow spec if not best in slot, these pants will be hotly contested.  Healing priests should leave them for the deeps peeps unless they’re trying to build an off set and even then I wouldn’t take them from someone who will use regularly.

Mantle of Dissemination – Best in slot for holy and shadow priests who are hit capped, be prepared for some competition from other spirit healers and deeps for these shoulders.  Disc priests will most likely be better suited looking for something that spends more of it’s item budget on something other than spirit.

Hood of Rationality– Another best in slot for holy and hit capped shadow and anyone else who loves the spirit stat.  Disc priests should try to pick up Gothik’s Cowl from Naxx instead of this if they get the opportunity.  This helm is a Dueg favorite.

Blanketing Robes of Snow– Best in slot (seeing a pattern here?) for holy and hit capped shadow priests, alot of people will be trying to snag this from you.  Disc should look for an item with less spirit.

Leash of Heedless Magic – Yet another best in slot for holy and capped shadow specs, this belt is very very sexy.  Add a gem slot if you can with the smithed buckle, but other than that, wear with pride.

Living Ice Crystals– One of the few “meh” items for priests dropped by Malygos, a disc priest might want to pic this up if they need the extra mp5.  Otherwise, leave it for a shaman, they seem to like those sort of things.  The on use effect is fairly useless, but can have it’s moments.

Arcanic Tramplers – Best in slot, holy and hit capped shad, competition, disc look elsewhere, blah blah blah.

And that’s Malygos.  Phase 3 is notorious because so many people are unused to all of a sudden becoming a completely different style of player for such strenuous boss fights.  For practice, you can speak to an NPC standing at one of the upper tiers of the Nexus outside of the instance who give the Aces High!quest.  This quest requires you to ride on a red drake that has all of the same abilities as the one you ride on inside the Eye of Eternity.  Once you’ve completed it, you can return and do the quest as a daily.  Anyone who’s having difficulty surviving phase 3 should either grab a group of guildies or solo this quest for practice.  Tune in next week when we’ll be heading back to Naxx for Plague Wing.  For reals this time.


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