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This One’s for the Spacegoat

So anyone who surfed on over to Holy Discipline this morning saw that Anea posted some pics of the Argent Tourney’s Alliance tent.  She has provided us with valuable intelligence which I shall cleverly use to crush the Alliance at a time that they least expect it.  However, never let it be said that I am not a benevolent future ruler of all Alliance as she has asked to see a set up of the Horde tent.  I don’t see why not, it’s not like she could use it to cleverly crush the Horde when we least expect it or anything.  So for anyone who’s curious, starting from left to right, here’s the Horde tent at the Argent Tournament in Icecrown:Argent Blood ElvesArgent ForsakenArgent OrcsArgent TaurenArgent TrollsI noticed a funny thing while uploading these pics.  Anea pointed out that the Alliance tent seems to be set up in order of descending height from left to right.  The Horde tent, on the other hand, seems to be set up in alphabetical order of race from left to right.  Blizzard’s odd.  Anyways, stay tuned for my post later today, I’ll be reviewing this crazy fire festival going on right now in Azeroth.  Till then, keep on chasing those Argent dreams, Anea!



A Champion’s Ordeal


You may address me as "Milord"

Well as of tomorrow it will have been three full weeks since 3.1 arrived on our virtual doorsteps and in all that time there’s been much ballyhooing about Ulduar and the state of raiding.  I myself was lucky enough to get a featured article on WoWInsider regarding my own post about how Ulduar was no longer a place for the ineffectual raider.  However, in all this time there’s been a portion of the game that was introduced at the same time that’s been somewhat obscured by the new end game.  No longer will Dueg be silent on this new feature, oh no, it’s come time to speak of the Argent Tournament.

Now for anyone unfamiliar with this tournament, I’ll give you a brief explanation of what you can expect from this new world event.  Basically, a new set of NPCs and quest givers appeared in northern Icecrown once 3.1 went live.  These NPCs are representatives of the Argent Crusade and are attempting to rally troops of both the Alliance and the Horde to the banner of the crusade in order to bring Arthas down.  In order to better serve this function, they have set up a medieval style tournament complete with jousting rings where the tourney goers can compete daily for pride and prize.  There’s also serious quests to help clear Icecrown of the never ending tide of undead and eve to take the fight to Arthas’ front door.  The individual city-states of the Alliance and the Horde are all present and can be championed by people based on home and then preference.

In order to begin, aspiring champions must first find the tent that holds their faction’s representatives and speak with an envoy from the Sunreavers (for Horde) or the Silver Covenant (for Alliance) in order to begin questing to become a Valiant of your home city.  The quests to get you started are all basic introductory quests to introduce you to the various new mechanics and mount abilities introduced for this world event.  Once you’ve come back and completed these quests for three days, you should have enough seals to become a valiant of the city you’re working for.  Of course, there’s not just the daily quests, there are also a few one time quests involving members of the Argent Crusade and you can challenge other players to jousting matches with an achievement for the winner.

Once you’ve done all the valiant dailies for five days, you should have enough seals to become a champion for your city, which is where the tournament really begins for you.  At this point, you can start collecting champion’s seals which are used as currency to buy various rewards for whichever city you’re championing and you even get a squire “pet” who will fly the banner of any of the cities you’re a champion for.  You can also begin to work on becoming a champion for a different city if you wish, gathering further accolades.  There are also daily quests that don’t give tournament rewards but are instead ways for you to contribute stone, lumber and coin towards building a lasting arena for the tournament.

So that’s basically the tournament in a nutshell, but how does it all play out?  Well, as you can see, I became a champion of Silvermoon already and have been working on becoming a Sen’Jin champion as well.  I only sort of did the dailies during the first week of the tournament, but have started doing them all everyday and have really become much more dedicated to this event.  One of the best things about this tournament for me really is the rep bonuses you get from completing the daily quests.  First of all, it’s the only source of Sunreaver or Silver Covenant rep in the game while you’re doing the valiant quests.  Once you’ve become a champion you’ll also begin collecting Argent Crusade rep if you haven’t gotten that already.  While you’re working on becoming a champion for the various factions, you’ll also gain rep for that particular faction.  It’s a repapalooza!

I will also mention that the jousting mechanics and mount system is pretty cool and takes a minimal amount of attempts and tries before you become familiar enough with it to begin besting NPC riders.  It takes a little understanding of the timing and range for certain abilities, but once you got it, it’s only a matter of time till you’re jousting with the best of them.  However, the main draw for me were the daily quests that you can complete.  you see, one of my dirty little secrets is that I am a poor man.  I don’t like taking the time to do all the stuff necessary to be making the big coin.  I’m flat broke most of the time and I usually hover between 500 and 1,000 gold.  So something like this has been great for me where I can go everyday and pick up a quick 150 or so gold with only about an hour’s worth of effort.  The quests are easy, straightforward and a little fun to boot.

So my final grade on this event would be a B+.  It’s fun, easy to master and the rewards aren’t too shabby.  However, it feels a little short with the replay value coming from becoming a champion for various cities beyond your own.  They mix up one of the quests so you’re not doing the same thing everyday, but you also have to fly all over the eastern half of Northrend to get some of them accomplished, which can be a little boring.  I do like the fact that unlike the dailies that they released at the Sunwell, you can get most of these done in a sanctuary setting, keeping the annoying PvP down to a minimum.  My recommendation to you would be check it out, see if you enjoy it and if you want to gain new titles and rewards from doing it.  Otherwise, you’re not really missing a whole lot from taking a pass at this one.  Just remember, you’ll never be a champion if you don’t try.


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