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So, yeah, in case anyone is still reading this, you’ve probably figured out by this point that I’m not playing WoW anymore.  In my last post a few months ago I cited personal reasons for my sojourn from this game that has taken up a vast majority of my time in the last few years.  Well, without getting into too much detail, the basic gist of things is that Mrs. Dueg and I have split up and I’m currently preparing to move back to Austin, TX, aka: coolest town ever.

Having the whole conversation with her actually lasted a couple of months, which is why I initially stopped playing, in order to devote time to this important decision.  Since then, however, I really haven’t wanted to log on.  I mean, I’ve considered it, maybe trying to reconnect with the guild I joined (who’s prolly dropped me by now anyways, and rightfully so), or maybe running a dungeon or two, or maybe even starting a new character on a different server.  I even read through some of my past archives to see if that motivated me to play, but even that wasn’t enough to convince me to reinstate my account and log back on.

So is this the end for WoW and (un)Holy Dueg as we know it?  For the time being, yes.  Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time I dropped WoW for whatever reason, as I did have a 2 year hiatus until a few months before Wrath hit, and I came back with even more vigor after that.  I know for sure that I’ll be buying Cataclysm when it comes out, and you can bet that there will be posts about my first impressions of the class changes and new zones and whatnot.  I’m not 100% sure I want to go back to serious raiding in the new expansion though, but that’s certainly a possibility.

So I’ll leave you with a hearty thanks for reading during my WoW addiction, and I’d ask you to keep an eye on the blog as there may be some new posts again in the future.  I’ll also show off a little bit since this is my blog and all, and that’s what blogs are for.  So, ladies and germs (wakka wakka), I present to you another of my nerdly hobbies, one that really revs my sci-fi engine, some of my 40k Black Templar army.  See how good stuff can look when you actually paint it, Reyk?

Lord Marshal Metke, the captain of my space marine army, Black Templars chapter

This is the same character, except wearing heavier armor, referred to as Terminator Armour

Dreadnoughts are war-mechs that contains a mortally wounded space marine kept alive in order to run the machine with what's left of his intelligence

This is Metke's ride, this and the 'nought are two of my favorite pieces. You can see how terrible I am at free hand though. :/

I’m thinking of maybe starting a 40k blog, but I really hardly ever play, so I don’t know how interesting it would be.  Let me know what you guys think, and hopefully I’ll be around again soon.  Until then, take it sleazy, gentle jerkwads.


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