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What a Difference Rotation makes

This bear taught me everything I know

So after eliciting tips in the comments section during my last post, I got more than a few good suggestions.  D, Bobturkey, the ever Pugnacious Priest, all three of these bloggers extraordinaire were kind enough to offer advice for a fledgling shadow priest, taking baby steps into a wide, scary world of dps.  Though all three of them gave me fantastic tips, Bobturkey’s link to his how-to guide for shadow priests was particularly helpful, especially where he lays out his rotation.

After adjusting for post 3.3, I compared it to mine.  Before this my rotation was SW:P, Devouring Plague, VT, Mind Blast, SW:D, and then Mind Flay for filler.  My thought process here would be to front load all my dots so that they started as early as possible and therefore did more damage, well, in my head anyways.  However, if you’ll note Bobturkey’s post, his rotation recommends getting VT and Mind Blast up front then putting on Devouring Plague and SW:P, along with the omnipresent Mind Flay, essentially reversing my rotation.  This was front loading all the direct damage and the turbo charged VT while completely removing SW:D.

I decided to go ahead and test it out in the field instead of just using a testing dummy like I normally would, and ran right out to do Crusader dailies with my new way of dealing damage.  Pleasant surprise was to ensue.  While killing the cultists I noticed that they were dead by the second tick of Devouring Plague, essentially within three or four spells instead of the usual full rotation needed to kill them.  So yes, it definitely delivers the goods right up front, but how did it work over time, with elite enemies instead of wiener cultists in Icecrown?

Well, the next step was running the weekly raid quest with Patchwerk on the menu for the badge-fest.  Luckily, this fight thought of as something of a dps test since it’s basically a hardcore tank and spank fight.  By this point I had a full day to work with the new rotation and map out timing to maximize damage.  The results, again, were surprisingly pleasant:


I went ahead and included both, but I’m pretty sure that the one on the left does not include pet damage, which is why it’s a little lower all around for most people.  So the result is that I am now pulling about 400 more dps than I was before simply by making slight changes to my rotation.  But one of the major ones and one that I’m only just now beginning to appreciate is the dropping of SW:D from my rotation.  After noticing that the spell does less damage than one tick of most of my dots, I realized that it was both a waste of mana and time to cast.

So the next step will be looking at my glyphs and seeing what should be changed with those.  I’m not aware if there have been any major changes yet with shadow glyphs (I know, I should have at least visited the AH by now to check), but I’ll definitely be turning a critical eye to the ones I have now.  I’m still pretty satisfied with my talents at the moment though.  If anyone has any tips again, I’m more than willing to listen since they’ve obviously worked in the past.



So it’s come to this…

So tonight we made another run at Sarth 3D and once more a discipline priest was requested. I volunteered again and made the trek back to Silvermoon for a quick respeccing job. We got a few good attempts in and I’m definitely starting to really get a feel for the discipline style, even in such a hectic fight.

However, about halfway through the attempts, a thought struck me.  So I says to myself, “Self, why should you respec back to holy if you’re probably going to be respeccing for the next Sarth fight anyways?”  As I’ve said before, a guild relationship should be a two way street with the player willing to give back what he gets out.  So I decided on my own that I would stay disc for the immediate future until either we recruit a disc priest or we down Sarth 3D, whichever comes first.  Trust me, I will not be staying disc because I do still prefer holy healing, but if it’s what’s needed, then it’s what I’ll do… for now.  After Sarth 3D though, I’m going back to holy till dual specs and you can bet cash money on that.

Oh, and one final bit of news:




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