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The Sunday Cop-out, Wherein You do all the Work

So, if anyone’s been following my twitter account you know I was boohooing about the fact that I had to do some demo work on my house yesterday.  The previous owners had installed closets in the dining room (I know) and had sheet-rocked over our foyer’s entrance into Mrs. Dueg’s office (I know!) in order to create a fourth bedroom downstairs (I KNOW!).  But that’s neither here nor there, the point is that I’m sore, I’m achy, and I’m still not done.  Worry not, though, gentle jerkwads, for I have thought of a fantastic plan!  

You see, as I mentioned in my first strats post, I’m fairly new to raiding myself.  My first raid in WoW was Naxxramas 25, about a week after I hit 80.  My first experience went something like this:

“Hey buddy who I’m whispering, get me into your guild, I’m sick of running pick up groups”  “Sure thing, pal-o-mine Dueg, lemme just talk to one of the officers.”  You have been invited to the guild!  “Hey, welcome to the guild!”  You have been invited to a raid group!  You have been summoned to Naxxramas!  You have just shit a brick!

It was quite an interesting night.  However, after unclenching, the first thing I did was reach over, turn off the television to remove all distraction, then switched on vent and tried my root’n toot’nist to focus.  Of course it’s been a couple of months since then and as I’ve become used to the fights, I’ve returned to having it on in the background.  I still focus for bosses and on rough fights will turn it off altogether though.

Usually I have a movie going on in the background, I am a particular fan of ridiculous comedies (a shocker, I know) or I’ll have it tuned to comedy central or something suitably mindless.  If for whatever reason I feel like some music, I usually put on instrumental stuff like Nightmares on Wax, God is an Astronaut, or Explosions in the Sky, ambient stuff like that.  I find the background noise soothing while playing and I know I’m not alone.

So now we come to the end of my rambling, for their is much sheet rock to be conquered and daylight is wasting.  I am soliciting you to tell me what floats your proverbial boat when it comes to WoW distractions?  Do you rock out with your rooster out?  Perhaps a little opera if you’re feeling saucy?  Or maybe you’re like me and like a little Will Farrell action going on the ol’ boob tube?  Till then, I’ll be in my dining room, wondering what those looney people who used to own my house were thinking.


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