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I find the most sensuous part of a woman to be teh boobiez

Now that I have the first strat and gear post done and in the bank, I thought I’d give everyone a taste of my not so humble opinion.  The other day whilst perusing World of Matticus, I came across an article written by  Sydera which you can view in it’s entirety here.  Her post in general covers what a lot of women have come to expect being prominent members in their raiding guilds and attempts to dispel certain stereotypes that men have to come to accept as general realities when dealing with the opposite sex online.  The post is thoughtful and written quite well and if you haven’t read it, I seriously suggest you take a few minutes and do so now.  Back?  Good, because I’d like to give a male spin on things and let the ladies out there know what it’s like to be on the opposite side of this subject.

Let’s set up some background real quick.  I have a pantload of alts, and by that I mean imagine a WoW character in real life about the size you see them on the screen, then imagine how many it would take to fill a pair of your pants, that’s about how many alts I have.  However, while filling your pants with alts, I have never made a female character, not once.  I don’t know why, it has nothing to do with homophobia or perceived perceptions, I mean, what do I care what some joker in Montana who I’ll never see thinks of my sexual orientation even though I totally did it with a real woman earlier today?  Perhaps I feel I can’t connect with my characters when they’re an opposite sex or maybe I just feel it’s dishonest to lead people to believe I’m not what I really am.  Either way, I’ve just never really felt the urge to make a female character.


"I will make awkward, tusked love to you."

Some guys will give you this line: “If I have to stare at the back of something for hours and hours, I’m going to enjoy what I’m looking at.”  To which I wander aloud to myself what their upbringing was like if they enjoy staring at some green skinned, mohawked booty day in and day out.  Still others will say that they don’t know why, they just did it cause the thought struck them and now they have a level 80 char and don’t really care cause it’s not really important now and will I please stop bothering them while we’re doing this dungeon.  However, there is another breed of she-man players who do it for a more sinister reason, one that strikes to the heart of what I’m writing about: free stuff.

Now some women will say it’s a myth that they can get whatever they want from some poor sap as long they flash a little pixelated T&A and for the most part this is true.  The idea that guys are gullible, slack jawed morons who hand over money to any woman willing to call us cutie and wiggle her bottom in our direction is actually a pretty prevalent thought though… among guys.  However, you can’t blame us for that, as this is a case of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch.  I’ve seen this behavior in action both in real life looking over someone’s shoulder and on the receiving end of it back when I did a lot more of my thinking with my holy light and less with my discipline shield (see what I did there?).

Let’s face facts though, women do manipulate men at times.  Some do it for the loot, some do it for gratification and others do it just for the thrill of controlling guys and some get very very upset when they’re chosen targets won’t play along.  I’ve known women who keep a stable of guys who are completely unaware of each other that they tease and flirt with in order to reap multiple benefits.  I’ve also seen women who have one guy who they hold onto as theirs, unwilling to share him in ways that don’t benefit themselves.  These are extreme examples, of course, and no one should assume that every girl they come across is secretly calculating how to steal your mount (heh heh, mount) from under you.  

So now we come to my point, gentle jerkwads, often enough when we see these stereotypes among women gamers we are just as much a part of it as they are.  Our behavior changes around women and you can see this when you have a vent channel full of guys talking about who’s mom got banged last night (yours) and a woman comes on and suddenly everyone’s talking about their epeen and who has the best stats.  We want to impress women, it’s a biological urge that is not connected with our logic centers.  Sometimes it’s linked to the idea that we’re going to get to touch someone’s swimsuit area, but usually it’s along the lines of, “Here’s a girl, I bet I can make her look at me,” followed by pushing her in the mud.  We draw pleasure from it just as some women draw pleasure from getting free stuff out of gullible guys.  Some guys who are on the outside looking in will see this and instead of putting them in the guys shoes and seeing how he’s actually enjoying it, they’re quick to jump to the conclusion that he’s just a slave of teh boobz and that some evil woman has her claws in him.

In conclusion, I will say this: Interaction between the sexes has always been complicated and poorly understood and now the lines are blurring even more with the rise of the internet and the ability for people to so easily and regularly hide their true gender from people.  When you interact with someone in a raiding or group environment, however, that distinction becomes unimportant because a woman can easily tank a dragon in Azeroth and pwn your ass to oblivion.  So respect the player and not what they’re packing in the no-no spot because the next time someone pulls that mob off your squishy butt or gives you a last second heal that prevents a wipe, there might just be a lady behind the keyboard… unless I’m hungry, in which case she’ll be in the kitchen making me a sandwich.  Am I right, fellas?  Am I right?


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