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Friday Strats – Gothik the Harvester

One week old!  Yes, gentle jerkwads, Holy Dueg has been around for a full week now, it seems like just yesterday I was writing about how to put the smack down on Raz, ah, I was so young then.  So I decided that I’m going to reserve Fridays as my strat day and you can expect to see weekly posts on how to deal with certain bosses with an emphasis on the healing side of things.  I’m gonna go ahead and continue our jaunt down Military Wing with a look at this fugly weiner: Gothik the Harvester.

That's right, Gummi Skulls, be afraid

That's right, Gummi Skulls, be afraid

The Prep

Gothik is the second boss of the military wing of Naxxrama, just down the hall and to the right of Instructor Razuvious.  The boss himself is really not going to be a healer intensive, but it’s the lead up to him that will tax you.  When you first enter his room, he’ll be standing on a balcony directly in front of you with a wall to your right cutting the room in half.  The side you first enter is called live side and the opposite side of the wall will be referred to as dead side with an open gate in the middle.

Before the boss is pulled your raid must split in half with equal number of healers, dps and tanks on each side.  If things are uneven, you might want to slightly stack dead side with more dps as this will be the rougher side of the fight.  Once everyone is split, dead side will move to the farthest corner from the entrance and live side will pull.

The Fight

Once live side hits him with a ranged attack, Gothik will become invulnerable, close the gate, and immediately begin summoning adds.  The adds will spawn on live side and there will be three distinct types: Unrelenting Trainees, Unrelenting Death Knights and Unrelenting Riders and will progress in difficulty in that order.  The Unrelenting Trainees will put a disease on whoever they hit with melee damage, so be prepared to drop a cure on people, the Death Knights occasionally do a whirlwind, shadow based attack that applies a Mark of Shadow on anyone it hits and does about 5k damage on plate.  Finally, the Riders have an aura that hits everyone around them for about 500 damage every few seconds (completely resistible) and will occasionally do a shadow bolt volley, hitting everyone with Mark of Shadow for about 6k.

Now here’s where the gimmick comes in.  Whenever live side kills a mob they will transfer over and respawn from one of the pile of bones sitting over on dead side as a spectral version of the original mob.  Pro tip: Don’t stand near the pile of bones if you’re squishy.  On dead side, the trainees will now cast an arcane explosion with a 20 yard radius and the death knights will now use a normal whirlwind attack that does 4k.  Another problem with the riders is that when they respawn, they will come up as two separate mobs, the unmounted mob and the horse he rode in on.  The rider still has his damage aura and will also occasionally drain life (dispellable) from their main aggro target.  This drain does about 12,000 damage if allowed to tick to full length, so make sure you dispell it quickly.  The horses now have an AoE stomp ability in a 10 yard radius that does about 2500 damage and will slow movement by 60%.

Now the trick is for live side to watch the speed they kill the mobs at, making sure not to overwhelm dead side.  Trainees and Death Knights are CC-able, but that won’t mean anything if you still have a lot of mobs up when Gothik joins the fight.  He will stop spawning mobs at 3:44 and at 4:34 will teleport onto live side and engage the raid.  50 seconds should be more than enough time for an adequately geared raid to mop up the leftover mobs with some time to spare.

Once Gothik engages the raid, he will teleport down to live side.  As long as you have most of your raiders up, it should be a cakewalk.  He has a shadow bolt that will hit his main target for up to 5500 damage and will cast a debuff every 15 seconds that reduces the entire raid’s stats by 10% and will stack 10 times.  About every 10 seconds he will teleport to the opposite side of the gate and engage the other half of the raid.  He’ll ping pong like this till he’s at 30% life at which point he opens the gate and the full raid can bring him down.

Gothik is an easy fight, the main trick being staying alive till phase 2.  Dead side will be where you’ll make or break the raid because of the possibility of them getting overwhelmed by live side.  Healing is going to require a focus and attention of what mobs are currently attacking the raid.  On live side you want to make sure to cure diseases and look out for whirlwinds and shadow volleys.  Dead side is also about focus and making sure to watch the AoE damage.  All in all, most of this damage is at least partially resistible so as long as you keep an eye out and make sure not to lose your head, you should be good.  I officially label this the second easiest fight in Naxx.

The Loot

This is a new part of my strats where I will examine all loot that is pertinent to priests.  Sorry all other classes, but this is a priest site, after all.  I also went back and updated my previous Raz strat to reflect the new look / format of the strats.

Touch of Horror – This is a pretty sweet little wand for a Disc priest or anyone more concerned with mp5 instead of Spirit.  I definitely recommend picking it up if you haven’t gotten a decent holy/shadow style wand yet or are disc.  Deals holy damage (one of only five in the whole game) so damage is irresistible.  Possible best in slot for a Disc priest.

Bindings of Yearning – Another awesome piece of disc gear here, this time for your wrist slot.  Same as above, if you’re more interested in mp5 than Spirit, pick this up.  With a healthy dose of crit, this one is another piece of gear in the running for best in slot for Disc.

Gothik’s Cowl – This is one of the most coveted head slot items in the game, and again, better for Disc than Holy (I’m beginning to see a pattern).  Pick it up if you’re disc and don’t let go… don’t you dare close your eyes!

So there you go, Gothik the Harvester in one huge post.  He’s really easy compared to most other bosses so if you’re having problems, you seriously need to examine if everyone in your raid is properly geared up for Naxx.  Tune in next week as I conclude Military Wing with the Four Horsemen.

Bonus: Anyone who can tell me where the term “gentle jerkwads” comes from will receive a prize!*


*Won’t actually receive prize

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