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Welcome to the Dueg Show

konichiwaHello, hello, hello.  So, first post, lemme start with a quick run down of what’s gonna be happening in the future here:

First off, you can refer to me as Dueg.  I play World of Warcraft and this here will be my super happy fun awesome blog of holy goodness that I will use to express myself creatively and/or talk a lot of shit about what’s going on in game and my personal view of it.  You can expect posts providing tips (since I like to pretend to know what I’m doing), general opinions, smarmy shit talking, and pretty much anything in between.

My main character is a level 80 Blood Elf holy specced priest, therefore, you will be seeing alot of posts involving (wait for it…) holy priesting.  That’s not to say I won’t be mentioning anything else, such as disc or shadow specs or possibly even other classes, that just means that a good majority of these posts will involve priestly shenanigans (litre of cola, please).  You can also expect this blog to lean torwards more of a raiding theme since that’s what I like to do.  So in general, you’ll see general priesting, raid priesting or holy priesting on any given post.

Now I know, WoW blogs are a dime a dozen nowadays with everyone and their mother’s dog writing about how much Blizzard hates your class and totally wants you to fail because, let’s face it, they hate you giving them money every month and want you to stop playing.  To you I say, “Shut your mouth, gentle jerkwad,” for this blog shall be different, it shall be glorious, it shall be… uh… well, shut your mouth either way cause I’m writing it.

As you can see if you’re reading this on or around the day it’s posted, it’s slim right now because I’m just starting, but sit tight loyal reader (there’s gotta be one, right?) as this is a work in progress and still in it’s infancy.  I’m hoping to be updating this regularly and hopefully starting some good conversations here and I’ll be needing at least one person willing to argue with me in order to do that.  So sit back, cause here we go, first post in the bag and I am clicking on the “Update Post” button…. now


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