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Lies and Slander

Ah, Monday evenings.  I enjoy Monday evenings and I’ll tell you why.  On those nights, Mrs. Dueg has a class until about 9:30.  I come home, make myself something that she certainly would never let me eat, fart around for about an hour then do a little guild raiding.  Yes, Monday nights are Dueg nights, and really, those are the best kind of nights.

So I log on and skip my way merrily on down to Obsidian Sanctum for a run at Sartharion before the reset.  We all gather, talking excitedly about whether we’ll have enough people to do three drakes, but certain that no matter how many drakes were up, Sarth was going down tonight.  And thus I zone in, brimming with confidence and ready to take on the world.  The screen switches over and I look up to see… nothing.  No Sarth, no drakes, no guildies, just trash mobs eyeing me hungrily and tumbleweeds blowing by.

Uh... que?

Uh... no?

You see, gentle jerkwads, it turns out that it’s so easy to get saved to raids these days that apparently 10 mans will save you to their 25 man counterparts.  The previous night some guildies and I had gathered to do Sarth 10 man and zoned in only to discover one of us was already saved to a Raid ID.  He swore up and down that he hadn’t done a 10 man OS in weeks and didn’t know how it happened, so we all shrugged it off, marked it up to bad luck and dispersed for the night.  It never even occurred to me that this travesty to Duegkind could happen.

I did a cursory search on the bug forums and surfed around to other game sites, but couldn’t find anything quite like the problem I was having.  Some people had reported similar bugs such as being saved to the 25 man version with the same ident as the 10 man and were able to actually exploit it and run the 25 man version multiple times in the same week.  Of course, I don’t condone such action and should you get caught, you’ll most likely be banned, but why can’t that be the kind of bug I get? 

So here’s how I see it: Blizzard has cost me a title and a new epic flyer with their blasseiz-fare attitude and reckless non fixing of my problems in advance.  Quite frankly I’d prefer not to have to punish them by forcing them to hand all this over, but if I don’t then they’ll never learn.  I’m sure it will arrive presently and will keep all of you updated on my status.  Till then, I’m forced to wonder if anyone else has had these problems or if this is karma for all those allies I tossed in the lava outside of LBRS with my Mind Control spell earlier this week.  I really hope not, cause that shit is hilarious every time.


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