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Tools of the Light

Call me butter, baby, cause I’m on a roll.  Three posts in two days?  Didn’t realize how many ideas I had for posts till I started thinking about them.  I’m sure it’ll fade in time and I’ll start stealing ideas from other blogs when no one’s looking, but till then, here we go.

So, last night I posted a wall of text I tried to pass off as a strat for 25 man Razuvious.  At the end I mentioned that it took about 4 wipes until I was truly comfortable and able to get the fight down with no problems whatsoever.  “But Dueg,” you say, “you’re King Shit, how did it take so many tries before you understood the timing of the fight?”  Well, I’ll tell you, gentle jerkwad, if you’ll just stop interrupting me.

The first time I entered as a wide eyed, innocent holy priest with slightly moistened underpants (with little dots of holy light on them!), I was under the assumption that Hit rating is for chumps.  Who gives a crap about landing lolsmite on bosses, I got people to heal!  Outta my way, Loatheb, that tank needs a Prayer of Mending!  Suck it, Maexxna, your web wraps ain’t got shit on my renews and bubbles!  Oh, Hello Death Knight Understudy, I’ll just go ahead and cast Mind Con… uh oh.

You see, Mind Control periodically runs a check to see if it’s going to continue holding during casting time.  It does this by checking your hit rating against the mobs level.  If your hit rating is a goose egg like mine was the first few times, then your MC spell will morph into a deadly version of Sex Panther.  Sixty percent of the time, it breaks every time.  If it breaks right after you taunted and the other priest is still on his cool down then people in the raid are going to die, which would be ok, but eventually you’re going to die too.  Unacceptable.

So, to counter this, you need to raise your hit rating.  If you scroll over the number in your stats, a small window will pop up showing you your percentage chance to hit.  For this fight you want that number to be 6% (or 157.39 total hit rating) in order to ensure that your MC won’t break early.  Therefore, in the interest of being able to get this done, I’ll give you some tips on what I did to get my hit rating up.  At level 80, there should be no reason not to be able to hit 6% hit rating for these mobs.

So, if you’re like me, you turned your nose up at hit rating while leveling.  “Off Spec?  What’s that?  Holy for life, bitches!  Take that shit and throw it in the garbage for all I care!” was my attitude until of a sudden it became “Hit rating?  Yes, please!”  But I didn’t feel like doing the dungeon crawling necessary to pick up the items.  Especially if it meant cheating someone else who could possibly use it just so the item could rot in my bag until I needed it for all of a 3 minute fight.  So, after some quick research, I found these two rep items for a quick and easy hit bonus:

Sash of the Wizened Wyrm – This bad boy comes from the Wyrmrest Accord faction once you hit honored with them.  It’ll give you a 1.52% hit rating bonus.

Dark Soldier Cape – This cape is sold by the Knights of the Ebon Blade quartermaster and will provide another 1.11% bonus to hit.

Buying both of these items will set you back about 35g, so not too shabby for blue quality items.  Once you got these, then swing by your local Auction House and pick yourself up some Snapper Extreme and an Elixir of Accuracyfor an additional 85 total hit rating (or 2.89% at 80).  This leaves you sitting at 5.52%, which should hopefully be close enough for a breakless MC spell.

Now, another option if you’re like me and pretty much ran dungeons through most of 70 through 80, is that there’s still a plethora of quests out there somewhere.  My recommendation if this is the case is to simply pick a zone, fly to the largest quest hubs and just start doing them.  After a couple of hours of this I had picked up enough gear to hit 6% without consumables and about 100g in quest rewards, so it was a win-win there.  A nice thing about this method is that you can take the pressure off of your pocketbook and not have to worry about potions and foodstuffs.

And now a word from our sponsor*.  Tired of being pwned?  Done with being called a newb when in heroics and raids?  Wish that someone would just tell you when that dragon’s going to fly up and start spitting white hot death at you?  Then run, don’t levitate, to your nearest mod site and pick up Deadly Boss Mods!  This mod gives you timers, cool downs and general important information on all bosses, raid or dungeon, for WotLK.  This is especially important for Raz because it will display the cool down timer left on your taunt and bone shield and the timer of your priestly partner so you can make sure to accurately hit bone shield and taunt when needed.  If you’re serious about raiding, please pick it up.  It won’t automatically make you win sauce, but it will give you a huge push in that direction.

So there you go, Raz in two huge posts.  As always, any additional tips or corrections or generally flippantry, please feel free to put a post down in comments, and til next time, gentle jerkwads, stay safe out there.


*Deadly Boss Mods not a sponsor


Curtains up, Lights on

So I’m mulling over what my first “meat” post is going to be and I keep coming back to a subject that is very near and dear to my own heart: raiding.  You see, gentle jerkwads, I used to be somewhat intimidated by raiding.  My first MMO was Everquest, as I’m sure many others have that distinction as well.  Anyone who knows that game that in order to raid you had to be hardcore.  There was no blurred line between the casual player and the raider, no way, it was distinct and straightforward and either you were or you weren’t.  So you can see how I might not be too eager to jump into raiding since the last raid I was on before Wrath came out was a Plane of Growth Raid about 8 or 9 years ago.

However, I heard about the new accessibility of the end game and I must admit I had been very very curious even back in vanilla WoW to give it a whirl.  So, after spending levels 70 through 80 in dungeons all over Northrend and a few select Heroics, I bravely stepped into 25 man Naxxramas for my first official World of Warcraft guild run raid and came face to face with the first hurdle I’d faced in the game in a long, long time.  To you, I present, Instructor Razuvious:


"I eat kittens"

The Prep

Now the reason I’m starting with Raz here is because this is going to be an introduction for rookie priests to the fact that as a raider, you need to be versatile in all areas and able to accomplish different things as needed.  The gimmick with him is that he hits like a mack truck dual wielding SUVs and will tear your raid apart if he’s allowed to hit anyone.  Even tanks can only last a few seconds against him, and that’s if they pop their cool downs.  But worry not, because here is where you and another priest get to step up and say, “Don’t worry guys, you just do your little, how you say… ‘pew pew’ and we’ll take care of this.”

Raz is standing in a sunken circular pit with a ramp up on side located in the middle of a large chamber surrounded by 4 of his students, each named Death Knight Understudy and standing at four practice dummies set in a square around him.  The big guy there will slowly circle around behind all four of them, occasionally pausing at one to give instructions.  

So here’s where you come in, because the only way for the raid to survive against Raz’s damage is that one of his students must be tanking him at all times.  “However shall we convince them to do that,” you ask?  Why, that fantastic little spell sitting in your book, I’ll say, most likely in a forgotten, web strewn page: Mind Control.

Whichever Understudy you are assigned to, you should right click it’s portrait (there should be symbols on all four, so make sure you’re on the right one) and set that add as your focus.  You can then create a simple macro: /cast [target=focus] Mind Control in order to cast on your chosen focus without switching your current target, who should be Raz.  You should also have a second one: /target Instructor Razuvious so you can quickly switch to him if necessary.  Make sure not to place Raz’s targeting macro on your hotbar because it’ll disappear when Mind Control kicks in.

The Fight

Here’s how it’s gonna go down: From a distance, you and another priest have to first cast Mind Soothe on the two closest students, I can not stress this enough as MC range is just slightly under their regular agro radius.  Once they’ve been mind soothed and Raz has walked to the back of the pit, you both creep to the bottom of the ramp and hit one of them with Mind Control as soon as you get in range.  The other three will immediately agro, so make sure that some of the tanks are ready to pick them up.  After a few seconds, the second priest should pick up their targeted student, and this is where the fight will begin.

Raz will hang back for about 5 seconds before he runs into the fight while you move your student into position.  Whatever you do, do NOT charge Raz, just hang back at the bottom of the ramp with your mob and wait for him to start running to the raid.  If you charge him, you will almost definitely run out of MC range and break your spell, causing havoc and general chaos in the raid if you can’t recover quickly enough.  Once you gain control of the understudy, a new hot key bar will pop up with four abilities.  1 is the standard attack button, 2 and 3 are blank, 4 is dps strike with a short cooldown, 5 is a taunt and 6 is Bone Shield.  The key to this fight is the Bone shield ability because Raz will hit so hard he will quickly burn through the add, but Bone Shield reduces incoming damage to the point where healers can keep them at acceptable levels without too much stress.  So when he charges in, you hit Bone shield and taunt to pull him onto your add.  Both abilities last 20 seconds with a 20 second cool down on taunt and a 30 second one for bone shield.  

So once he charges, pop bone shield first, then taunt right away to pull him onto your add and just start spamming your dps strike.  Always make sure bone shield is up first to mitigate the maximum amount of damage on the add.  About 15 seconds after you pulled him, the second priest should cast bone shield and hit taunt to pull him onto their add in order to prevent yours from taking unshielded hits from Raz.  You should then break MC and recast it in order to refresh your timer.  I recommend casting PW:S to break the MC as opposed to some other method.  In theory, there should be an off tank ready to grab the add at any time, but why not just toss a shield if you can?  Safety first says Dueg.  Run him back into place once you have him and repeat shield / taunt once the other priest calls 5 secs left on his.  Rinse, repeat, success.

The Loot

Boots of Forlorn Wishes – These are a pair of not too shabby holy / shadow style boots.  With haste and a yellow gem slot, you may want to leave this to dps if it’s only a side-grade for you, but if not, definately try to pick these bad boys up if you get the chance.

Bindings of the Expansive Mind – These are a pretty sweet pair of shadow bracers.  Decent hit rating coupled with a sweet crit bonus means that warlocks are probably going to be rolling against you on this.

Now, it’s going to be intimidating at first because you’re going to have the whole eyes of the raid on you and anyone who’s serious about raiding is serious about looking good in front of other raiders.  But just stay calm, focus and it’s really easy.  Although I will say it took me about 4 wipes to get it right, but I’ll talk about that more next time, when I talk about the tools of the job.  Till then, if anyone has any other tips or comments to improve this strat, feel free to post it.


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