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Separation of P & E

I’ve only been back for a few weeks but already an old problem has cropped up, one that rears its ugly head fairly often for numerous different classes at various points in time.  Always a sad event heralded by much QQ on the forums, official or otherwise.  I speak, of course, of the dreaded nerf.  This time around it was the warrior crowd receiving a swipe of the bat as they had their ability to break roots and snares pruned back thanks to a Warbringer nerf.  Why did this have to happen?  Why couldn’t the warriors continue merrily breaking movement impairing effects in order to be better tanks during raids and dungeons?  Because of three little letters: PvP.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am definitely not a fan of the PvP at all.  I much more enjoy getting loot from raids and the camaraderie of other players as opposed to small thirty second bursts where I’m frenetically trying to cast damage spells while getting stun locked for the entire “match”.  Arena is definitely not a place for the priestly crowd and I was more than willing to stay away and still am.  The problem though is not that there is PvP  in the world, but rather that it is effecting even those who decide to avoid it, making it something of a pox upon the raiding community.

Look, the deal is that when you have these two systems that are so very wildly different, you simply can not balance them between the two without destroying the integrity of one or the other.  Either you overbalance one class by giving them a PvE ability that causes them to absolutely own at arena (see: Death Knights 3.0) and overbalances the population in their favor, or you do what was done to warriors and nerf them back, making them balanced in the arena but killing some of their fun in other places.  It’s pretty much a lose-lose situation that Blizzard continually tries to make work, often leading to a river of nerdly tears and asthmatic angst.

Here's the saddest one of all, just not emotionally

The main problem is that Blizzard continually tries to balance these systems even though they’re obviously not working together and it’s gotten to the point that people just aren’t surprised by it anymore.  Oh, there’s still plenty of grousing going on and the blogs and forums definitely light up as the news filters down through the WoW community, but for the most part it’s met with a ho-hum sort of response with most people saying something along the lines of “this blows, but it’s what Blizzard does to us”.  This complacent acceptance must end!

The thing is, there’s an easy enough solution, one so simple that I’d be extremely surprised to find out is only being proposed here on my lonely corner of the web for the first time.  Blizzard, why don’t you simply make some abilities unavailable in arena?  I mean, if you can write into the code the ability to make mounts unavailable once you cross an invisible line to become indoors, why can’t you do it so that specific talents or abilities disappear once you enter arena?  I’ll admit that I’m not a programmer, but that seems like something that could be implemented that could go a long way to solve the problem.

Let’s go back to our warrior example real quick.  The talent Warbringer allows a warrior to use charge and a few other abilities while in combat that they could not before.  If they did, then those abilities would break any movement impairing effect in addition to their usual effect.  Because this was allowing warriors to break roots and snares in arena, which was considered an unfair advantage, Blizzard removed the impairment breaking effect.  Now it may be a little too much to ask for Blizzard to dissect a talent like this and remove part of the effect (breaking impairment) and leaving the other (using abilities in combat), but imagine how easy and cleanly the problem could have been fixed if they had done that.

Perhaps they could simply add two new talents or spells/abilities for every class with one only working in arena and one only working in PvE, then they can work on balancing those and leave the other stuff alone.  If they wanted to go even more extreme, they could introduce a brand new PvP talent tree designed to countermand PvE talents, or even simply introduce new talents into the existing trees.  A specced Mind Flay where the snare effect can not be broken would both cancel out the warrior’s talent and allow it be used in PvE at the same time.  Thing is, Blizzard is not a fan of solving problems like this, preferring more of a slash and burn method where they simply throw out what doesn’t work between the two.

I’ll reiterate it again and even go further: I’m not a video game programer or a dev.  I don’t fully know what goes on behind the scenes in Blizzard’s clandestine halls.  Perhaps what I’m suggesting here is so monumentally difficult it teeters on the realm of impossibility.  But the fact of the matter, Blizzard, is that you can not solve your PvP balance issues by removing PvE abilities from other classes because then you’re stifling a vibrant and, by your own admission, vitally important portion of the game.  This is compounded by the fact that those most effected by the nerf usually don’t even participate in arena.

Look, monsters don’t complain any time they feel like any particular class has an advantage over them, but I get that players do, and constantly.  However, any time a class is weakened as a whole in an attempt to placate the arena crowd, it effects not just the individual players of that class, but also the raid dynamic of their guilds and possibly even strats and gems and enchants.  You can’t justify such a massive shift simply because you’re not willing to seek alternative solutions to problems, at least not as frequently as it’s done in WoW.  So Blizzard, I think it’s time to put down the bat, take a breath of fresh air, and solve your problems with some common sense.  Ready?  Good.  Now put an arrow on the front of the circle that pops up under someone when you select them and give us back our inky black ball of doom, you sacks of shit.




nerf-gunI’m not sure if anyone’s really been paying attention lately, but it truly seems that Blizzard has gone nerf happy in the recent weeks.  According to a recent post from Daelo, they will be further reducing the difficulty of 6 different Ulduar bosses, including Ignis and Razorscale who have both already been nerfed a couple of times.  Now our guild has only managed to down Kologarn from the Antechamber so far, but to be fair, we only had one full raid night and two hours to get that far this week thanks to missing raiders at inopportune times.  Plus, we’d never been to Antechamber before.  Kologarn was a little rough, but once people settled down and got the rhythm of the fight down, we were able to blow him up no problem.

But are these new nerfs justified?  A week ago, I was writing about how rough Ulduar is compared to old content and though it was definitely hard, it was fun.  It was enjoyable to feel yourself getting both excited and nervous at the same time once more and for downing a boss to mean more than just three minutes work to me.  After faring so poorly the first week of Ulduar, our guild came back last weekend and walked right through the Siege mobs, one shotting 3 of them.  We were still sloppy on Razorscale and XT, but it was a show of progress that we were able to one shot both of them after wiping so spectacularly the week before.

I will admit that these mobs had received slight nerfs from the week before, mainly that the mobs on Razorscale were weakened, but none more so than Ignis.  For anyone who tried Ignis before the nerf, the guy absolutely raged on your guild thanks to bugs and over-tuning.  The mobs were a huge hassle to handle before thanks to timing and the severity of damage taken by the off tank.  But they had given it a substantial nerf and last week it was really more a matter of figuring out positioning (coming in this week’s Friday Strats!) until we downed him, the only boss in siege we wiped on.  Point is, all these fights felt challenging and hard, but now they were doable at least.

So let’s take a look at some of these changes.  First off, Ignis:  The interrupt effect and duration of the damage from Flame Jets has been reduced, the damage from the Slag pot has been reduced, the number of Heat stacks needed to transform an Iron Construct into a Molten state has been reduced, the base melee damage done by Ignis has been reduced, and the damage bonus Ignis receives from Strength of the Creator has been slightly increased.  They’ve reduced his damage again and I’m not sure why, to tell you the truth.  Our MT would take gobs of damage every once in a while, but it was nothing that was breaking our healers and slag pot damage was kind of a joke already.  The interrupt on Flame Jets was also reduced and though I can see slight merit to this, but I don’t think it was necessary as it was easy to avoid this effect if you paid attention.  Finally, by increasing the buff from Strength of the Creator, it really seems to me that they are trying to make this a fight where you have to bomb heals every once in a while on the MT.  A lot of unnecessary nerfs here, imo.

For XT-002: The duration of Tympanic Trantrum has been reduced, the timer for XT-002 to hit berserk has been increased, the damage of Light Bomb has been reduced, the effect radius of Light Bomb has been reduced, and the health of XM-024 Pummeler has been reduced.  These are some interesting changes, especially the reduction of Tympanic Tantrum length.  That was a real raid killer ability and one that definitely tested the healers.  This may be a good change, as long as it’s not reduced to the point where it’s trivial.  The light bomb changes I find mixed as the radius was only 10 yards and if you planned properly for places for people to go, you were ok, but the damage could come at an unlucky time.  These changes were slightly warranted, considering that it was all too easy to lose a random raid member to bad light bomb / tantrum timing.  A reduction of hp to any add mob is good to me.

For Kologarn: The damage of Stone Grip has been reduced, the amount of time to break someone out from the right hand has been increased, the radius and damage of Rumble has been reduced, and the damage of Focused Eyebeam has been reduced.  The damage reduction and lengthening of Stone Grip will be most welcome in our raid, but again, I’ll wait to see the actual benefits of this nerf.  The reduction of damage and radius to rumble will also be quite welcomed as if this came during a shockwave, it could be disastrous for the raid.  The damage of Focused Eyebeam being reduced is a bit of a god send for people who can’t figure out how not run through your fellow raiders and get them killed.  This fight was rough with a lot of crazy raid damage flying everywhere, so these can help with inopportune timing of his various AoE damage abilities.

For Assembly of Iron: The damage of Rune of Death has been reduced, the damage of Chain Lightning has been reduced, and the damage of Lightning Whirl has been reduced.  Now we haven’t gotten any attempts in on this for 25 man, but let me tell you, even on 10 man the rune of death could be a raid killer if your people weren’t quick.  It’s mainly to do with the fact that the radius is so huge so you will get hit with a tick or two if you’re in the center of it.  I can only imagine how rough it must have been for 25 mans.  A damage reduction to their other AoE abilities didn’t seem necessary in 10 man, but I’d have to get it down in 25 man to get a feel for it there.

Also they snuck this in there: The effectiveness of the Priest spell Divine Hymn has been reduced.  You coulda at least reduced the cooldown timer, you sons of bitches.

I don’t know about these changes, honestly.  The problem before was that the siege area was a bottleneck for guilds and I think that it was due to overtuning of the encounters in the beginning.  But they seem to be severely nerfing it and what a lot of people are feeling right now is that Blizzard is trying to make it accessible to a lot more players than it seemed to be for.  A lot of people, and you can call them elitists if you want to, feel that this might be going too far though.  Players have a raid that they can play around in already and if you want to come to Ulduar, well, that’s the big kid’s playground.  However, I will say that it feels as though these nerfs are taking all the sharp edges off of Ulduar, making it more forgiving.  But is that good?


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