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Back on the Bottom

In my recent return to raiding I’ve decided to go ahead and shed my holy label in order to take up a more pew-pew oriented style.  Of course, such a transition will result in a period of learning and tweaking, perfecting my trade as a shadow priest where once the holy light shown strong.  It’s definitely been fun, but I am now feeling like I want to be the raider that I once was, a vital and important part of a team of peers.

The situation is different, however.  In <NEED A DISPENSER HERE> I was one of the top healers, regularly topping the charts along with two other mainstay healers.  We were a finely honed team that kept people alive and were needed for the raid to continue.  I don’t have a big head when I say that either, Dispenser barely had enough healers for 25 mans and if one didn’t show for whatever reason then we would usually fall short of being able to raid for the night.  It’s not that I was the best healer ever, but I knew my craft and was able to use my skills to make myself an important name in the guild.   So yeah, I was kind of a big deal.

<Delirium>, on the other hand, has a full compliment of DPS and healers after a period of thin times, so they can afford to be more careful when they’re separating the wheat from the chafe.  Though it’s partially my gear keeping me from rising through the charts, my inexperience has also resulted in a few situations where I’ve turned in a sub-par performance.  I’ve also consistently schlepped my way through the bottom of the dps charts, looking like a bit of a wiener in the process.  The one time I was asked to go heals I rocked the raid no problem, but that was just the once.

So now I am seeing WoW raiding from the other side of the ladder for the first time, where I am wondering if the officers are secretly whispering about how terrible I am at my role.  I’m not wringing my hands over here or anything, but I would definitely feel more comfortable if I was riding a constant 4k dps instead of closer to 3.6.  Of course, I also feel as though my raid awareness is still there and if you’re supposed to avoid something or kill a particular spawn, I’m usually on it no problem.  It’s just in my main role that I feel slightly lacking.

I’m not really scared that I’m going to get kicked from the guild or stop getting invites for raids or anything, but I do want to make a good impression.  It should be the goal of every raider to have others in the raid take note of how awesome their dps or healing or tanking is.  I want to get invites to the next raid because they think that I’m going to contribute something they need and not simply because they have an extra spot and I’m a warm body.  So I suppose I’ll just buckle down and try to be a bad ass dps mofo.

But how about you, gentle jerkwads?  Have you ever gone from hero to zero, either in transition from one guild to another or simply because your favored spec was crowded and they needed you for a different role?  Or perhaps you’re just a natural and no matter what spec you are you burn the dps like nobody’s business, or keep raids alive through sheer force alone.  Either way, drop me a comment and lemme know!



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