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Separation of P & E

I’ve only been back for a few weeks but already an old problem has cropped up, one that rears its ugly head fairly often for numerous different classes at various points in time.  Always a sad event heralded by much QQ on the forums, official or otherwise.  I speak, of course, of the dreaded nerf.  This time around it was the warrior crowd receiving a swipe of the bat as they had their ability to break roots and snares pruned back thanks to a Warbringer nerf.  Why did this have to happen?  Why couldn’t the warriors continue merrily breaking movement impairing effects in order to be better tanks during raids and dungeons?  Because of three little letters: PvP.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am definitely not a fan of the PvP at all.  I much more enjoy getting loot from raids and the camaraderie of other players as opposed to small thirty second bursts where I’m frenetically trying to cast damage spells while getting stun locked for the entire “match”.  Arena is definitely not a place for the priestly crowd and I was more than willing to stay away and still am.  The problem though is not that there is PvP  in the world, but rather that it is effecting even those who decide to avoid it, making it something of a pox upon the raiding community.

Look, the deal is that when you have these two systems that are so very wildly different, you simply can not balance them between the two without destroying the integrity of one or the other.  Either you overbalance one class by giving them a PvE ability that causes them to absolutely own at arena (see: Death Knights 3.0) and overbalances the population in their favor, or you do what was done to warriors and nerf them back, making them balanced in the arena but killing some of their fun in other places.  It’s pretty much a lose-lose situation that Blizzard continually tries to make work, often leading to a river of nerdly tears and asthmatic angst.

Here's the saddest one of all, just not emotionally

The main problem is that Blizzard continually tries to balance these systems even though they’re obviously not working together and it’s gotten to the point that people just aren’t surprised by it anymore.  Oh, there’s still plenty of grousing going on and the blogs and forums definitely light up as the news filters down through the WoW community, but for the most part it’s met with a ho-hum sort of response with most people saying something along the lines of “this blows, but it’s what Blizzard does to us”.  This complacent acceptance must end!

The thing is, there’s an easy enough solution, one so simple that I’d be extremely surprised to find out is only being proposed here on my lonely corner of the web for the first time.  Blizzard, why don’t you simply make some abilities unavailable in arena?  I mean, if you can write into the code the ability to make mounts unavailable once you cross an invisible line to become indoors, why can’t you do it so that specific talents or abilities disappear once you enter arena?  I’ll admit that I’m not a programmer, but that seems like something that could be implemented that could go a long way to solve the problem.

Let’s go back to our warrior example real quick.  The talent Warbringer allows a warrior to use charge and a few other abilities while in combat that they could not before.  If they did, then those abilities would break any movement impairing effect in addition to their usual effect.  Because this was allowing warriors to break roots and snares in arena, which was considered an unfair advantage, Blizzard removed the impairment breaking effect.  Now it may be a little too much to ask for Blizzard to dissect a talent like this and remove part of the effect (breaking impairment) and leaving the other (using abilities in combat), but imagine how easy and cleanly the problem could have been fixed if they had done that.

Perhaps they could simply add two new talents or spells/abilities for every class with one only working in arena and one only working in PvE, then they can work on balancing those and leave the other stuff alone.  If they wanted to go even more extreme, they could introduce a brand new PvP talent tree designed to countermand PvE talents, or even simply introduce new talents into the existing trees.  A specced Mind Flay where the snare effect can not be broken would both cancel out the warrior’s talent and allow it be used in PvE at the same time.  Thing is, Blizzard is not a fan of solving problems like this, preferring more of a slash and burn method where they simply throw out what doesn’t work between the two.

I’ll reiterate it again and even go further: I’m not a video game programer or a dev.  I don’t fully know what goes on behind the scenes in Blizzard’s clandestine halls.  Perhaps what I’m suggesting here is so monumentally difficult it teeters on the realm of impossibility.  But the fact of the matter, Blizzard, is that you can not solve your PvP balance issues by removing PvE abilities from other classes because then you’re stifling a vibrant and, by your own admission, vitally important portion of the game.  This is compounded by the fact that those most effected by the nerf usually don’t even participate in arena.

Look, monsters don’t complain any time they feel like any particular class has an advantage over them, but I get that players do, and constantly.  However, any time a class is weakened as a whole in an attempt to placate the arena crowd, it effects not just the individual players of that class, but also the raid dynamic of their guilds and possibly even strats and gems and enchants.  You can’t justify such a massive shift simply because you’re not willing to seek alternative solutions to problems, at least not as frequently as it’s done in WoW.  So Blizzard, I think it’s time to put down the bat, take a breath of fresh air, and solve your problems with some common sense.  Ready?  Good.  Now put an arrow on the front of the circle that pops up under someone when you select them and give us back our inky black ball of doom, you sacks of shit.



My name’s Dueg and I made joke, I PvPed right in your Coke

So let me start this by saying that I hate PvP.  A lot.  I’ve never been a fan of BGs nor do I particularly enjoy getting ganked while trying to do my dailies, but that’s neither here nor there.  For some people PvP is a daily occurrence on WoW.  It’s a goal that people will actively pursue  and try to accomplish for reasons ranging from gear to just the plain old thrill of the fight.  But why?

Dueg's PvP form.

Dueg's PvP form.

Now I’ve always had my chars on PvP realms.  Not because of prejudice against “care bear” realms or anything like that, but because I feel that it helps to submerge you even more into the game.  I have no problem with ganking and feel that it adds a small bit of danger and fun to the game.  I myself even occasionally partake in it if I stumble across a lowbie and feel like wasting a minute.  Plus /dancing on their corpses is hilarious every time.

Griefing, on the other hand, is unacceptable as far as I’m concerned.  I find the idea of standing over someone, waiting for them to come back just so you can kill them a rather despicable act.  The fact of the matter is that there’s someone at the other end who is pretty much having their entire evening ruined just because you’re bored and feel like killing 30 minutes or so standing in the same spot.  Congratulations, dick, you’ve just one shotted someone who never stood a chance for the tenth time in a row!  But why are you so hollow still?

But I digress, as a priest doing my priest thing I have run a few battlegrounds in the past.  Back in BC, I pretty much skipped the end game content including heroics and raids.  So my only option for obtaining epics was to run the battlegrounds and try to accrue enough points to pick up a new mace or maybe a sweet off hand item.  Yes, it’s true, Dueg was on welfare.

But even as a hybrid specced priest with some of the survivability involved in the disc tree combined with the healing powers of the healing tree, I found myself getting whomped fairly regularly.  You see, for a healer BGs can be especially rough.  Instead of damage done, or number of kills made or how many nodes captured, we enjoy seeing our names rise up on the (surprise surprise) healing meter.  However, as soon as we get a heal off, a huge target appears over our head that says, “Hey!  I enjoy death, please to pwn me to ground, kkthxbai.”  No seriously, it actually says that.

As a holy priest, your survivability tanks horribly.  Some would say that the obvious thing is to just respecc as disc if you want to PvP with a priest, which is fine and all, but then it can interfere with raiding schedules and hurt the pocket book if you’re constantly respeccing.  With dual specs on the horizon this will lessen even more with people able to switch on a moment’s notice.  However, as a healer, I don’t enjoy shielding myself and then spamming flash heal just to stay alive long enough for someone else to come and pull the attacker off of me.  Besides, that only works about half the time.

Now I haven’t mentioned arena and I’m not going to because I feel that’s almost a different sort of PvP.  There’s in depth strategy involved and it takes an entirely different breed of WoW player to do it.  Being the healer in an arena match is a compeltely different prospect than being one in BGs and is less a test of your healing abilities and more of whether or not you can master the strategies of fighting certain classes and think quickly on your feet.  Survivability is still an issue, but with the right combination of abilities, spells and talents coupled with quick reflexes, you can overcome a slight deficiency due to it being a bit more of a fair match in numbers.

Blizzard has stated that they’re looking to make Holy priests more survivable and there’s even some sign of this with a new talent being tested on the PTR.  Called Body and Soul, basically at full strength the talent gives the target of your PW:S a 60% speed boost and your Abolish Disease will have a 50% chance to cure a poison effect when cast on yourself.   I find it somewhat insulting that Blizzard’s idea of upping our survivability is to give us a better opportunity to run away, but what’re you gonna do?  Also, with only a 50% chance to cure poison, this talent is fairly useless and I would be very surprised if it goes live as is if they don’t pull it altogether.

So I turn to you, gentle jerkwad, and ask your opinion on this matter.  As a healer, do you find pvp annoying?  I understand that strategy dictates that we should be the first to go, but does that kill the fun for your own experience?  Maybe you are an arena buff and spend hours reading strats and even more time talking with your team mates and coordinating movement and tactics.  Do you  switch specs for PvP and raiding or just do it to it without a care for min/maxing?  Drop me a comment and let me know.



The Hodir Accord

Esteemed diplomats of the Alliance, honored elders of the Horde, welcome and salutations.  Thank you for coming here to neutral ground to hear me out, I guarantee, you shan’t be disappointed.  Now, I have called you all here in order to discuss a matter of grave concern, one that threatens to destroy what small, fragile peace is still out there.  Yes, gentle jerkwads, I speak of the Hodir Accord.

As almost anyone who’s level 80 knows, unless you’re a scribe there’s only one place to go for shoulder enchants.  In the Stormpeaks there’s a faction of ice giants known as the Sons of Hodir who will sell you the best shoulder enchants in the game.  The hitch?  Gotta be exalted with them.  It’s not as bad as the rep grinds of vanilla and BC, but unless you’re willing to spend hours and hours grinding out mobs for Relics of Ulduar drops or spend thousands of gold on the same, you’re looking at about three weeks solid worth of dailies.  Three weeks of boring, mind-numbing, soul shattering dailies… well, that dragon one’s kinda cool, but still.

So in other words, if you’re serious about raiding and min/maxing, you must spend about an hour everyday running from worm filled caverns to dwarf hiding snow drifts to ghost infested battlefield to a frozen lake lousy with elementals and back again.  No one wants to do this, no one.  In fact, everyone in my guild who has done it has complained at great length about the evils of this grind and the fact that it’s pretty much necessary if you’re a raider.

The point?  Stop killing people when you’re doing Sons of Hodir dailies

Listen: I get it, ok?  You like to PvP, in fact, you love it.  Nothing gives you more pleasure than watching some schmo on the opposite side of the faction fence slide off your sword/dagger/pointy stick.  Your philosophy is that if someone made a character on a PvP server, they should be prepared for PvP or transfer to a “care bear” server, and that philosophy is a-ok.  However, there is a time and place for it and since Blizzard seems unwilling to step in on this one, I have decided to step it up and use my considerable influence to settle this.

This grind is bad enough, everyone who’s there knows why everyone else is there.  There’s no mystery.  You haven’t stumbled across someone who wandered over to the area hoping to grind some exp.  You’re there for the same reason that other person is there and they want to be there as much as you do which is not at all.  However, they’re there and you’re there and now you’re stabbing them and now they’re dead, but you’re still so hollow on the inside.  That aside, however, you have now extended this person’s daily evil for no good reason except you happened to stumble on them while they were killing some mondo worm.  Congratulations, you’re a dick.

Look, let me say this in closing, PvP is fine and I am actually of the philosophy that if you’re on a PvP server, well, you’re fair game.  I actually enjoy it, the added danger of being out questing, seeing a red name floating towards you and not being sure if you should throw a pre-emptive strike or let him walk on by or the thrill of squishing newbs on a run through vanilla, it’s all gravy, baby.  But I find that killing people while they’re trying to accomplish something that they more or less need to (obviously they don’t NEED to, but you catch my drift) on level with griefing in that there’s just no good reason for it.  There not even supposed to BE there today!

So what have you, gentle jerkwads?  Will you sign the Accord and help to end the bloodshed?  Perhaps you’ve already done so in spirit or perhaps you are against any peace of any kind?  Either way, I will let my good friend Serious Dog close this post with a few well chosen words:



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