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Saturday RP – Night Terrors

It didn’t take too long after they had left Venomspite before the four adventurers noticed the influence of the fel citadel of Naxxramas effecting the landscape.  As Noxt hobbled along with them he explained that in the past this area of land was dedicated to farming resources for the Alliance forward camp in Northrend.  It had been plowed and seeded all the way to northern mountains of the Howling Fjord.  Small barns and fields of corn and grain had sprung up almost overnight as the indentured serfs of Stormwind brought fertility to the previously barren fields.  But then Arthas had turned.

The betrayal of the Arthas spelled doom for the small military force as it was subtly poisoned by the Lich King’s lies and machinations until it became a scourge army. The fields were to summon the same fate as well.  The seeds of death were sown into the  ground along with the crops and they yielded a terrible poison in their own right.  As the army fed on the altered grain they grew sick and eventually perished, adding their numbers to Arthas’ growing forces.  Since the last trusted harvest, the fields had sat untouched by the hands of mortal men, slowly falling more and more to the Lich King’s control.

The barns had fallen into disrepair and sat as dilapidated testaments to the Alliance’s defeat at the hands of their fallen leader.  The once ploughed fields were either covered in frost and snow or yielded dead looking brier plants, their sharp spines secreting an viscous, milky substance.   A constant fog shrouded the land and shapes always seemed to be moving just off to the side of your eyes.  All of this under the baleful eye of Naxxramas, which had relocated to the farmed fields after the failed offensive on the mainland.  Just the proximity of the fel fortress was enough to begin blocking even the sun’s presence from the fields and further allow the Scourge’s stranglehold on the lands.

“And along the southern side of these cursed lands,” explained Noxt, “We four merry adventurers be.  Makes your soul burst with pride, eh, gentlemen?”

The other three threw murderous daggers with their eyes at the chatty mage who seemed to be enjoying the hurried journey a little too much so far.  Leaning heavily on his staff in order to overcome the stiffness in his joints inherent with death, the emaciated spellcaster seemed to almost be skipping with glee along the dirt road.  He began to croak out a further explanation about how the Forsaken had been able spread a plague among the undead in order to clear the area around Venomspite.  Scrat sighed and brought up his cowl in order to protect from the hot, greasy rain that had begun to spatter intermittently among the group, leaving the smell of rotten eggs behind.

Suddenly, he noticed something odd, a further darkening besides what they had grown accustomed too walking along the southern beam fences of the Alliances former farmlands.  Scrat stopped for a moment, bringing Dueg to a halt behind him as Noxt continued to natter on to Reyk, who didn’t notice the other two pausing.  Dueg frowned, “Let’s get a move on, shaman, you know we can’t camp until we get well clear of these lands.”

Scrat looked back at Dueg behind him, “De sun be settin’, mon.  Bad mojo is about.”

“What?  How can you even tell, it’s been dark as night since we enter-” Dueg stopped suddenly as the giant brier patch on the opposite side of the fence began to gently vibrate, making a clicking noise into the blowing wind.  Reyk and Noxt stopped, seeming surprised to have been separated from the other two companions and then looking out onto the field as another section of the briar patch began to vibrate as well.  One by one, small sections of brier began to rattle in the stirring breeze as the whole patch suddenly seemed to shaking, the very ground below four starting to shake.

Scrat and Dueg began moving back towards their companions, beginning to feel the idea of being separated may not be a sound one as the rattling began to intensify in sound and force.  Reyk drew his sword from his scabbard as Noxt suddenly straightened himself up and raised his arm, waving arcane runes into the air.  As the ground around Reyk flared with light the fence between the two groups burst outward in an explosion of fury and limbs as two gigantic undead spiders burst from the Brier.  They quickly turned from each other, raising up on their back legs and presenting only furiously moving forelegs and venom dripping fangs.

The first spider lunged at Reyk and met with a thrusting shield, slightly splintering off the end of one of it’s fangs as it tried to tear at his armor with it’s razor sharp forelegs.  Unfortunately, Reyk couldn’t find any weak spots presented, instead striking at the base of one of the legs and meeting with only a nick on it’s hard exoskeleton.  Noxt began to circle around behind Reyk to get a clear shot at their arachnid attacker, not wanting to hit Reyk.  On the opposite side, Scrat quickly moved forward to engage the spider as Dueg summoned forth a divine shield to block the poisonous fangs of the spider.  Scrat shot forward as legs and fangs furiously stabbed at the bubble of hardened light, his mace landing with a crunching thud against the right half of the monster’s face.  It reared back, letting out a loud hiss as it’s ruined fang and pedipalp now hung uselessly from it’s face.

Wrath of light, smite my foes with your fury!  Dueg shot his hand forward, focusing the power of the light into a ball of pure energy and channeling it into the retreating spider.  The light exploded against the creature’s abdomen, causing two of it’s legs to collapse and a burning, cracked carapace along the left flank of it’s abdomen.  The monstrous spider turned, trying to scurry back into the briar as quickly as it’s six legs would allow.  Spirits of lightnin’, be givin’ me yer aid!  Scrat fired a ball of pure electricity at the creature, watching in satisfaction as the already weakened exoskeleton cracked and burst under the strain and the animal fell dead, half it’s ograns exposed and bleeding.  Dueg looked up from the mess in time to see the other spider explode in a roar of flames as Noxt was finally able to get a clear shot.

The four quickly reconvened, and began to move quickly, the base of the mountains coming just in sight before the fog began to thicken with the onset of night.  Though the sun had been all but completely blocked out by the dark clouds streaming constantly from Naxxramas, the white moon was surprisingly obvious through them.  As it began to rise, it’s cold light seemed to center on the group, making them a beacon moving along the south of the Scourge’s lands.  The four began to almost run, knowing that soon they would be beset by the locals and what that might entail and for once, Noxt was silent.

After about twenty minutes they saw what appeared to be a giant fallen tree crossing a chasm.  The tree had long allow been hollowed out, leaving behind a usable natural bridge.  As the four began to move with even more vigor, realizing this was the natural bridge into the Grizzly Hills, they saw two massive shapes move to block their exit.  The four slowed slightly, unsure of their next step until they heard a strange howling begin to come up behind them.  The sounds of hunting dogs or wolves beginning to take to trail.  Reyk looked at the other three and nodded as they turned and determinedly made their way to the bridge.

The two shapes resolved themselves into two gigantic stitched abominations.  One had two long half rotten tentacles hanging from it’s right side and a huge, misshapen arm ending in a razor’s edge.  Upon the bloated, muscular body sat a surprisingly normal looking head, it’s beady eyes looking down at the four.  To it’s left sat a similarly sized abomination, except this one had two huge arms and a third one placed where it’s head should be.  While it’s two main arms held no weapons, the one where it’s head should be had a small steam run device which whirred a wicked logging blade.  

The one with the head began to speak, “Eh, now, wot’s all dis den?  Yous for is s’posed t’be back there get’n ground up n’ cawt now in’t ya?”

The group looked at each other, perplexed for the moment until Noxt stopped forward, “We’re, uhm… we’re not sure what you mean.”

Small Head looked perplexed for a moment, “Master says yous for on loos, that yous is for da chop.  We’s s’posed ta make shor you don’ leaf.”  The whirring arm head of his companion nodded up and down a couple of times in agreement.

Noxt looked back at the other three and grinned then turned around, “Oh, well, if that’s the case, I guess we’ll just have to go back and get chopped.  Are they the ones making all the howling?”

Small Head nodded, “Ya, that the-” Suddenly it’s head erupted into flames as Noxt thrust his hand forward, calling upon fire’s blessing.  Arm Head suddenly went berserk, the whirring circular saw kicking into high gear and letting out a piercing shriek as it shook back forth in front the bridge, slicing into it’s companion’s abdomen and spilling it’s stolen guts onto the ground.  The hing stepped back in confusion as it heard small head’s painful screams die away.  The four companions seized their chance as Noxt waved them forward and dashed past the whirring behemoth.  As the thing heard their boots begin to plunk against the wood it turned it’s deadly blade slicing down and splintering and chopping the wood, desperately trying to find one of them.  

Dueg was the first to feel the shifting as the all out full out ran across the ancient span.  The humongous thing was trying to follow them and it’s massive weight mixed with desperate cuts is making into the long dead trunk was causing it to splinter and crack further.  Dueg could see that they weren’t going to make it though the all were putting on extra bursts of speed to try and beat out the inevitable.  However, it was too late.  Slowly, inexorably, the dead tree splintered and cracked and began to fall into the chasm stretch out below them.  Dueg had only a second to yell out a warning before the wood disappeared out from under him and all four of the companions entered free fall.



Saturday RP – Recovery

“You drew them a light damned MAP?!” Reyk slammed his stein down on the warped, wooden table the four companions sat at, beer slopping over the side.  “Then they will already have a start on us!”

It had been a full day since the four had made good their escape from the fields of the Howling Fjord and found themselves just outside of the small settlement known as Venomspite.  A tiny frontier town, the hidden encampment was little more than an inn, an apothecary and several military administration buildings and barracks.  Once they had arrived and Dueg had tended the wounds and bruises their incarceration had left them with, they had made their way to the inn.  A rotting, gothic affair in the usual style of the Forsaken, Noxt had surprised the three previous prisoners by revealing he had reservations for the lot of them.

After retiring to his room, Dueg had decided the time had come to search through the gift the night elf had given him and taken out the traveling pack with the picture of the door stenciled on it’s flap.  After opening it, he had found what appeared to be the shoulder guard of a full set of plate armor sticking out.  After much pulling, Dueg managed to yank the heavy piece of armor from the opening, finding it impossibly large to fit in the entirety of the bag.  When he examined the armor closely he found sigils and sacred runes of the light and Silvermoon city etched on the piece, revealing it to be Reyk’s armor that had been taken from them during their brief incarceration.

Feeling exhaustion, confusion and curiosity warring in his mind, Dueg decided it best to leave the mystery for the morning and retired for the night, his brain still trying to sort out how the armor had even fit in the bag in the first place.  The next morning he called Reyk into his room, who was very grateful to find the sacred shoulder guard once more and just as confused.  When they opened the small traveling pack once more they found an edge of his greaves poking out and were able to remove that as well.  One by one they were able to remove the entirety of Reyk’s armor from the small pack, realizing that magic must be afoot.

After Reyk had recovered his armor completely and returned it to his room, he called in Scrat and Noxt to consult while they were able to remove Scrat’s mailed armor and the entirety of the three companion’s confiscated travel supplies.  Noxt deduced that the bag they were given was an enchanted satchel which held a dimensional pocket within itself.  Thanks to this, it was able to store large and heavy items such as the lost armor and supplies they were currently recovering.  However, this revelation only raised more suspicion within Dueg as to why Ter’vona would gift such an obviously valuable enchanted item.

Reyk too was becoming suspicious as to how Dueg had come across such an item from their captors and said as much by calling a meeting between the four to better explain the events of the last few days.  After everyone had returned to their rooms to drop off their recovered gear, the four made their way down to the sitting area of the inn, calling for beer and wine and allowing Noxt to explain his part in the mission.  It seemed that their ruined camp site had been found not too long after they had been captured, alerting the local Horde authorities to their predicament.  Noxt had been tapped as a specialist in search and rescue attempts, having been able to escape from the Alliance himself twice after being captured while spying.

When the camp had been located, Noxt had made all haste to it, able to arrive within hours of them being escorted there thanks to magical means of travel.  After spying on the goings on, he had formulated a simple plan.  He would put fire to the several boxes of supplies they had in the center of camp, sneak in and disarm the spell ward that was keeping the three prisoners from using their divine gifts, then sneak them out.

“…except Duegathalas here had already made his escape without our help.” He had ended his story while the other three at the table turned their eyes to Dueg, questioning him silently.

Dueg calmly sipped at his wine before placing it down and beginning his recount of what had happened.  Telling of his chest wound then of the curious night elf and the small Ignat, who seemed the de facto leader.  Then his voice began to drip with malice as he spoke of Finegal, the fallen priest who wielded shadow’s powers.  Of the torture session and his ultimate submitting to the dark powers as they held his will hostage and forced him to reveal the route they had taken, causing an outburst from Reyk.

“No, I did not draw them a light forsaken map,” Dueg rebutted.  “The pervaded my mind and stole my will from me, such is the power of the light’s dark twin.  They drew the map, they just used my body and mind to do it.  You should know the abilities of the shadow as well as I since you have also studied the light.  I attempted to destroy the damned map, but the human bested me in the grapple and they were able to get it.”

Reyk sighed and leaned back, absently tugging at his disheveled, raggedly cut hair, “They tried to get us to talk as well, but I suppose they decided to use the shadow on you first.  It could just as easily have been Scrat or myself who succumbed.  So the question now is where do we go from here?”

Noxt nodded, “I am at your disposal.  The High Executor thinks it best that the Forsaken be involved in this mission as well, since it has fared poorly so far.”

Scrat scowled slightly at the mage but nodded nonetheless, “Yes, da ‘ting of it is, we need to be movin’ quickly before dey get da jump on us.  ‘Ave a chance to place obstacle in our pat’.”

“Agreed.  We should move quickly,” Reyk said, “After examining a map of the local area, I see that we need to move east then and into the Grizzly Hills post haste.  We must be careful though, for that will bring us in close proximity to the Scourge fortress of Naxxramas, which spoils the countryside with it’s foul magic, causing the dead to rise.  Normally we would cut south, but that would add too much time onto our journey.”

The other three nodded and downed their drinks, standing to gather their belongings from their rooms.  Since Dueg had been the one to receive the gift of the bag from the night elf, he was elected to hold it as well, storing excess items they may come across or things too heave to carry.  Everyone else donned their recovered armor or simply collected their supplies then returned to the lobby of the darkened inn.  Noxt signed the military receipt and nodded to the other three as they left the inn, turned east, moving as quickly as possible.  All the while, Naxxramas sat on the horizon above their intended path, glowing with a menacing light.



Sunday RP – Egress

Dueg sat up as the explosion rocked the ground beneath him.  Quickly he scooted across the ground to the tent flap, hoping that the distraction caused by the explosions would be enough to allow him to slip away.  His hopes were quickly dashed however as his hand met an invisible barrier just inside of the opening, placing his escape on hold.  Unperturbed, Dueg turned and reached for the bottom edge of his canvas prison, knowing that it was most likely blocked as well, but not wanting to waste this opportunity.

Voices began yelling orders to help put out the fire that was apparently beginning to rage at the point of explosion as Dueg scrabbled along the edge of the tent, hoping to find some weakness in the spell keeping him in the small tent.  After a minute or so of trying, he could see the futility of his actions and sat back, his mind racing as he tried to find some way to make an exit.  Dueg sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, trying once more to reach inside himself and feel the light of creation that he so desperately missed.  Deep down in the most sacred parts of his soul he delved, looking for that familiar spark that had been blocked from him, yearning for it’s caress in this time of need.

Suddenly, he felt it again, as if a curtain had been drawn aside and once more the light of the sun shown full on his face.  Tears leaped to his eyes and he reached for it, allowing the light to pour into his frame and dance along his aches and wounds, relieving his bruised neck and knitting broken skin and filling him with resolve.  “Light, dispel my enemy’s machinations,” came his quiet prayer as he reached once more for the tent flap, smiling in triumph as his hand passed the invisible barrier without incident and drawing back the opening.

The scene outside was one of chaos.  In the middle of what appeared to be a middle sized Alliance encampment, a fire raged and ate at a small pile of boxes situated in the center of a ring of similarly small tents.  Around the blaze several people ran, throwing water on the boxes as thick plumes of black smoke erupted wherever the water ate at the flames.  Dueg also noticed the small shape of his gnome captor walking in a circle around the flames, casting ice at the boxes to help battle the damage being wrought upon them.  Thanking the light, Dueg slipped from the canvas tent and tried to stealthily creep away from the distracted Alliance.

That was when the Night Elf appeared in front of him once more, her bow held in a relaxed position, pointing at the ground with an arrow cocked but not drawn back.   Her curious, glowing eyes once more studied him as a slinking, saber toothed striped cat curled around her legs to face Dueg, it’s eyes intently watching him.  For a moment they simply stood and looked at Dueg, as if pondering their move before she looked back to the fire and once more at him.

“Hello again, Sin’dorei Duegathalas,” she stated simply, still not making any threatening moves, “Have you grown tired of your accommodations already?”

Dueg smoothed down the front of his robes as his mind continued racing, trying to find a way to make good on his escape as he spoke, “Yes, well, they were quite cramped and the help can be somewhat… murderous.”

She smirked slightly, “Finegal will get carried away at times.  I suppose the light’s shadow has eaten away at his conscience for so many years that he forget he ever had it within his soul to feel compassion.  Still, it is my responsibility to see to it that you and your friends, who are presently making their escapes as well, are escorted back to your tents or Ignat will certainly be quite cross.”

Holding her bow and the arrow still cocked within it with one hand, she reached behind her back.  Dueg tensed and crouched, preparing himself for some sort of attack as she instead produced a curious looking travel pack, an open door stenciled on it’s flap.  She tossed it so it landed in front of him, and nodded for him to take it as she once more reached to hold the arrow ready to pull and loose.  Dueg dipped and picked up the pack, surprised at how light it felt as he watched her for any sign of attack, his mind careening in confusion at the gift.

“It is lucky for you, Sin’dorei Duegathalas, that I find Ignat quite amusing when he is angry.  I believe it’s the strange shade of red he turns combined with his green tufts that make it so enjoyable to watch,” she pulled her arrow from the bow and placed it in the quiver at her leg as she kneeled down, rubbing the large cat’s head at her side and looking at him intently, “Your friends are expecting you, till next we meet, may Elune grace your steps.”  She slung her bow along her back then simply walked past him into the camp as her companion followed, rubbing gently against Dueg’s legs.

Dueg watched her saunter away for a few moments then turned and ran, trying to put as much distance between him and the encampment as possible.  His mind was at a loss for comprehending what had just happened, but figured it better not to think too much on his good fortune.  After a few minutes of running, he stopped to try and gain his bearings, looking around the gentle, sloping grasslands of the Fjord and noticing three dark shapes moving towards him from the area of the camp.  He ducked low, trying to hide make himself less obvious against the horizon until he recognized the forms of Scrat and Reyk moving with a slouching, emaciated robed figure.

“Duegathalas,” nodded Reyk as the companions once more reconvened, “I am glad you were able to make your escape as well.  They had you sequestered away from us and by the time we found your tent, you were gone.”  He nodded to the newest person, a Forsaken who stood with Scrat, whispering hurredly, “This is Noxt, our savior.  He created that blaze in the camp that allowed us to slip away.”

“You can shower me with praise later,” came the response from the robed undead as he and Scrat moved forward, “the Alliance are almost through with the fire and it won’t be long until they find you three missing.  Stand close, and we shall make our escape.”

The three gathered in a ring around the dead mage as he began to whisper arcane words of escape, magic gently weaving a pattern around the companions.  Dueg felt himself grow buoyant though he was still on the ground and recognized a portal spell being cast.  As Noxt formed the portal that would take them all from here he tossed up small fragments of ancient entryways, causeing them to begin to spin about the small party.  As the spell reached it’s crescendo, Dueg felt something tug at him and suddenly the world around him wavered before a flash erupted around him and the world flipped upside down.

From the edge of the camp, Ter’vona smiled as her and her feline companion watched the four shapes disappear on the wings of magic.  Gently, she whispered, “Let the hunt begin.”



Saturday RP – Interrogation

The shadowy figure leaned forward, reaching out slowly as Dueg warily watched his hand approach.  “You can make this easier on yourself,” came the rasping voice, “simply tell us the location of your… friend, and nothing else will come of this meeting.” 

Dueg’s eyes focused on the shadowy hand held in front of him like a snake readying to strike, “You will find me not so willing to be a pawn in your scheme, fallen one.  The Sin’dorei have more willpower than you can imagine.”

A gentle whisper emanated from the dark priest, “Shadow’s pain.”

Dueg gasped suddenly as the sensation of needles dragging through his skin erupted all over his body.  He convulsed and gnashed his teeth as the sensation intensified, feeling the shadows bleeding off from the dark priest to rip and pull at him as though to tear him asunder.  Flashes of light swam across his vision and he felt blood seep into his mouth from where he had bit deep into his cheek.  His breathing came in ragged bursts and his punctured lung felt as though it would rip from his chest.  Finally, after a few moments the pain began to seep from him and he spat blood upon the dirt floor.

“A… t-trifle… of a… s-sensation,” Dueg whispered as he clutched at his burning chest.

“Yes,” came the shadowy figure’s response, “the shadow’s kiss is nary a tickle.  Now tell me, where is the Forsaken Oracle?”

“Y-you’ll… find it…” the interrogator leaned forward, “a… few i-inches… into your… rect-”

The shadow priest scowled and reached out, placing his hand on Dueg’s chest, “PAIN!”

Dueg blacked out.  When he came to again, he could feel the light’s power working it’s way through his body, gently healing his wounds and renewing his battered frame.  Tears of joy at once more feeling the light within him came unbidden to his eyes as he looked over in time to see the priest once more coating himself in shadows and drawing energy from the darker powers.  Dueg slowly sat back up, trying once more to anchor his soul to the light’s power and finding himself painfully bereft of it’s beneficent powers.

“Your sharp tongue is not appreciated,” came the gravelly whisper once more, “You only serve to slow the process.”

“You will not break me through simple pain, Alliance fool.  I have worked to steel myself against such crude methods for longer than you’ve been alive.”

“So it seems.  Fortunately, however, there are other methods at my disposal to get that which I desire.  The shadows are quite versatile.  But first, I shall loosen your mind.”  The inky mass that was the priest suddenly seemed to grow even darker as the various shadows within the tent began to seep into him, creating a nimbus of dark powers.  “Shadow’s curse, heed my call and enlighten this fool to your dark powers!”

Dueg reeled as a blast of pure, darkened energy ripped into his mind.  The world around him grew blurred as his addled brain tried to make sense of what had happened.  Where was he?  Why was he sitting in this small tent?  He tried to clear his thoughts, perhaps to meditate when suddenly he heard a voice come from the gathering darkness at the other end of the tiny prison.  “Blessed darkness, grant me access to the mind of my foe with your fel energies!”

Dueg grasped at his head as suddenly he felt a tendril of pure power try to worm it’s way through his skull and into his brain.  His already weakened mind attempted to place a barrier up, but the insistent darkness easily shattered that as it grasped for control over him.  Slowly Dueg lowered his hands and looked up as the shadow plucked his willpower from him and placed it firmly in the hands of the shadow priest.  Somewhere in a forgotten recess of his mind, Dueg felt himself railing against the intrusion and trying to break free from a darkened tome of shadows to no avail.

The other priest smiled, though Dueg could see the awesome strain he was under to hold his control over his mind and body.  Slowly and with much care, the shadow priest placed a map of the region and a small charcoal nub in front of him, indicating that he should begin to draw.  Trying with all his powers to resist, Dueg still felt his arm slowly lift as though made of lead and reach forward, picking up the nub and beginning to map out their intended path into the Grizzly Hills where their prize was supposedly situated.  Desperately he tried to make his arm veer off or to indicate a false destination, but in the back of his mind he watched in consternation as the path was revealed until finally his fingers drew a small X on their final destination.  The sensation of failure once more flowed over Dueg as the dark priest released him once more and reached for the map.

Thinking quickly, Dueg suddenly shot forward as his triumphant interrogator picked up the map, and punched him solidly on the chin.  Falling back on top of him, he began to grapple for the map, hoping to ruin it before it could be put to use.  Yelling out for help, the dark priest reached out and grabbed a handful of dirt, throwing it into Dueg’s eyes and blinding him, rolling him over and placing an elbow to his neck, stealing his breath.

“Killed while trying to escape, so sad,” the priest gloated as he pressed down, seeking to smother Dueg, “hopefully the Horde won’t miss one more idiot in their ranks!”

Swirls of light began to dance through Dueg’s vision as he tried to punch or throw off his attacker, his attempts becoming more and more feeble with every passing moment as the lack of oxygen mixed with the events of the last few days, taking it’s toll on him.  The hot breath of the shadow priest whirled against his cheek as he dipped down to stare into Dueg’s eyes, “I wonder if your eyes will glow a different color at the moment of death.  Let’s find out together.”

“That’s enough, Finegal.”

The priest looked up to see Ignat standing at the tent flap once more, the gnome’s stern face taking in the whole scene, “We are not murderers.  Release the prisoner.  Now.”

Dueg felt the pressure on his throat lift as he gasped and choked, trying to draw in oxygen through his bruised windpipe.  The shadow priest suddenly struck out, landing a solid punch to Dueg’s cheek and stooping to exit the tent as the gnome stepped aside.   The flap closed and once more Dueg was alone.  He slowly crawled to the far end of the tent and curled into a ball, almost wishing the shadow priest had killed him and sent him back to the Between.  Once more he had failed and now the Alliance would triumph over the Horde for it.  Dueg felt his soul begin to sink into despair.

That was when the explosion rocked the camp.



Saturday RP – Between

The moist stone floor slowly swirled into view as Dueg regained consciousness.  Face down, he coughed and wretched from the sudden awakening from the deep darkness and began to move, mentally checking all parts of his body for pain or signs of distress.  He placed a hand on his chest, confused at the lack of wound or dressing where the arrow had struck him.  He did not think the Alliance so kind as to bring in a priest in order to remove all signs of damage for a prisoner.

Slowly he sat up, his head reeling, and feeling as though it were stuffed with a field medic’s dressings.  As he looked around, he saw that he was sitting on a dimly lit stone floor, the shadows devouring any features beyond a few feet from where he sat.  Weakly, he stood up, surprised at the lack of pain or stiffness from his forced unconsciousness, pondering where to go from here.  As he continued to look around, he became aware of a gentle scratching from behind him, turning to confront the noise.

Where before there had only been blackness, there now stood what appeared to be a well stocked study, shelves and books lining one entire wall and a giant map of Northrend dominating another.  In the center of the sudden addition stood a tall, ornately carved book holder with a small, bald headed gnome sitting behind it.  Laid out on the holder was a book easily as wide across as it’s tiny owner, who sat hunched over with a long quill pen scratching words into it.  Dueg raised an eyebrow and let out a gentle cough.

“A moment please…” came the slightly nasally response from the pre-occupied gnome.  

Looking behind him and seeing only blackness, Dueg moved further into the study.  He slowly approached the map of Northrend, noting that it was much more incrementally detailed than the cloth rag of a map that the Forsaken had given him as a resource.  He also noted the small inserts that gave detailed layouts of the different Horde and Alliance encampments throughout the frozen continent and felt his brow furrow in consternation.  If the Alliance had this much intel, then they might be able to press their advantage even further and push the Horde from the continent, claiming all glory for the Lich King’s demise and politically crippling the Horde in any further diplomatic arrangements.  Light knew that’s what the Horde was attempting.

Dueg reached for his pack at his side, thinking perhaps to stealthily sketch some of the Alliance’s base camps when he heard a gentle sigh, “That will be quite enough of that.”

Dueg turned to confront the tiny author, “Then perhaps the time has come to speak of what you would have of me.”

The gnome’s brow furrowed, “What I would have of you?  You’re the one who’s early, you’re not supposed to be here for…” he looked away, scanning back through some pages in his overgrown tome, “well, quite a while anyways.  No matter though, we can begin the review process now if you’d like, or you can wait until I’m done with my work in, oh, say, a couple hundred years?”  The gnome’s tone left no doubt that he would prefer the latter.

“Review process?”  A cold chill ran through Dueg, “What do you mean by ‘review process’?”

“For your life, the one you just left.  We can’t determine where you’re going unless we look at where you’ve been, but judging by your past devotion to the light, this will be a short one.  Though I do regret taking time from my work.” he looked longingly at the book, “Nonetheless, I have a duty to discharge and I shall do so.  Don’t want the process getting backed up, I suppose. So,” he hopped down off the large stool he had been occupying, “Duegathalas of House Bloodmourn, was it?”  The gnome walked over to the shelf which suddenly seemed to shrink, or perhaps the gnome grew, Dueg was unsure which, and reached up, bringing down a book from the top shelf and returning to stand once more in front of Dueg, standard gnome height once more and flipping through the pages.

Dueg collapsed back against the map as his spine shuddered, “W-What madness is this?  Where am I?  Tell me know, you Alliance wretch!”  Dueg stepped forward, reaching for the gnome’s robes.

The gnome looked up at Dueg and suddenly his momentum was arrested, forcing him remain locked in a grasping motion.  “Well, you certainly won’t be making many new companions with that attitude, my friend.  I would suggest you ask questions without tearing at me like that and perhaps you’ll get some of the answers you seek.  I will grant you one, though, since you seem slightly distressed for some reason, you are Between.”

Dueg felt a force push him back to a standing position and release his frozen muscles, “Between?  What does that mean?  Where is ‘Between’?”

“It is here is where it is, don’t ask foolish questions, you’re only slowing down the review process and keeping me from my work.”  Once more the gnome shot a longing glance at the laid open book, but returned to the smaller one in his hands, “Now let’s see, let’s see… hmm… interesting…”  The gnome meandered away to the other side of the room where suddenly a gnome sized desk stood, placing the book there and reaching for a small set of scales that were not there before.  “Stole a sour apple from your friend when you were a child, oh, that won’t do, no no no, hmm…”  The gnome turned back, “This will take a while, you elves and your long lives, always keeping me from my work.  Entertain yourself, but don’t touch anything!”  With that, he turned back to the book and began placing tiny pebbles on either side of the scales while mumbling to himself.

Dueg reeled under the weight of the information he had just been given.  I have failed… he thought.  Though his heart did not lament for the loss this would represent to the Horde, he pondered how this would affect the campaign as a whole.  He wondered if even this small setback could have dire circumstances or if it would be as a plucked grass on a plain, insignificant in the eyes of the whole.  His eyes slowly scanned the room, looking to the blackness that swallowed the final wall of this room when an idea struck him.  Perhaps there was a way back through there.  After all, he had arrived at that point, perhaps it could return him to the material realm.  Quickly he looked back at the muttering gnome and then once more to the shadow, slowly sliding towards it, tensing to make a break for it if the gnome turned

The darkness will not save you, came a voice to his mind, giving him reason to pause.  As he stared, he began to see shapes, gentle and moving as if underwater, flowing along the surface of the inky blackness.  One separated  and flowed to his side of the room, the black morass revealing nothing of it’s features.  But I can, dear Duegathalas.  The voice became a familiar one, one which tugged at his mind, caressing long forgotten memories.  I can show you the way back… I can give you that which you seek.

T-Tellassia? came his thought, as he stared at the darkened shape which began to resolve into a face… her face, the one he had once thought to marry and reproduce with until the wars tore them apart.  Even though the features seemed to run and smear in the darkness, he could still recognize the gentle curve of her ears and that familiar twitch of her eyebrow when she was sharing a secret with him.  His heart felt as if to burst.  But… the prince, he thought, you hated me, des-

The prince ruined me, Duegathalas, came her thoughts to his mind, he ruined all of us under him.  Our actions have cast all of us who died in his service into this vile purgatory and now you have come.  You have given me a chance at redemption, at least a private one.  I will gladly accept my fate knowing that in the end, you have forgiven me.  Listen to me, dearest blood, for there is not much time, the gnome’s review draws close to an end and your judgement is nigh.  Upon his tome, there is a chain he uses as a placeholder.  Place that chain about your neck and it will return you to the mortal realm, it will give you a second chance.  Please… her voice in his head began to fade as blackened hands suddenly came from the darkness, dragging her back down, please, Duegathalas, serve Silvermoon and destroy the vile Lich King, and forgive me my sins… she was gone.

Dueg looked back and saw the placeholder dangling from the tome, light winking from it’s silvery surface.  A simple round medallion, it had what appeared to be a lightburst etched into it.  Dueg moved as if to return to looking at the map, moving slowly until he stood in front of the book holder, pretending to take in the entirety of the illustrated continent.  Gently he tugged at the small circular tag of metal along with it’s chain from between the open pages, his skin shuddering at the slight scraping of the metal across the vellum sheaves.

“It won’t be pleasant, you know.  It never is.”  Dueg turned to see that the gnome was now facing him, watching him intently.  “Wouldn’t you rather go on to your final reward?  You’ve earned it.”  He nodded to the scales, which were now obviously tipped to one side.

“My mission is not over, my people still need me,” he said as he made to place the chain over his neck.

The gnome sighed gently and turned, closing the book he had been studying before turning back to Dueg, “This will count against you when you return for the final time,” he walked back to the bookshelves once more seeming to match their proportions without Dueg understanding how exactly, “Fate is not one who enjoys being cheated.”

“My faith in the light will sustain me, and when I return, I will answer for all that I have done.”

Dueg dropped the chain over his neck and for a split second, felt surprise as nothing happened.  Then the medallion began to grow hot, very suddenly rising in temperature until his skin around it began to blacken and blister.  Dueg howled and scratched at the burning piece of metal, but already it had begun to worm it’s way beneath his skin, the chain becoming as a smoking noose of heat about his neck.  He crashed down onto his knees, the pain searing through his body and all the way to the very core of his being as he curled into a fetal position, tears streaming from his eyes as he prayed to the light to halt the pain.  Suddenly, he felt his head jerk back and his whole body unfolded, causing him to grow rigid.  A flash a light blinded him before the darkness once more crashed into his mind.  Then there was nothingness.



A Quandary

So yesterday was my fourth week of posting the Saturday RP and if I do say so myself, I thought my best one so far.  I enjoyed writing it and was very thankful for all the complimentary comments everyone left.  I don’t consider myself some sort of awesome, ready to publish writer, but I enjoy being able to let my creative juices flow.  And I must admit, I was actually ready to write the Saturday RP back on Thursday or so.

While chit chatting in twitter, someone suggested that perhaps I should expand the Saturday RP from just Saturday and the idea was seconded by another friend of mine.  I had been toying with possibly doing this myself already and the idea does intrigue me.  I couldn’t do it everyday, but maybe twice a week could be accomplished (it’s not like I’m writing epic length posts on it or anything).  So then I will turn to you, my regular readership and ask, would you want to see a second RP post a week?

Not so fast though, before you rush off to the comments section to post your answer, there is a catch.  If you would vote “yes” then I require you to create a post on your own blog of a one shot story involving your character.  It doesn’t have to be a novel and it doesn’t have to be serious, but there should be at least some substance and a plot.  I don’t care if you think you suck at writing or whatever, I want to read it, so post it, link back to here and I’ll consider that a yes vote.  For every yes vote I get here, I’ll have at least one week with two RP posts and if I get enough I’ll make it a permanent thing for as long as I’m writing RP.  If you regularly write RP, feel free to just dedicate one of your normal posts to a yes vote and I’ll be a-ok with that.  If you don’t have a blog, go ahead and vote in the comments.

I’ll post with my final decision a week from now, GO GO GO!



Saturday RP – Ambush

Dueg collapsed against the trunk of the scrawny, dead tree, grunting against the impact.  His head swam and multicolored stars flowed through his vision as he weakly looked down to the arrow jutting from his chest.  He could already feel the blood pooling at the back of his throat telling him that his lung had most definitely been perforated.  He reached up, grabbing at the shaft as blinding pain shot from the wound, causing him to abandon the idea of pulling the arrow out himself until he had stabilized the ruined area of his chest.  “Ren-” he coughed violently, the blood at the back of his throat costing him his ability to speak his prayer to the light.

Everything had gone wrong.

* * * * *

The small group had left Vengeance Landing three days earlier, traveling due north towards the Grizzly Hills.  The first day had been uneventful, a small escort of militia had seen them to the wooden elevator which brought them from the base of the sunken valley Vengeance Landing was hidden in up to the flat plains of the Howling Fjord proper.  Once there, they had met with a group of Forsaken agents,  who provided them with a map of the local area and some mealy, unappetizing rations to sustain them for a couple of days.  After gathering those supplies they had snuck their way past a Vyrkul village and began to follow the coastline, always keeping the sea to their right.  During the third evening, however, Reyk approached Dueg while he was setting up his tent for the night, feigning as if to help.

“We’re being followed,” he said in a low voice as he raised the mallet to strike Dueg’s tent stakes, “I can’t tell by how many, but I’ve seen enough to know we’re not alone.”

Dueg kept his eyes focused on the canvas, adjusting the way it hung from the tent pole as he whispered back, “You are certain?”

Reyk snorted slightly, “I’ve been in the field long enough to recognize shapes on the horizon that stay the same size no matter how far you move from them, priest.”

“Very well, what do you suggest then, with your expertise?”

“Pray for Scrat and I, fortify us with the light’s power, for tonight they’ll come.  After we eat we’ll retire to our separate tents, you’ll know when they’re here.”

Dueg nodded as Reyk stood and walked away after finishing with the stake, settling in the center to whisper with Scrat as they lit the evening cooking fire.  Once finished, Dueg ducked into his tent, opening a side pocket in his travel bag and producing a thickly proportioned candle, placing it in the center of his tent and sitting cross legged in front of it.  He closed his eyes and relaxed, feeling the cleansing power of the light flow gently through his mortal frame and reach out to the candle, which slowly lifted into the air on currents of power.  

Dueg had to hold himself back from reaching for that power and drawing more through his soul than he could handle.  He knew that to do so would sear his soul with so much divine power he would either simply burn into nothingness or become a simple fool, like those wretches who couldn’t handle their addiction to magics.  But the draw was powerful, he wanted it to sear his soul, to fill him with a power that would burn his consciousness till nothing was left.  The thought of entering oblivion by that method brought a shudder of anticipation to Dueg’s rigid frame.

NO! he thought, I have not spent years mastering myself to burn out now on this horrible lump of frozen rock!  He gritted his teeth and allowed a small tendril of power, a simple trickle of the possible torrent, to flow through him into the suspended candle, causing it to flare into life as Dueg whispered, “Fortify.”

The flame on the candle burst into sudden brightness as it melted the wax into nothing, drawing from the previously whispered holy prayers infused into it and creating a glowing sphere.  The sphere immediately shot forward driving through Dueg’s chest and out through the tent, similarly depositing energy into Reyk and Scrat.  Dueg heard them gasp softly, but otherwise do their best to ignore the sudden infusion of the light’s blessing they had just received.  He hoped that their unwanted shadows had not seen that little display, but knew that from such a distance it would be difficult to notice the blindingly fast mote of light that delivered the blessing.  He stood and went to sit at the fire with his companions so that he could take dinner.

The meal was a tense one as the three kept an eye on the horizon and their plates at the same time.  Little talking was done and when they finished their bland meals, they had each retired to their tents in order to partake of their daily rituals.  Dueg began his meditations as the sun slipped below the horizon, bringing darkness to the small group of tents except for the quickly dwindling flame of the fire.  The wind continued it’s mournful song as the stars began to blink into life once more and the moons of Azeroth rose, inciting a symphony of exotic insects that had been waiting to greet the White Lady and the Blue Child as they awoke from their slumber.  With the flap of his tent slightly open, Dueg witnessed all of this and allowed the music of the plains to flow through him, refreshing his soul with the light’s energy.  

Then the attack came.

The arrow came first, making a low whistling noise as it landed with a quiet fwoomph, blasting out some sort of smothering dust and causing the last of the flames to die.  Almost immediately he heard the thumps of heavy feet accented with the jingle of plate and mail armor as their attackers rushed the camp, thinking them blinded and defenseless.  Suddenly Dueg saw Reyk burst from his tent in full plate armor, decorated in symbols of Silvermoon City and the Horde, a gleaming blade bursting from his sheath as he smoothly jumped the distinguished fire and brandished his shield.  

“This is sacred ground!” he screamed as light flared from him, consecrating the camp site as Scrat and Dueg both tore from their tent flaps.  Scrat immediately threw a sharpened, wooden idle deftly into the fire pit where it burst into a torrent of flame, causing the fire to grow to mammoth proportions.  Dueg called upon the light’s power to create a glowing shield of power around Reyk as the first attacker whirled in, his sword flaring against the divine barrier.  Reyk suddenly kicked out, taking a foot out from under the armored attacker as he whirled around, using his opponent’s off balance flailing to sneak an elbow above his guard and smash into his helmet.  As the first one reeled away, Dueg saw a second attacker rush in from behind Scrat’s tent, diving for his back as Scrat was planting his second idle into the ground.

Light’s shadow, find purchase in this fool’s brain and enlighten him to your sacred power,” Dueg prayed as he stepped forward, unleashing dark energies into the human’s, and Dueg could see that the attackers were indeed human, brain at the same time as a burst of flame shot from the magically enhanced fire at the center of their camp.  The fire wavered for a moment, then split as the top portion raged forward, becoming a living element of the fire’s raw power.  Confident that Scrat could clean up this interloper on his own, Dueg looked back to Reyk to see that he was being sorely pressed by a third human and the first, who had recovered enough to split around and try to flank him.  Dueg began to step forward to assist Reyk until a blast water caught him hard in the chest, flinging him backwards onto the ground.

Another elemental being, this one composed of water, flowed into the melee, darting past the battle dance that Reyk was engaged in and bared down the flaming elemental that had incapacitated Scrat’s attacker.  Calling on the elements once more, Scrat fired a burst of lightning at the water elemental, causing it to contract in agony as the electricity flowed through it and the living fire shot burning pitch at it.  Steam began to fill the area, clouding the site in a swirling fog as Dueg recovered from his fall and rushed forward once more, until the ice flowed up from the ground, grasping at his ankles and jarring him to a halt.

Quickly he speared his staff into the ground before him and yanked his wand from the sling at his belt, aiming and firing a violet bolt of shadow energy that pierced the closest combatant’s mind and gave him pause.  Reyk tried to take advantage, but his second attacker stepped, diving in under his shield and slapping Reyk across the ab section of his armor, leaving a deep crease behind and stealing the wind from him.  Thinking the fight won, the human closed in for the kill when suddenly Scrat burst from the thickening fog of the elemental’s battle, his mace raised and charging in behind the would be victor.  However, as Scrat brought down the weapon, his forearm suddenly froze itself solid and shattered from the vibrations of impact against the human’s back.  Scrat stepped back, grasping at his now halved limb.

“Light’s blessing,” Dueg prayed, “have mercy upon this champion’s w-“

The world changed.  There were noises!  Loud and frightening, Dueg had to run!  Large shapes moving quickly, danger!  A tree!  He charged away, his hooves digging little furrows into the this grass of the Fjord.  He stood before the tree, safe, for now.  Grass.  He bends to ea-

Dueg stood in elf form once more, spitting blades of grass from his mouth, he looked back to the camp, seeing that his companions were not faring well.  Suddenly, pain blossomed in his chest and his knees went weak.  Dueg collapsed against the trunk of the scrawny, dead tree, grunting against the impact.

* * * * *

Dueg looked up as the blood bubbled from his lips, seeing the lithe form step from the darkness towards him, bending as it stood before him.  A female night elf, her violet face framed by the brightness of the white moon as her large, quizzical eyes studied his face.  He also became aware of a sniffing noise immediately to his right as he looked over to see a large, striped saber cat staring intently at him.  He turned back and spit a glob of foamy blood onto her cheek.  As it rolled down, she sighed slightly and suddenly struck out, smashing against Dueg’s temple with the base of a hunting knife.

Everything went black.


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