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It’s a Secret to Everybody

So last week I was in Texas, hanging with some of my old friends including that sack of crap Scrat.  During the course of our chillaxing, I found out that a certain little pic I posted on my blog a while back had taken flight somewhat and ended up rearing its hilarious head at Scrat’s office’s Christmas party thanks to a guildmate who worked in the same place.  Though he seemed upset by this fact, I knew that deep down he found it hilarious.  In fact, let’s review:

See? Hilarious.

But as I thought about it I began to think of the somewhat secret life I lead online myself.  I have a personal e-mail account and facebook page that has never seen the word WoW.  I also make sure that no one in my office knows about my personal mmo weaknesses.  I’m not exactly ashamed of the fact that I love mmo’s (anyone who knows me knows I do love me some video games), but I really don’t trumpet that fact to others.  Though the current generation of 30 year olds grew up with video games as an entertainment tool, there’s still somewhat of a slacker stigma attached to someone who is a gamer.

Now some people don’t have to worry about this as maybe they work at some sort of nerd store or all the people in their social circle already play anyways, so there’s no need to avoid the subject.  However, thanks to WoW’s broad appeal, there are those that work in the professional world at a white-collar job where almost no one has heard of an orc outside of the uggos running around Middle Earth.  For them, WoW is only spoken of in hushed tones and researched carefully during lunch with an eye over their shoulder for peers walking by.

I happen to fall into the latter, working in an office environment with a group of professionals who consider video games to be for children and not part of adult life, therefore I keep my double life as a priest of magnanimous ability a closely guarded secret.  I also know my friend Serae, who works as an office manager, is deathly afraid of others finding out the truth since she used to trash talk WoW addicts before succumbing to the sweet bliss of pwnage herself.  Which, of course, means I am obligated to post a real life embarrassing picture of her on here soon as revenge for nerds everywhere.

However, the interwebs is a most dangerous place where closely guarded secrets can almost instantaneously become common knowledge.  All it takes is one mess up, maybe linking to a particularly funny WoW post by (un)Holy Dueg!, or perhaps you hear the dreaded “what’s that?” come from behind you while surfing WoW materials.  Either way, once it’s out, it’s everywhere.  And if you have an asshole friend who runs a blog, he will make sure that everyone knows about it.  Believe me, I spent all last week showing Scrat’s real life friends that pic.

So now I ask you, gentle jerkwads, how does the WoW affect you in your day to day?  Is it a closely guarded secret, only ever being disclosed to the most tight lipped and loyal of friends?  Or perhaps you’re at work right now, wearing your old “[Green] is the new [Purple]” t-shirt from when the Burning Crusade came out, hoping someone will ask you what it’s about (hint: they won’t).  Drop me a comment and let me know, so that I may tell the interwebs!


PS:  I heart Scrat


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