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Ghostcrawler speaks, and Thou shall listen

Well, it seems Ghostcrawler has shown up to clear the air and try to get the healing community to stop wetting their robes regarding the upcoming change to Spirit andOO5SR mana regen.  You can read his full post here.  I linked it to page 15 where he covers the relevant info, but he has peppered this whole thread with information regarding the changes.

So here’s the gist of it, if I’m getting what I’m reading: Spirit is not getting a nerf per se.  What they’re actually changing is the formula that crunches the number and spits out your final regen amount, but not Spirit or Int’s actual contribution to that number.  The final goal is to have an OO5SR number that will be cut by 40% of what it is now.

That number looks really big, but the idea here is to try and equalize the classes.  As one poster notes on the forums which GC quotes, all the healing classes were more or less equal inside the rule, but once they paused for whatever reason, druids and holy priests, which are spirit heavy classes, would all of a sudden spike mana regen, usually beating the closest competitors by upwards of 500 per 5.  It didn’t make us OP or anything, but it’s a case of balance and the devs, who are apparently happy with how shaman regen works, wanted to bring us more in line with other healers.

So where are we now?  Well, Meditation will be raised to a 50% bonus in order to counteract the changes.  I know this means that I’ll go from 795 regen OO5 (that’s minus the contribution from mp5 items) to  477 which means I’ll be at 239 regen I5 (rounded up from 238.5).  Add up my mp5 item’s contributions and my new I5SR amount is… 324, which is up 1 from 323… well played Blizzard.  Of course, this all depends on whether or not the numbers GC laid on us are the final numbers implemented.  Plus the 40% reduction might just be an approximation and you might see it end up a little higher or lower.

Prediction:  Raids will slow down because of this new rule.  A lot of healers used to just regen on the fly.  If you you ran low on mana you could afford to just follow the raid and not heal for a few minutes which used to bring druids and priests to full in a couple of minutes.  This nerf will change that though and you’ll see raiders calling for more pit breaks so they can fill up their tanks again.  No matter how it goes down though, this is certainly not the “to the ground” a lot of people were expecting and hopefully they’ll get it done without any unforeseen problems cropping up… I just wouldn’t hold my breath.



I got Spirit, Yes I do


All your fantasies just came true

All your fantasies just came true

“…we are reducing mana regeneration granted by Spirit across the board.”

The above is a partial quote by Bornakk, one of the blues, from the forums.  The context of this is that this is a small portion of what the devs are discussing needs to be done in order to limit the ungodly amounts of mana healers were able to regen when out of combat.  When I first read this line however, my eyes immediately stopped reading and I twitched slightly before rereading to make sure I got this right.

My precious spirit… nerfed?  NERFED?!  Blizzard, from Hell’s heart I stab at thee!  

What’s with the vitriol and unprecedented anger, you might ask?  Well, you see, gentle jerkwads, ever since the beginning, I have always found spirit to be an intriguing stat.  I played tabletop and computer RPs and had never come across a core stat quite like it before.  It was new and made of magic and I wanted it to be a stat that I would want to have.  

However, back when the game first hit, Spirit was really a stat without a home.  One that had potential, but it was tertiary in importance after intelligence and stamina.  Slowly that changed with Blizzard introducing talents such as Spiritual Guidance  and retooling the stat in ways where it was viable for certain classes and specs.  Much rejoicing was had and a certain priest we all know was suddenly doing cartwheels and splits through the streets of Silvermoon.  

And now it’s all over.  Pack it up, people, spirit is going the way of the dodo.  I’ll just put all my spirit gear in a large, spotted handkerchief, tie it to a stick and ride the rails across the great Azerothian southwest.  It was nice while it lasted… what?  Read further?  I would, but I’m much too busy overreacting.  Well, if you insist… I see… not changing anything except out of five second regen, huh?  Meditation getting a buff, you say, so that it’s relatively the same?  Hm… well then.

Don’t worry people, crisis averted, Dueg has saved the day yet again.  The post goes on to say that though Spirit will receive a beating from the nerf bat, talents meant to boost mana regen will be buffed in order to keep casting regen at close to the same level it is now.  There’s even been some thoughts among the interweb’s brightest scienticians (read: theorycrafters) that in order to accomplish this Blizzard might have to give in combat regen a slight buff.  Talents that receive bonuses from your Spirit total will remain unaffected.

 So, how does this this affect you?  Well, you might want to start packing a butt pillow for raids, because you’re actually going to have to start sitting for mana again.  This thought really struck home the other night for me as I was in the middle of healing my guild’s weekly Naxx run.  We made a goal to finish in under four hours for the first time (3 and a half btw, bam) and were really powering through mobs, just steamrolling as much as possible.  All of a sudden, about two hours in, I ran out of mana for the first time in a raid.  I was mystified, I almost didn’t remember what to do.  I mean, I always pick up the mana strudels, but that’s usually just so I can yell “MINE SCHTRUDEL!” as I pick it up and now I had to use it.

If everything works the way Blizzard sounds they want it to, then we’re going to have to start keeping an eye on mana regen during trash pulls.  It’s not going to be anymore casting heals all willy nilly.  45 damage?  Here’s a flash heal, lol!  No more, gentle jerkwads, now you will dance the dance of five seconds at all times.  You’ll dance and you’ll like it, or you won’t dance at all.  If not, well, the rails will always be waiting.


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